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First black encounter

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Age when it happend: 39
Where it happened: adult bookstore
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was 39 yrs old at the time and fairly experienced in the ways of gay sex. Although I had had many encounters before, I had never had the privilage of tasting the dark side. I had always fantasized about it and must admit that the lure of a gigantic black cock glistening in the light was very tempting. I was at the largest adult bookstore in our city just after dark. I entered the hetro viewing lounge to get my eyes accoustomed to the low lighting. There were several men sitting in random seats watching two blond, mature MILFS seducing a well-built black guy at apublic dogging venue. I sat in the back row near the corner. To my left was a large black guy watching intently. to my right two chairs were open and in the far right corner were two elderly men. Just in frint of me sat two white guys and to the left in front sat three young black men. As my eyes became more accustomed to the low light, I noticed that the two guys in the far back corner were kissing. The one had his hand on the other one’s cock and I could see the frantic jerking exposing a huge, glistening cock head. This was a real turn-on. The black guy next to me kept leaning forward to catch a glance at the other two. I thought for a minute that they would get it all out and fuck each other right there. The guy next to me was becoming aroused and through his now open zipper, I could see the black, velvety skin of a very thick cock. My own boner was aching for release and it was not long before I threw caution to the wind eased it out into the open. The black guy stared at me and then my cock as I stroked it unashamedly. I was so turned on by the antics of the other two and the fucking on the screen, that I was now jerking openly. A few of those in the seats just in front of us turned slightly to get a better view. The action on the screen had turned to the outside of the motor vehicle where the two MILFS were sucking off the black guy with the 12 inch cock. The black friend next to me was also stroking his cock slowly and languidly and watching me in turn. Things were getting really hot as the one in the corner was sucking the other one off. It was relly hot and I wondered how long it would last. My black friend had moved closer and I could feel his breath in my neck as he leaned into me and said that I must follow him to the gay romp room. I decided to wait for few minutes as the live scene and the one on the screen was hotting up. Just as the big, black cock on the screen gave a mighty heave spraying long, thick pearly strands of cum into the open, waiting mouths of the two blonde matures, the guy on the right gave an audible groan and bucked in his seat as he came deep in the throat of the guy blowing him. Without stopping, the guy kneeling, swallowed all and continued to suck him for at least two and half minutes afterwards. What a show! This was my cue and i proceeded to the dark passageway that led to the back area. I looked around and then entered the gay romp room. It was almost totally dark inside and in the corner on the large, leather platform, I saw my black friend on his hands knees fucking a very young coloured guy from behind. Both were totally naked except for their socks. I latched the door behind me and started to undress. Once naked, I crawled onto the platform and lay next to the young coloured boy who was panting frantically as our black friend pounded him with long, hard strokes. I could not resist reaching between his legs from underneath and grabbing hold of his rock hard cock. He was very well-enodowed with at least eight inches of thick olive meat. The tip of his cock was leaking pre-cum at a rate of knots and he groaned even more as I played with it. I was by now lying almost under him in a 69 position to get a better look at the black cock reeming his now well-lubed asshole. I took his leaking cock into my mouth and deep-throated him whle his precum oozed down my throat. Our mutual friend would ever so often take his cock out from the confines of the young boy’s arse and then stick it in my mouth. It took all of five minutes for the atletic young boy to cum with hot, sticky spurts into my waiting mouth. As if driven by the pumping cock in his groin, the spurts were stong and the laod was so huge I almost choked. The black guy suddenly went rigid and I saw his balls contract as he pumped the first load into the young boy’s bowls. The next two spurts fell on my face as he withdrew and shot the rest into my already full mouth. I sucked him dry as the cum dribbled from our young friend’s pulsing crack. I was then treated to a blow from both guys. It was a hot, intense orgasm which I did not want to end. There’s more to this story with a second encounter with my black friend and I alone. Cumming soon!

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