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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Best friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

It was the summer before my senior year in high school. I had become very close friends with a girl in my class named Judy. We spent all our free time together and she asked me to spend a week at her house during summer vacation. It was great to be in the country. She lived on a farm and out in the middle of no where. Saturday night when I arived kind of set the tone for the week. We took showers and went to bed sharing her room. We were very close and had shared everything. We had even talked about our sex lives and how we were both virgins. The conversation that night ended up talking about what we had done with our boy friends. During the story about her boy friend fingering her cunt till she came got us both so hot that I told her I needed to get off & if she would mind if I masterbated. She said no, & I pulled up my nightie & started fingering my clit. She asked if she could masterbate with me & started fingering herself. We both came in hardly any time. The main event of this story happened the next day. Everyone was out working in the fields or in town. Judy & I went out to see the horses & one of the Studs was fucking a mare. I couldn’t believe the size. When he was done he pulled out and about a quart of cum ran down the mares legs. I looked at Judy and she was smiling at me. Apparently I had gotten so turned on that I was rubbing my crotch & didn’t realize it. She asked me if I could keep a secret & she would show me what see did when she got as horny as I was. I said I wouldn’t tell. She took me into a small room in the barn & asked me to promiss again. I said I promiss. She then that she wasn’t technically a virgin. She had never sleep with a man. She then had me sit on a char in the corner of the room. She took all her clothes off and then went out to the door and called Guss their dog. Guss was a great Dain. He came in & immediately started licking Judy’s crotch. Judy said to watch closely and be real quiet. She went over to two hay bales & neeled on the floor leaning over the bales with her ass in the air. Guss came over & licked her cunt lick crazy. She started moaning real loud and then Guss stopped. I hadn’t noticed but his cock was hanging out of his shealth. He then hoped on her back & started humping her. Judy reached back & put his cock at her cunt opening & it went straight in. He humped her like crazy. Judy jumped a little & then started moaning again. She came almost immediately & then she just kept comming. Guss finally froze & then just pumped small stokes. I couldn’t believe it. I was so turned on I unzipped my jeans & started fingering my cunt. Judy asked what I thought about it, she couldn’t see me from her position with Guss still on her back. I tolder her I was so turned on I had to do something & was fingering myself. She said why don’t you waite a few minutes & Guss can fuck you. I must have been more turned on then I thought because I said Yes Please!!! Guss finally got down & startred licking his cock. It was still exposed & hard. Judy said to wait just a few more minutes and when he stopps liking he will be able to fuck me. I was shaking so Judy had to help me get undressed. She had me get down on all fours & then lean over the bales. She then got so type of grease from the horse barn and grease up my cunt inside & out. Guss finally came over & was smelling around. Judy started rubbing my clit from under neath. Then Guss jumped on my back & started humping like mad. He kept missing my cunt & almost went into my asshole. Judy grabbed fis cock & guided it into me. The first thrust caught me by surprise. He went all the way in & it felt like someone had put a lit match in my vagina. It then started feelng Very Good. Judy said to try to relax my cunt because the best was yet to come. All of a sudden I felt something big & round try to go into me. Judy said to relax, it was just the not at the base of his cock & it would feel great once inside. Well she had no sooner said that & BAM! I though I would pass out. It hurt like hell. Then just as quickly if felt wonderful & I started to cum & cum I did. I don’t know how many times I came, it felt like it was continuous. Guss finally stopped & I could feel his cum running into me like a hose was turned on. I couldn’t move & neither could Guss. After about 10 minutes he got off me. I could hardly move. Judy helped me to sit up on the hay bales. I looked down at my crotch and my cunt was wide open with cum running down my legs. Judy asked if I enjoyed it & I said does this face & body look like someone who didn’t enjoy it. It was the best thing I have ever experienced. We laughted for 10 minutes straight & I said when can we do it again. Needless to say Guss spent the whole week with us and in us. After all these years I still get excited thinking about this. I finally told my husband about it on our aniversity. He loved to her how I lost my virginity & I hope you did to.

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