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Farmer’s Daughter or Love Me Tender

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: back seat of my 48 Ford
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

This is not about my first time, but about the first time I ever had a virgin. Let me first tell you about myself. I am 6’2″ and well built at the time 185 lbs. I was considered a good looking redhead, and had no problem getting dates with the best looking chicks. I always won the cock locker room comparisons at my school. I was 9″ soft and 10 +.” hard. I was also much wider than anyone else. I lived in a small town, surrounded by farms. I was an only child, and somewhat spoiled. My parents were quite generous money wise to me even though we were basically middle class. They also let me do almost anything as long as I won’t be arrested for it or hurt.

I got my first piece of ass at fifteen. I lied to my parent in order to get $20 to go to a whorehouse. Now $20 in 1953 does not seem like much now, but remember the minimum wage than was $.75 per hour, so it would be about $150 in today’s 1990’s money. Well this 18 year old senior friend was driving to the whorehouse in a bigger city near us. The whorehouse district was on a street named Cherry Avenue, for real. We got there and even with his driver license, they didn’t want to leave him in, and said they thought the license must be mine, there were not pictures on driver licenses in those days. Finally they left both of us in. We paid the madame our $20 each, and waited about 10 minutes, and this foxy older (35) chick came and lead me to a bedroom. When we got there she handed me a rubber and asked me if I know how to put it on. I had tried putting rubbers before, but they would not fit over my 3 1/2″ wide dick. I told her this and she just laughed, and said you guys all tell me shit like that, pull down your pants and I’ll put it on you. I pulled them off, there hung my dick, semi-hard with the thought I was going to ball this good looking broad. She looked at it, and said something like, Oh shit you’re not going to put that rod up my cunt and stretch it to hell. I’ll be right be. A couple of minutes pasted, and she came back with a thin little redhead, about 5’4″, she was a little younger maybe late twenties, and said this is Wendy and she will take care of you. Wendy said I normally I usually don’t do guys without rubbers, but I betting this is your first time. I said yes. She took me over to the bed, it was the first king size bed I had ever seem, they to were not common in 1953. She start kissing me and pealing off her nightgown. There I had this beautiful women in my arms, in a few minutes she had me on top of her, and said take it easy, your dick is big even for me. She guided it in, and said in and out slow at first I want to enjoy this ride. Well it only took about ten minutes, but she was moaning loud and frequently. I shot a huge load in to her. Stupidly, I said thank you. She said next time you come back ask for Wendy. I said it would be a while since $20 was a lot of money. She said, I’ll tell you what I’ll do, if you will jack-off about an hour before, I’ll meet you in Stadium Park, near the south gate at 3:00 P.M. of the stadium. No charge, now don’t tell even your friend, I would get fired for meeting a customer outside here. We meet that next day, and we fucked nearly every day during school vacation that summer. That whore women taught me to be a sex machine. I learned to always jack-off a couple of time before each meeting to satisfy a women. And if I paid attention and applied a little control I could always last at least an hour or more. At the end of the summer she told me that as long as I jacked-off at least twice within 12 hours before laying a women, the was very little chance of getting a women pregnant, because the sperm had to mature before they were effective, fresh juice contained no active sperm. This has method proven true for me, I have fucked bareback using this method over 10,000 time in my 47 years of fucking. When I got married, and wanted kids, I just waited 24 hours not screwing or jacking-off, and bang my wife was pregnant. She warned me that the young girls I was going to run into would have a hard time at first taking me, but would become my sex slaves, and love me forever.

I got back to school, sophomore year and wanted to fuck some of this stuff closer to my age. Well the first week back, I heard about this good looking stacked strawberry blonde senior cheerleader who had fucked several of the football players, so I went out for football, hoping I could get some of this or some other chicks, because football players always seemed able to get it. I decided I might as well immediately upon making the team, ask out this senior cheerleader to a drive-in-theater. To my surprise, she said yes, and even know I didn’t drive, and offered to pick me up. I was expecting to have to double date with one of my buddies who drove. She picked me up right after supper. I had jacked-off twice that afternoon hoping, but not expecting to hit pay-dirt the first time out with her. We got to the drive in and she parked way back in the back. She had her dad’s big Lincoln. I asked if she wanted anything from the snack stand before the movie started, she said no, and moved right next to me and laid her head on my should, we made small take until it got dark and the movie started. Then she turned and put her arms around me, and pushed her big tits right into my chest, and gave me a wet french kiss. I returned the favor and nibbled a little on her ear. This sent her into orbit. She was allover me. She said let’s get in the back seat, and we did. She went back to frenching me, and started to mess with my belt and trousers fly . So I opened her blouse and reached behind and undid her bra, I put my mouth to her one tit and started to enjoy. She tugged at my pants, I did not fight it, and off the pants and my shoes came. She reach inside my briefs, and started to pull out my cock, and stopped. And said we girls have heard about the locker room comparisons. I’ll try to take you. I pull down her panties and proceeded to eat her out she moaned and thrashed about, then as Wendy had taught me to bring the KY jelly lube. I spread a good dose on my senior cheerleader’s cunt, and then entered slowly, she immediately started to moan, we went at it for over an hour, we had to close the windows so others wouldn’t hear. Her pussy was somewhat tighter than Wendy’s. We went at it a second time that night. She let it be know, she wanted me as often as possible. We did it practically every night after football practice, and sometimes ten or more times on the weekend. She told me she had over a dozen guys, since the eight grade, but she now wanted only me. They all had to lick her to give her clit stimulation, while me just fucking her gave her clit constant stimulation, and filled her to the brim.

Girls back then usually didn’t tell about having sex, to the public they were all virgins, but this chick told all the girls about my ability to fuck. Soon my telephone was ringing off the hook with girls calling. I got my driver license and football season ended, I never went out for football again. I didn’t have the energy. The balance of that year and my junior year, I think every good-bad girl (had fucked) called, and I dated and fucked eleven of the best looking chicks in the school, four of them were going out steady with other guys, and even fucking them at the time, but they wanted the services of Red. Two of the boyfriends want to fight me, but once I kick the shit out of one I had no more trouble with boyfriends ever again.

Now this brings me to the farmers daughter. At the beginning of my senior, I see this beautiful Brown haired Goddess. She was a freshman, stood about 5’4″, had the greatest ass you ever saw with nice firm medium size tits. I was in love. I found out she lived on a farm a few miles out from our town. Her father raised cattle. I had some friends introduce us. I don’t know if she ever knew anything about my reputation as a cock hound. I do know she fell for me right away. You could tell by both her manner and speech, here was Miss Innocence herself. She was definitely the youngest chick I ever went out with, since I had started fucking at 15. She was the oldest of a very large family, many brothers, and a couple of sisters. At first it was visits to her farm with walks holding hands, and a few kisses. As the year progress I was able to nipple at her ears and make hickeys on her throat, but she wouldn’t allow to touch her tits, or french kisses. I was a happy man, I was still able to get fucked regular, when I wanted it from my roster of other chicks. I don’t think my little Goddess ever found out.

By the end of my senior school year I was allowed to rub her tits on the outside. I graduated and started to work in the steel mills in the bigger town nearby. I was also a member of the Navy Reserves and was thinking about going regular Navy. The summer before I had taken basic training at Great Lakes Naval Training Station. We continued dating during that early summer, and things were definitely heating up. I was now allowed to kiss and suck her tits. It drove her wild, but I still no allowed to touch her pussy area even with clothes on. Her parents rented a place on a lake during July, we went in swimming regularly, and now I was touching her crouch of her swimsuit, and a few times slipped a finger underneath, which was promptly removed. August heated up even further. You guys are lucky now that most women don’t wear girdles. A lot of girls like my Goddess wore a girdle just to hold up their long nylon stocking with the attached garter straps, before panty hose. I was regularly messaging her pussy on the outside of her girdle and panties, and she stopped wearing the girdle, and went bare legged or wore bobby socks. Which put me a lot closer to her pussy, only a pair of thin panties between me and the target. My real break came Sunday Evening September 9, 1956. I was over to her house all the time, and I stayed for supper and we were watching TV with her family. That night the Ed Sullivan show was having on Elvis Presley on his show for the first time. The whole family watched 8PM to 9PM. Everything was normal, me with my arm around my Goddess seating on a couch, until Presley started to sing “Love Me Tender”. I could feel my Goddess just melting into me. I normally would leave her house by 10PM on Sunday, since she had school the next day. After the Sullivan Show we took a walk, and did some necking as usual, but I remembered most of the words to the beginning of one of the songs Elvis sang “Love Me Tender”. I sang it to her as we walked. I could tell this really turned her on, her kissing and hugging was very passionate. We went back into the house and set down on the couch. It was about 10PM, and I would normally leave then. Her brothers, sisters, and parents had all gone to bed. When out of her parents room, we could hear her mom and dad just going at it squeaking the hell out of the bed, and her mom moaning and yelling. They were fucking up a storm. This embarrassed her, but at the same time turned her on. She was all over me and I was really feeling worked-up. I am kissing her and rubbing her tits, she moaning softly, and I reach down to her crouch to rub her pussy, she moans even more and moves her hips, so I decide to slip a finger pass the edge of the panties. I feel the moister, the juices are running like a water falls, play a minute on the outside, and then start to easy a finger in, I could feel her cherry at entrance, and it gave resistant to even something as small as my finger. She said it hurt but to go ahead. I moved it in and out a while. All the time forgetting about her parents who were still fucking like Sherman taking Atlanta. All of a sudden I we heard her mother call out, X. are you still up, you better go to bed for school tomorrow. What a fucking let down, I was almost ready to score.

That week I came out to her farm, we did are normal necking, and went out and parked for a little while two evenings, but she had to be back by 9PM on school nights. She allowed me to continue to finger her, but told I couldn’t “lay” her. She started rubbing my cock in side my pants but not uncovered. It creamed all the time, even though I would always jack-off a couple times before coming to visit. I was waiting for the weekend. But when the weekend came, and we went to the drive-in my 48 Ford, she won’t let me take off her panties. We argued about it, and we practically broke up. I cooled it a bit and continued where we were. She would get as hot as shit with my tit kissing and fingering would bring her to orgasms, moaning and yelling loud Red darling, and thrashing her whole body, and she would rub off me two or three times a night, My mom was having to wash these stiff undershorts. I would then call one of my roster of women, and go fuck them after leaving my Goddess..

This went on all the rest of September. We messed around everywhere in my Ford, even parked in her drive, in the hay in her dad’s barn, but this was hard because of the many brothers and sisters, and they would come in and ask why X. was making all this noise? We messed around over at my house when my dad was at work and my mother wasn’t there. At the drive-in, etc., you get the picture.

Well the first week of October was her sweet 16 (been kissed and almost fucked) birthday was coming up. I was over to her house for her birthday supper on Thursday, and left early after only giving her sweet kisses, and a light feel, and told her I would pick her up tomorrow, Friday night, after supper. I was going to take to an in-door show, but then planning to go to our parking place about two miles away from her house, a lane in a field off a road call Fox Road (you could probably call it Red Fox Road). I then went and fucked Janice, a blonde whore from work, just to keep my juices fresh. Friday night came I had pounded my meat three times that day, the last time about an hour before my date with my Goddess, to keep the juices fresh, and make sure I could ride for a while without blowing my wade. I really wanted her that night! After the show we went to our regular parking spot, I decided to be real romance, so I started to sing Love Me Tender.
Well my little Goddess melted, I asked her to go into the back seat which was almost as big a bed in that 48 Ford. I opened her blouse, started to kiss her tits, pushed her skirt, and pull on her panties, she lifted her beautiful ass allowing me to remove them. I fingered her and played with clit until she started to orgasm, moaning and yelling Red, I love you darling. I took my dick out and put KY all over it and on and in her pussy. I then put cock at the opening moving it up and down over the outside, she then said that won’t go in me it is too big. I said, I’ll just put it in the opening. It hurt her even at the opening before the cheery, I stop. She said please stop, I did and left it there for a couple of minutes. I continued to kiss her and nibble at her ears. I then take another thrust and meet her cheery, she cried out again asked please stop. Again I stopped and waited for her to adjust, this happen three more times, finally on the fifth hard thrust with all my body weight I busted through, I was in all the way. I could feel the blood flowing. She cried, I stopped about five minute, and kissed away the tears, and then stared slowly pumping, she whined a moment and the started picking up on my rhythm, in a few minutes we were shaking the car, she had her first (fucking type) orgasm, she lifted her body so high she pushed my ass against the roof of the car, she is moaning and yelling my name, and telling me she loves and wants me to be her’s forever, her darling, she repeat darling over and over. We went on for about an hour, she had four more orgasms. I came and shot the biggest load of my entire life. When we finished there was a large blood stain on the car seat, and our juices were all over. Her skirt had a big blood stain on the back where she was laying on it. I analogized and told her I would buy her a new one. We necked a while longer, and she settled down. We took my briefs and used them to cover the bleeding. She put her panties on to hold the briefs in place. I took her home, her mom was still up, and I think know what happened, but didn’t say anything to me.

She was too sore to fuck or for me to even finger her that Saturday morning when I went to the farm, and she was wearing a pad to care for her slight continued bleeding. But we fucked that Saturday night twice at our parking place and once in the hay in the barn. She bleed a little bit more, but not bad much. She is without a doubt the best fuck I have ever had. She quickly learned to meet my every thrust, and her pussy would squeeze and vibrate like no other I have ever had including my virgin wife and the one other virgin I have had. We fucked almost every day from then on and multiple times on weekend days and holidays. My stable of whores was getting nothing, all my love was devote to my Goddess.
There was one problem I was committed to going active in the Navy Reserve for four years starting January 3, 1957. I didn’t tell my Goddess about this until sometime after Thanksgiving. She was obviously pissed and upset. We continued our relationship, but there was a real tension and we continued to fuck regularly right up to the night before I went off to Bainbridge Navy Training Center.

On Christmas eve we our at her house, out in the family room area, its about 1:30AM her family is all a sleep. An airplane crashing into the house won’t wake her father, particularly after he had sex with her mom, which from what I could hear was practically every night. Her brothers and sisters are up stairs sleeping, and her mom knows we are fucking, but doesn’t say a word, or interrupt us when X. starts to moan and yell (X. has learned to tone it down some when we fuck in the house at night). Well I am giving and getting a great Christmas present from her on the coach, when her one of little sisters and two little brothers walk in on us bare ass naked, and the one little brother said we heard noise downstairs and thought Santa must be here, and the little sister chimes in and said Red’s giving X. her present now like daddy does mother. X. yells at the kids, get backup stairs or Santa will come and take away all these presents, we finish an hour or so later. And I went home. We celebrate New Year’s eve, my Goddess is really on edge about me leaving. I left on January 2, we have one final screw that morning.

Once at base I write her several letters she does not answer. I try telephoning but her mother says she doesn’t want to talk with me. I tried phoning several more times later after finishing training, but her father tells me she has another boy friend.

Later I found out she married within a year or two after graduating from high school. Goddess, I hope you happy. For my darlin’ I love you, and I always will.

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