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fingered :)

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: basement
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Me and one of my best friends (a boy)were messing around in my basement and we were on the couch and we were kissing and feeeling because we mess around like that alot and then he started asking me questions like did i love him and what would i do for him and telling em that i was a fantastic friend. he had asked me questions like “are you a virgin” before but i always told him no and i had no intetion of having sex at this age (i was 13) and he always respected me and my desisions because he was, and still is, a fantastic friend. well we were on the couch and he started felling up my top and round my tits, this was normal, and i was kissing him more and more and really enjoying all of this. after a few more minuits his finger slipped down ferther andinto my panties. i was a bit wet because he was really turning me on with the tit thingi and he started playinf with my clit a little bit. it felt FANTASTIC he was flicking my clit and rubbing it and i was getting more and more wetter and wetter. he rubbed his fingers in my juices and slid his fingers over my clit. i was SOOOO HAPPY and he was enjoying it as much as i was 🙂 after a bit his fingers moved to the opening of my vagina and it was a bit tight but he could get one of his fingers in. IT HURT HEAPS AT FIRST!!! i asked him to stop but he said it would stop hurting. it diidnt. he hated seeing me hurt so he stopped. after a few miniuts of recovering i decided to be brave and let him in again. this time it didnt hurt and he touched somewhere inside me and i gasped and moaned a little it felt AWESOME i shook and couldnt stop wriggling as he touched it over and over again. he said i looked soo cute wrigling into him.
it was a GREAT experience and i luv that boy heaps he is a FANTASTIC AWESOME GREEEEEEEEEAT frend.

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