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first big dick

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Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: motel
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

we was at the family reunion, i was frisky the whole time but knew we was family and had to keep my panties on and dry.i was wearing a tight mini and blouse that hugged my tits, often time going to and from checking out the other patrons at the motel. as i got back to our section of the hotel the dj had turned the beat up a little and i procceded to shake my ass and things.

After a few songs we was back at the table when my older cousin came up with the dance contest idea.we all paired off and went at it .lots of lewd and sexual gyrations as we all had a good time . during one song i turned my ass to my partner ad he started hunching on it. i almost came on the dance floor as i felt a thick hard lump of dick right in the crease of my ass . after the contest we went back to his room to finish drinking and smoking. we all got wasted to say the least.nothing happened that night but the next morning i kept remebering the feeling of his hard dick on my ass.

i went for the bathroom and sat on the toilet not bothering to lock the door, since they had all gone and i just wanted to get at my hot pussy . i started fingering my pussy and thinking about my regular fuck guy who had about 8 inches but he could really fuck and eat pussy like a champ. i had 2 fingers in my pussy and it was squishing those loud sounds that turns me on so much .as i thought about my friend i just couldn’t get over the hump and started moaning my cousin name Tim and saying things like, damn that dick felt good and was so hard . i wanted to see it in real flesh just to see if it was true .i started fingering with 3 fingers and moaning Tim name, i really was going at it when Tim burst thru the door calling my name . i was past the point of return and started cumming hard .after i calmed down he was standing there grinning, he closed the door and locked it, turned the little portable radio on and the shower and started ripping off his clothes . as he stripped i got hot just watching him.he stopped at his boxers and i could see his hard dick print, i crawled over to him on my knees and freed that monster. my eyes got big and a smile popped on my face as i carressed it with 2 hands, it was about 9 12 inches but what amazed me was the girth .his dick was so fat and throbbing i was kinda scared but excited so i started sucking his dick to get it lubricated, i was slobbering on that dick and he was fuckign my mouth and holding my head, i finally let go of that dick and positioned myself on all 4’s,real slutty for him,he licked my pussy for a shirt while b4 i reached round and grabbed his head and told him to please fuck me now . he didn’t need to be told twice, he got behind me and after about 2 minutes of slow fucking he had worked all that dick in my pussy, i felt so full and was creaming all over his dick after only a few strokes . he grabbed my hips as i was cumming and started pounding my pussy like a madman, i was cumming and cumming as never before, i knew i was hooked on big dicks, he finally blasted a load in me so creamy i thought i would faint, jet after jet of hot creamy cum was blasting my womb, we finally cleaned up and he made sure coast was clear as i came out and we went on with the renuion and finally had to leave .. we exchanged numbers and me and Tim still fucks to this day, he knows i love big dicks and we are about to do our first MMF with another big dick friend of mine. i always thank Tim for my first big dick

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