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First Bisexual Experience

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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

This story isn’t about my first sexual experience with a man. Its about my first bisexual experience with a woman. I had been dating a man for 3 years prior to this and was living with him at the time. He was the one that first got me interested in the whole bisexual experience by talking about it during our sexual interludes. At first I thought he was nuts and expressed interest just to improve his sexual experience. But after a while, I started to think about it more and more often. Eventually, I was daydreaming of what it would be like to satisfy or be satisfied by another woman.
At the time, i had known my best friend for about 8 years. We were very close. We had been like sisters for all those years. We were cheerleaders togethor, we liked the same guys, etc… Nothing sexual had ever happened between us before this time. But, I felt myself starting to look at her differently now. At first, this freaked me out, but eventually I found myself thinking of it often.
One night, we went out to a bar like normal and got quite drunk. She came over to my house afterwards and we were being silly and hugging a lot. Somehow, and to this day im not quite sure how, we ended up kissing. It was amazing. I found myself more turned on than ever.
She was so aggressive in nature normally, and she expressed this by pushing the physical contact along quickly. Before I knew it, she was unbuttoning my clothes and caressing my breasts. I loved the watermelon smell of her long blond hair as she put my breasts in her mouth and pressed her body up against mine. I reached up under her shirt and began to play with her erect nipples.
At this point I was so aroused, I could feel that I was very wet. I began to rub myself through my jeans. It was so sensitive that I could feel a tingling sensation shoot through my body. She reached down and moved my hand to take off my jeans and underwear. She layed me back on the couch. To my amazement, she put her fingers on my pussy and started rubbing it on the outside. I could feel my heart beating very quickly and the feeling in my stomach of excitement. She began to rub my clit in a circular motion, first slowly and softly. But then she began to rub more persistantly. As she did this, she continued to suck on my large pink nipples. I could feel my body tensing as she slide a finger inside me..and then two. I had been fingered by men before many times, but this feeling was much more intense.
I almost felt like I could cum at that very moment, but then she stopped. I looked at her, wondering why she stopped. She told me that she had wondered for a long time what I tasted like! I was very shocked, yet very turned on by her statement. Right then, she moved down on the couch and started to gently kiss my inner thighs and the outer lips of my pussy. She then used her two fingers to spread my outer lips apart and began to kiss inside my wet pussy. I could feel myself dripping down my thigh. She continued to gently lick and kiss my clit. She then began to finger me again as she continued to suck on my clit with a more aggressive passion . First with one finger, then two again. I was totally under her control as I unconsciously wiggled about the couch and moaned with extreme pleasure.
Right then, I felt myself reach the point of orgasm. I almost couldnt control the sensation. I let out a scream and felt all my body tense with excitement. This incredible strong sensation lasted for about a minute or two. She continued to lick my pussy until I was completely done with my orgasm.
I layed there, shocked yet thrilled about what had just happened. I couldnt believe it. She didnt even ask for anything in return at that time, except to tell me that she had been thinking about telling me that she was bisexual for years, but was afraid that I would not want that. Little did she know, that I was thinking about it also, but was too afraid to act on it.
After that night, we continued to experience eachother. She taught me how to please her. I realized I loved the taste of her pussy as much, if not more, than I loved having sex with my boyfriend. So for quite a while, I had the best of both worlds. I even ended up telling my boyfriend about my new found lover. He was amazed and very pleased. He even got to join in a few times. We experimented between the three of us for a year or so.
I definatley consider my first bisexual experience to be as much, if not more, of an exciting memory as my first straight sexual experience with a man. I still to this day, enjoy both females and men. I will never fall in love with a woman but I absolutely love the sexual experiences!!

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