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Feel the Vibration!

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: my bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Okay, here is how it goes. I was all alone on a Friday night. My boyfriend had just phoned to tell me that since I wasn’t going to give it up to him, he’s not bothering with the relationship anymore. I felt really bad. Just last week we were making out and one thing led to another and I was in my bra and panties, and he was naked, but I wouldn’t let us have anything sexual between us. He even offered to give me oral, but I wanted to wait awhile for sex.
So, there I was, flipping the channels when I came across a very provocative commercial on vibrators. I have masturbated before, but this vibrator looked really tempting. I called up my friend Jane and the next day, we went out to buy me a vibrator. I found a hard erect penis shaped one that was about 8 inches long. Damn.
I sat there, reading the instructions. Looked easy enough, so I began masturbating. Then I tuned on the vibrator. I started moving my hips in a rythmic motion, and I put the vibrator on my clit. MMMM, that felt good I decided as I was getting horny. I usually visualize like a chart of how my orgasms are going. I mean, I visualize it going up and up. Like when I am getting the feeling, that would be a three, when I explode into orgasm, that would be a 10, and so on. Well, I was slowly going from a 1, to a 2, to a 3…. I wondered what a cock would feel like. Would it hurt? So I was up to a five right now. I was getting hot by now. MMMMmmm, oh this feels goooood, I thought to myself. So I was up to a seven and I started moving my legs around and thrusting my hips up. Oh god, I wsa up to a nine! I started moaning really loudly. OOooooooh. As soon as I got to a 10, I shoved the vibrator up my cunt and then I began screaming because I has just popped my own cherry with a vibrator. I laid in bed for a minute, stiff from the pain. Oh god, it hurt, but it was over. I popped my cherry. Now when I have sex, it won’t hurt as much, I decided. I stood up, and looked at the bed. OH MY GOD, there was BLOOD on my bedsheets! I hurried up and ripped them off and put them in the washer, and then I called my boyfriend, well, my ex-boyfriend. I told him that I loved him and that I was now willing to have sex with him. So he came right over and I led him into my bedroom. John told me how beautiful I was and that he knew I’d come around. I said, well, you can CUM around and in me. We began kissing then. Slowly, then faster and then I ripped off my shirt and he ripped off his. He put my hand down his pants and I jacked him off for about 10 minutes, and then he jerked his pants off and I saw the big bulge in his boxers. Then he unzipped, and unbuttoned my jeans and took them off, and lingered around my crotch. He took my panties off with his teeth, and then he came back up to my vagina and started licking it on the outside at first, but
then his tongue went into the inside and he began moving my clit around with his warm, moist tongue. I started moaning. Then after he was done, he stood up, and I dropped to my knees and took his boxers off with my teeth and then began nursing his 9 inch (or so) erect cock. He was REALLY moaning by then. Finally, he picked me up and put me on the couch in my room where he took off my bra and laid me down. He thrust his immense penis into my newly de-virginized cunt and then he began pumping. OH GOD, I was screaming. He stopped and asked me if he should keep going and I told him yes, so he pumped harder and harder until I screamed and shook the windowpanes. I laid there for a minute or two, then he fucked me some more. This happened three more times, until I told him that my mom would be home in an hour. That was really the first time i had ever been fucked, but I lost my virginity to a vibrator.

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