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family rumble

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Age when it happend: 35
Where it happened: sister in laws house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

For years I’ve wanted to make passionate love to my sister
in law. At family events I always pat her on the ass
when no one is looking, and she always seems to rub up
against me and make it look innocent. She’s a tiny gal, with
a beautiful body, her tits aren’t that big but they look
yummy to me. Once at a family gathering, she couldn’t
find a seat so she sat on my lap. My cock got so hard she
felt it cause she gave me a cute little smile and wiggled
her ass. She is always careful not to do stuff like that
in front of her husband.
One day, I didn’t go to work so I took the opportunity, to
visit her, hoping something would happen. I drove up the
driveway and got out, I knew her old man was at work. I
knocked on the door and waited a while, I knew she was
home. She soon appears at the door with a terri cloth robe
and a towel wrapped around her head, she had been in the
shower. She invited me in and asked me to sit down. As
she sat down across the sofa from me, I got a glance of
her flaming red bush. Instant hardon. She asked if she
could get me a drink or something. I nodded yes and told
her I would take a coke. When she came back, I took the
can from her hand and placed it on the coffee table. I
asked her if she thought that a person could love two
people. She said that that was possible. That’s when I
told her I loved her and wanted her. She said but your
married to my sister and I’m also married. I got up,
walked over to her and pulled her up, I kissed her softly
on the lips, she turned her head and said that we shouldn’t.
I slipped my hand under her robe and carressed her perky
little tit. She resisted a little but I would not take no
for an answer. I ran my hand down her velvety smooth flat
tummy and down her red bush, she was breathing heavy and
then she kissed me hard and deliciously. Two of my fingers
found thier way into her hot wet cunt, and she readily
accepted them. I finger fucked her for a while. Then I
brought my finger to my mouth and sucked her juices off.
Oh she was tasty. I sat her down on the edge of the couch
and spread her lovely legs and expose the most beautiful
site on earth. I blew hot air on her clit and pussy lips,
then I tongued her all the way around her cunt. I inserted
the tip of my tongue in her cunt, I could hear her sucking
air through her teeth as she grabbed my head and pulled.
I was very obedient and drove my licker as far as I could.
I sucked hard and swallowed some of her juices as I gently
nibbled on her clit. My whole face was glazed over with
her cunt juice, I was in heaven. She started to thrash and
buck her hips wildly as she felt her climax coming. I
felt like a leech and just buried my face and sucked for
all I was worth. In a trembling voice she said she was
coming. She wrapped her legs around my neck in a vise grip
hold and explode. She said I could eat her anytime I wanted
cause I ate pretty fucking good. I just stayed there with
my face in her crotch for minutes, just enjoy her smell.
She said that she wanted to return the pleasure. I was
still completely dressed, but my pants had a big wet spot
where I’d been dripping pre-cum. She had me out of my
clothes so damn fast. She took my hard dick in her hand
and gently stroked it, with her other hand she took her
finger and wiped a gob of pre-cum and licked it. I was
trembling with excitement as she licked the head of my cock.
She then started to go down on me a little at a time. She
looked at me and said you nasty boy, letting me suck cock.
She took what she could in her mouth and jack off the rest.
She made some slurpping sounds and then went down to my
balls and started licking them. I grabbed her head and
started wildly fucking her mouth. I was ready to blow
her tonsil off. I shuddered as I squirted in her inviting
mouth. She swallowed what she could, very little escaped.
That was the best blow job I’d ever had. I picked her up
off her knees and carried her to the bedroom.
We kissed and hugged and grabbed each others genitals.
Soon we were both ready for more action. I placed myself
between her legs and spread them wide. I took my hard cock
in hand and rubbed the head all over her cunt. She was wet
hot and willing, I slowly slipped the head in. As I looked
up I saw her playing with her tits with hers eyes shut,she
was moaning and groaning. I slowly entered her a little
at a time. As I penetrated her, I could feel her tight
little cunt eaglerly wrap itself around my shaft. I was
finally buried all the way in her. The animal in me took
over. I was ramming the hell out of her, but she met my
every thrust with as much gusto. I swear her pussy was
sucking my cock. On the thrust in she would relax her cunt
muscles and let me hammer her, on the way out she would
tighten her cunt tight around my dick making totally aware
of the glorious fuck she was. We were both nearing the
moment of truth. She bit me on the shoulder and dug her
nails in my back and pulled me deeper inside her. She said
“ooooHhhh fill my cunt full of your cum, please”. That’s
all it took for me to unleash the most intense orgasm of
my life. I arched my body and rammed my dick deep inside
her. After A couple of squirts, I felt another more intense
sensation deep inside, I swear I had mult-orgasms. This
had never happened before. She tightened her cunt around
my cock and screamed with delight, “OOOhhh what have
I been missing all these year.” I laid on top of her until
my cock was completely limp and slid out of her. My cock
was sore but satisfied, her precious little pussy is
bright red from all the fucking. I hope our spouses never
find out about this, cause we agreed to see each other at
least twice a week. I walked out of her house with the
cheesiest grin on my face. I finally fucked my little
I know its a long story, so if you don’t want to post it
its okay by me. I just wanted somebody to know. If something
were to happen to our spouses, we made an oath to marry.
I would love nothing better than to wake up next to the
best piece of ass on this earth every morning. Thank you!!

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