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Emily’s pink buds

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight


My sister’s friend Emily had caught my eye earlier that year when her budding thirteen year old body, I realized, was blossoming into that of a young woman. Needless to say, I was at the “tender” age of fifteen, where every girl that has buds between 13 and 43 looked good.

One evening in August (I remember because it was muggy outside) I went over to borrow a porn video from my neighbors (Emily’s parents). My parents and them had a little “agreement” and I was able to borrow videos from their diverse collection on a regular basis. Not being “shielded” from sexual education, I was fairly knowledgeable through videos, books, and personal experiences as to what I was doing.

Anyways, I knocked on the door and heard Emily’s high pitched voice from inside saying “just a minute!” in that hurried tone that indicates she’s trying to hide something. I stood there impaitently at the door waiting, when she opened it.
“Yes?” she asked. “Hey, Em,” was my reply, “I need to grab a video.”
Her eyes darted around the room for a minute, and then met mine agian. Her face perked up, “OK” she said, and let me in. As I went inside, I noticed two things….one, that she was still wearing her school uniform, a short black pleated skirt with a simple white lace top and frill-tie. The shirt was looking a bit tight on her, and I was rather fond of the way her ash-blonde hair spilled over her shoulders, resting lightly on her pert breasts. The other thing I noticed was the smell of alcohol and cigarettes in the room. The latter, I pretended not to notice as I opened the oak cabinet and started fishing for a video. (I’ll try to cut the story a bit shorter here, I seem to be getting carried away with fond memories)
So I’m looking for a video and Emily comes over, puts her arm on my back and looks over my shoulder, and in her most innocent voice says, “Are you going to watch Jurassic Park again?” I couldn’t help smiling to myself, “not exactly” I replied. “What then?” was her response, her voice rich with the smell of vodka. I couldn’t take it anymore and I asked her bluntly, “Have you been drinking and smoking?” She knew she was caught, because she tried to stammer a “no,” and immediately changed to “Please don’t tell my Mom, Mark!”
Feeling generous, I replied, “OK, I won’t tell your Mom, IF you watch this video with me.” “What video?” Emily replied. “It doesn’t matter,” I said,” because I’m saving your ass.”
So with an OK, I grabbed “Curse of the Catwoman” with Selena Steele…and I started to put it in the VCR. “No,” piped Emily, “let’s watch in my room, it’s quieter, and I can smoke in there!”
An added bonus, one I had not thought of, but was in quick agreement with. So we traveled back to her room, her with that thirteen year old stride that made her pleated mini-skirt dance in the wind, me with a porno, and a boner the size of a baseball bat just thinking about the possibilities.

The movie had been going on for several minutes, and I could tell Emily, with her frill-tie and shoes on the floor was getting antsy. “What in the hell are they doing?” she asked. “Well, Emily, they’re having sex, something you’re not old enough to know about.” “I know what sex is Mark, and I can plainly see they’re not having it, she has his dick in her mouth! And that girls licking her vagina!”
Impressed by her candor, I replied “Yes, Em, but that’s ‘foreplay’, you do it to get excited and ready for sex.”
“Excited, how?” said Emily. “Excited in that pleasureable way…well, how bout if I show you” realizing this was the moment of truth. Emily locked her crystal blue eyes onto mine, and with a slight hesitation, said…OK
I leaned over and gently pecked her cheek, then her lips, then parting my mouth slightly, I sucked on her lips. She seemes to like it, and I eventually got bold, and parted her mouth to allow my toungue access…she was a natural kisser, and we played tounge wars for a good amount of time before I started rubbing closer to her, and kissing her neck. Obviously, her hormones were in place early, because she liked me licking her neck, and as I went to undo a button on her blouse, she leaned back onto her pillow, and pulled me on top of her. By now, I’m sure she could feel my bulge through my cotton shorts and her cotton panties.
Button after button, I slowly undid her blouse, and helped her remove it from her slender shoulders. it fell to the floor, and it was all I could do not to drool on her budding breasts trying to spill over her bra. I unhooked it with one hand, caressing her with the other, and said “don’t be afraid” as I put my tounge on her nipple. It immeidiately got stiff as Emily let out a small sigh. I engulfed her entire left breast in my mouth, as the 13 year old let out gentle moans, and licked it and sucked it as best as I knew how. “Mark, that feels very good,” she sighed. I moved to her right tit, still playing with the other one in my hand and licked around the nipple, sucking on her silken bud. Now, I knew she would succumb to anything, so I started sliding my hand up and down her thigh as I continued to alternate sucking on her breasts, neck, chin, and lips. I reached toward her white cotton panties, and brushed against them, applying light pressure. Her reaction was immediate and profound as she kicked her right leg further aside and closed her eyes with a gentle sigh. I took it for what it was worth and vigourously, but gently rubbed her vulva with my thumb. I asked her if she was ready for real sex, and she opened her eyes, brought her face up to mine, and kissed me, sucking my lip just a little.
Now it was time, I pulled Emily’s black pleated skirt off to reveal slender, silky smooth thighs…tossing it on the floor, I began to pull her panties down. She had a tuft of black, dark brown, and peach fuzz pubic hair atop her pussy. It was beautiful to me, and only increased my arousal. Placing my hand under one of her thighs, and using the other one to gently push aside her (pussy) lips, I stuck my tongue out and flecked it mildly against her small pink clitoris. Emily moaned and shifted, louder than previously, and I continued to fleck her clit. Pretty soon, I was getting carried away, licking every inch of her hole with my tongue, but always returning to that pink spot in the middle. Emily’s reactions grew more intense, and pretty soon, she was moaning my name, and reaching down for my head. That was the ticket, and I vigrously delved my tongue inside her. She actually bucked her hips up for a moment, letting out a shriek (or squeal) and then collapsing back down. The thirteen year old beauty queen picked my head up with her hands, saying “now it’s my turn”. With anxiousness, I pulled down my shorts and boxers and let my six inch member pop out into open air. Her eyes grew big, and now tried to take the whole thing in her mouth. I thought I would explode right there, this natural dicksucker almost made be blow early. I looked down, extrememly aroused by the sight of her supple breasts swaying back and forth with the motion of her head bobbing up and down on my enlarged penis. After about two minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I grabbed her arms…”Em, you’ve got to stop” “Why, am I doing it wrong?” she asked innocently. “No,” I smirked, “you’re doing it perfectly, but I have to save my energy, I only get one orgasm” Nodding with a sort of naive understanding, I laid her back on her pillow. After making sure it was what she wanted, I rubbed her pussy some to get her wet, adding my own pre-cum to the outer portions to help. Slowly, knowing it would be painful for her, I slipped the tip of my dick inside her almost bare, and slick pussy. Now I increased the pace, bringing her hips up with my hands, trying to keep the rythym. I was completely shocked A) that this was happening to me and B) that someone that young and inexperienced was enjoying herself. Everything I had ever read indicated that most girls don’t “enjoy” their first time, especially at a young age!
I continued to slide in only about half of my dick, but then the 13 year old beauty queen surprised me. She rocked up, pushing me down onto my back in the process, and let the momentum carry herself up. She then “squatted” on top of my dick, slowly letting it sink all the way in. Meanwhile, she was looking in my eyes, moaning with that mixture of pleasure, pain, and the unknown. Soon, she was comfortable with the whole thing, riding my pole like a pro. Throwing her head back in forth, letting her hair get as wild as she was.
Then I asked her if she wanted to try it doggy style. “In my butt?”was her cute, yet naive response. I quickly explained that no, it was not in her butt, just me from behind. Her curiosity won again.
I held my dick with one hand, as she tried to reach back and spread herself open, and I slid my cock deep inside her tight cunt. Placing my hands on her firm, young ass, I gazed down at the sight. Think of it, here you are fifteen, pounding on your beautiful next door neighbor’s daughter, and she’s enjoying it! I countinued to slam away, almost to the point of violence, rocking solidly making that familiar clapping sound, when I was brought back to reality by the increasing thrusts and moans from Emily. Her tempo got faster, as did her squeals of delight. I realized she was about to come, and that made me ready too. Bucking wildly, I caught a glimpse of her budding pink breasts, bouncing back and forth with her own momentum. Her head flailed up “Mark! Mark! Something’s happening! It feels so good! Don’t stop, please don’t stop! Ugnghhh! ” Well, there was no danger of me stopping, but I grabbed her hips, and (somehow without falling out) rolled her around, lifting her legs above her head in the process….continuing to pound. “Oh my God MARK! OH MY GODDDD!!! UNGHH!!” and then her ass bucked about 8 inches off the bed and she let out a high-pitched very loud squeal followed by “MARKkkkk….” That was my signal and I pulled out just in time, spraying me sticky goo all up and down her streamlined stomach…and a large portion of landing on Emily’s pink buds.
Not my “first”, but her’s, and by far my best. Wish I’d stayed in contact with her.

—original story by Mark S. Poap—

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