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First gay

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Where it happened: at his house
Langauge: English
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

It was a Friday morning and we were both in gym class. I had never met charley before, but, damn! was he hot! The teacher called that class was almost done and that we needed to clean up.I decided that I didnt have to clean up and immeaditly went into the locker room to change my clothes. When I entered the locker room, I immeaditly saw Charley changing his clothes. Charley looked at me as I entered the room,and noticed me looking at his sexy body. He smiled at me and then finished changing his clothes. He was sooo hot! He wore these sexy whity tighties that you could see everything in. I got a big boner, bigger than any boner I had yet had. I changed my clothed and then went off to my next class. At lunch time, I ran in to him in the line. He handed me a piece of paper folded up and walked away. I ate lunch, and then went back to my locker, and read the note that he had written me. It said ” Hi Scott! I saw you looking at me today in the locker room. Well, if you didnt notice me looking at you, I saw your boner sticking out of your pants! and I got one too! I just want to say that I would like to see that boner. If you want me to see your big dick and maybe give it some head, then, please show up to 8430 appleridge drive, tonite (my parents will be gone)” After reading this note, I became extremely erect and continued to be the rest of the day. 8:00 finally showed and I told my mom that I was going to go to the park with one of my friends, and got on my bike and raced to Charleys House. I knocked on the door and he answerd. He was wearing a very tight shirt with a spedo on. he was so sexy! “Hi Scott!” he said. Come in. Lets get this on with. he said. I sat on the couch, and without wasting time, He started to feel my dick through my pants. I got a boner immeaditly and so did he. I saw his sticking out of his sexy spedo. I tole him that I would give him head and he got on the floor and told me to get over his head and we would 69. I took off his spedo and only to find a hard 4 inch cock which was so damn hot. (we were -14 so what do you expect?!?) He started to suck on mine while I was in heaven sucking his. It seemed that my dick because at least 8 inches I was so damn hard. I thought my cock would break! Charley stopped, and said “FUCK ME!” He stood up and bent over I pushed my cock in his ass and he screached with pain. i did this for quite sometime and after a while, the pain stiopped and he liked it very much. I finally came in his ass and then he tole me to bend over so I did. He fucked me so damn hard. I screamed out in pain. it hurt so bad. After about 10 minutes, it went away and it was the best feeling ever. By now, I was in heaven! I couldnt believe that I was really fuckin! After he was done. I called my mom and told her that I was sepnding the night at his house and charley faked to be his dad and said that it was alright because his parents were going to be gone all nite. That night We fucked each other at least 15 times. I had almost 20 orgasms. We fell askeel sucking eachothers cock. I woke up and my mouth was right around charleys dick.

We both loved it so much. I am bi, and charley is gay. Every friday morning:09 I leave my class to the bathroom, to find charley in the east wing bathroom waiting to lick my jucy cock. We give each other head every friday morning! i still love fucking him. I do have a girlfriend and allot of times, mygirlfriend and I fuck while charley rams me in the ass. I loved it! I love you charley and meg!

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