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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: my friend's living room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I went over to this friend’s house with my boyfriend. My friend was also with his girlfriend.
We had nothing to do that night, so we just watched the TV, & had a couple of snacks & drinks.
The show on TV was damn boring & so I turned to looking at my boyfriend instead of the TV screen. He smiled at me, & we kissed. I put my hands on his stomach, & lie on his shoulder. He put his hand on my leg & started to stroke the inside of my leg. Slowly, he move his hand up my stomach & into my T-shirt. I moved my hands from his stomach down too, & felt his dick. He was hard. I stroked his dick over his shorts, while he moved his hands into my bra & stroked my breasts. His dick got more hard & suddenly, it popped out from the opening of the leg of his shorts into my hands & I was holding his bare dick. I realized he did not wear any underwear !! At this point in time, with me holding on to his hard big erect dick, my friend & his girlfriend saw what we were doing. We didn’t care, but we continued what we were doing.
He undid my bra & cupped his hands on my breasts, stroked my nipples, then pulled up my T-shirt & licked & sucked my nipples. It felt so wonderful. Although we did not have sex before, he did suck my nipples before, but it was never so nice as this. I quickly pulled down his shorts, & while kissing his chest, stroked his dick with my hands too. One thing I loved to do was to tickle the head of his dick as he would get so ecstatic & come soon, in great big spurts !! This was what I did now, & after a while he could almost bear it no longer, & he tore off my shorts & underwear. He fingered my clits for a while & I was already really really wet.
At this time, my friend & his girlfriend were watching us, mouth open! I saw my friend pull out his erect dick in his hand & seem to be pleading for his girlfriend to have a go with him too, but his girlfriend wasn’t ready to have sex with him yet, so he could only masturbate himself & his girlfriend masturbate herself. Well, back to us, my boyfriend was on the verge of bursting, so I took hold of his tool & placed it just on my clit. I rubbed him a few times & then slowly let him slide into me. We did it very slowly at first, up & down, up & down. Slowly, we speeded up, & then, I could feel his whole body tensed & all his juices spurted into me, while at the same time I climaxed too.
After this, we continued kissing, & after only a while, his hard-on returned. I tickled the head of his dick again like how he loved, & then he said, let me in, I’m cumming again. I held on his dick & moved it toward my pussy, but at the same time, still continue to tickle his head mischievously. Needless to say, before he could go into me, he blew up all over my friend’s place !! Before that when we used to play, his juice would only spurt maybe one feet away, but that night, he had great powers, & all his cum shot three or four feet away in seven to eight spurts ! I guess some landed on my friend, but we didn’t care. After that, we continued fondling each other, kissing, and soon after, he became erect again. This time, we decided to do it real slowly, & enjoy every second of it. We stood up, & tried to do it in the standing position. It was a bit difficult, but he after he got his tool inside me, it was easy. We moved in & out real slowly, & really took our time & enjoyed ourselves, while my friend could only look, his juices all finished up long before & his girlfriend not willing to do it with him. This time, we had multiple orgasms, they were so great!! Although, when we did it standing up, it was a bit more messy, his juice dripping onto the floor of my friend’s house. We were really spent now ! & we slowly dressed, while looking into each other’s eyes all the time. I didn’t know what to say to my friend, so we continued watching TV in silence & later we left. I guess my friend’s mom would be making a big noise over the big pool of cum all over the place, but I never asked my friend.
After that time, my boyfriend & I made love almost everyday, & soon I moved in with him, & I’m living with him now, so we made love even more often. Of course I had contraceptives since we didn’t want the risk of getting me pregnant & at the same time, we didn’t want to use condoms either. We made love in many different places, like the park, on the street waiting to cross the road ( really quick ones where the people beside us could only stare & then we’d be gone !!), in front of my parent’s house, in front of his parent’s house, in front of his friends, my friends, once we made love at the back of a cab, & another time in the cinema, & another in the fitting room in the shopping mall, with the door half closed only. We did it in many other places, but I can’t possibly list them all, & now I’m going to stop writing cos my boyfriend’s dick is hard again, & he’s poking my backside,& I’m getting wet & excited & I’m going to log off & make love with him now.

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