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first gay

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: neighbor's house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Gay

There was a neighbor that I use to do some yardwork for. I knew that he was sort of gay or at least occasionally interested in other guys. It was ok with me. He wasn’t pushy about it. In fact, he use to joke with me, telling me that I was good looking, and always gave me squeezes on the arm and put his hand on my shoulder and stuff. I had never felt any attraction to other guys, but with him for some reason I didn’t mind. I guess that I knew that he wasn’t going to tell anyone or anything and it was kind of fun to go along with it. I’d wear cut-offs and flip-flops lots of times, and he would tell me how sexy he thought that was. I had never thought of it like that, but I liked that idea that it was sexy and that he thought so, and was so open about telling me that.
One day he was feeling in a kind of horny mood, because we were having a glass of lemonade in his house, and he asked me straight out if I had ever been fucked by other guy. I was embarrassed and told him that I hadn’t. In fact one time there was another boy that I knew who had wanted to mess around, but I had lacked the courage to do that with him, and I think I kind of always regretted not having tried it just to see what it was like, even just for fun. Not knowing quite what to say, I asked him if he did stuff like that with other guys. He told that he liked to when he got the chance, and that sometimes it was just nice doing stuff like that with other guys instead of with a woman, saying that it felt good having an all-male experience. I think that if he had told me that he was seriously gay I would have been turned off. But the way he put it sounded sort of intriguing to me, like it was something that two guys could do without being gay or not liking women. I told him something like maybe I would have to try that sometime, and he said that I could right then if I wanted.
He suggested that we could get naked, and the whole time we were taking off our clothes I was wondering if I should really be doing this, but telling myself that it was not like anybody would know. He had a big smile on his face and already had a boner. His penis was not very big, and was short and thick, and somehow I had been expecting him to have this really big one for some reason. He looked happy about letting me see him naked with a hard on. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get turned on, but I started getting a boner, too. My penis just shot up big and stiff, and I was surprised by how hard it was. He loved what he saw and told me how nice I looked, and how he had suspected that I had a big dick. I stood there and let him feel me, and while he was doing that I started to feel him. I liked how it felt to be holding his boner and then to feel his big balls, and it was really exciting to get to do that. He then tried sucking on me a little bit, and offered me the chance to do the same to him. I was kind of reluctant at first, thinking how gay that seemed, but I was curious so I tried it. It wasn’t awful like I thought, but it was pretty neat having his penis in my mouth, even though I really didn’t want him to come, because I didn’t want to have a mouthful of his sperm.
After we had messed around a little he said that he was going to put on a rubber. I watched as he did that. When he was ready, he had me turn around and lean over this easy chair and he got up behind me. Then he pushed his cock in real slowly. It felt sort of uncomfortable at first, but never really hurt, which I was afraid that it would. It was pretty wild to be standing there feeling this guy’s dick doing that to me. He started to go in and out and reached around to rub my boner while he did that. We were both in ecstasy and it went on for maybe ten minutes. Then he shoved it in me and kept it there and ejaculated. When he did that, I started ejaculating, too.
I shot all over the place and I could hear him grunting and moving in me a little bit.
When it was over he asked me how I had liked that. I admitted that I had, which was true. It had been really exciting to feel him fucking me, and there was something so satisfying doing that with another guy that I had never expected. For the rest of that summer we had sex at least once a week, sometimes a couple of times a week. I never became gay, but since then I have had sex with a couple of other guys as friends, and it has been great! But I will nerver forget my very first time!

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