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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: a mates house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

ive always felt more attracted to guys more than girls. one of my best friends, chloe, asked me to stay the night, it was nothing unusal because i always stayed there. Me, her sister, her, her neice and her brother were in the living room. Her brother wasnt exactly a looker and he always joked about me sucking his penis, but this one night he told me he was being serious. We had a little talk on the balcony about if we wanted to try it out. After everyone else fell asleep during the movie we waited until about 3 in the morning and we slowly stripped under the covers (we were on the floor) and we both started off wanking each other, we kissed once or twice (not a fan of kissing), then he asked if he could do me up the ass. I said “no, not without a condom” so instead i sucked his cock for the first time and he did the same to me. We both came but then we ddecided to call it a night, we slept with him holding me around my waist, under the covers, but i woke up and hour later and moved so nobody would be suspicous. After that we never spoke about it but then one day when i was at my house he came over. Nobody was home except me and he explained that he really liked me and that he brought a condom. So we did it for the first time ever, in my bed, his cock felt so good slipping in and out of my ass. When i told him it hurt and to stop, he carried on, i was scared but the he slowed down, it was ok, i was fine, i just wanted him to slow it down a bit. he did so and we fucked slowly for a good half hour. then i got a condom from a box in my room and fucked him, he said he didnt mind if i fucked him hard and fast, so i did so. We were both naked and i fucked him so hard, he started crying. I stopped to cum and then we got another condom and he fucked me again, three time in the space of 2 hour, it was great. Now we meet up every now and then and have sex. I never really fancied him before but now im starting to. all i think about is him, i hoping to fuck him again tomorrow.

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