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filipino maid

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Age when it happend: 27
Where it happened: employer house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I am a maid here.I work for a small family which are the parents in their early 40s and three children,two girls and a boy,aged 11,13 and 17 the boy is elder. The family is very nice to me,in fact too nice. There is a reason for these and this is my story.
Working here is easy,since its a small family my daily chores are over in 2hours daily and most of the time im free but i ave other..duties to do.When i newly started work my madam told me that my main duty is to care for her son who is ‘special’boy.I ave to feed him,bath,change his clothes and play with him.I find that he is quite a cheerful boy even if he is handicaped.He is mostly in his room drawing or playing toys or naked playing with his ‘ting’,which is most of the time.At first i was shocked at his habit and i was shy.One day my mam told me about his habits and told me to not bother.I was relieved that the family is aware and i confided my doubts if would do anything to me but i was told that he is harmless.I was surprise that everyone was relax about his habit of masturbating everyday and everytime,sometime when he is down in the family room with his sisters he would jerk off and everyone pretends as is nothing is happening.I would shy away and go to my room.All this changed when one day..
i went to change him,his name i shall call him Zack,he was in bed and i woke him up for his daily bath. He got up with his cock erect and he has a big one about 7 or 8 inch,and for the first time i felt quite horny after 2months of working here and leaving my boyfren back home,i noticed his cock and my longing for a fuck made me wet. I have rubbed my self a few times in my room but its not the same as a good fuck would feel,anyway i took Zack into the shower for his bath.Usually i would wear a shorts and a t-shirt and later i would change,but i don know why i stripped naked and took Zack into the shower and started soaping him all over.Zack enjoys the shower,splashing me with water and soaking me.As i was soaping him i have to clean his cock too and as i was soaping it i started to jerk him with the lather and Zack got into the fuck rythem as i jerked him faster. I was going crazy looking at his cock fucking my handand Zack’s mouth was open and eyes close,i went down on my knees and put his cock into my mouth and immediately he started fucking me.’ohhh..ohhh..Zack like fuckfuck’ he started to moan.’Yes Zack i let you fuck’,as i got up and turned around in the shower and put his cock into my soaking puss from behind.’ohh fuck me Zack,push your cock in,’ i was moaning as i pushed into his cock,Zack was wild,he started to hold my waist and he fucked me to climax with his hard fucking which really rocked my climax and he climaxed inside of me,all within 5minutes. As i moved his cock came out and Zack was all smiles and i smiled back.
Later after drying him we were still naked and Zack’s cock was stiff.I wanted to suck his cock,but he was more into fucking.He grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed and got on top and started to fuck,even though his cock was still outside my pussy.I grab his cock and put it into my wet dripping pussy.He was pistoning the minute he was inside me,i almost immediately had another orgasm,i pushed him on his back and rode him,pushed my pussy all the way till i felt his cock head hitting my womb. I was wet and horny like never before,because Zacks cock is really big and he fucks like a drilling machine non stop.After his first cum,he would go on fucking for 20minutes untill his next cum.I love to fuck and being wild with Zack even he being a handicap and all but his cock isnt.
Ever since that day,me and Zack fuck everyday. He loves it when i suck his cock and he loves to lick my wet puss.I am naked nowadays most of the time,its easier for Zack,if he wants to fuck me he just comes and puts his cock into my pussy.
All this good time came to halt when we got caught by his parents!How..? Hidden cameras in the house that i was not aware of. But nothing bad came, only more fun was the outcome,i will tell about it soon..wait for “maid2”.I have to go now,have to feed my darling Zack,till then happy fucking to you all and all my filip..,frens out there,fuck suck and be happy and dont worry about your children,family and husband,im sure they are happy with all the money we send home..kumustaka!!!

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