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first gay experience

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Where it happened: his home
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Gay

i was going home on the bus from school and a guy sitting next to me was listening to some pretty cool music which i recognised but i couldnt remember the band. So i started a conversation with him about it and he introduced himself as sean.He told me how big a fan he was and how much he was into them. He said that he had all their cd’s at his house if i wanted to borrow them and he lived pretty close to me so i walked back to his place. His house was small but he had heaps of cd’s by really cool bands and i was really impressed and i think he spotted my adulation. He then told me straight out that he was gay, but i didnt have any problem with it and i was a little curious! I just asked him about being gay and what it was like, but nothing he said really shocked me, and i was getting turned on when he started talking about sexual stuff. He spotted me shifting around on the couch and came over and sat next to me.He asked me if i liked him and i said that he was quite good looking and very funny, (in reality i thought he was a hunk!). He then lightly leaned forward and kissed me lightly on my lips, and pulled back to see my reaction. I was stunned for a but then i gave hime a little smile and leaned over and kissed him back, all very gentle and slow. We just kissed for a while before he suggested we have a shower. I was really curious and horny by now so we got undressed in front of each other and got into the shower. Both of us had fairly average bodies and cocks but i thought he looked very sexy and we just ran the shower and kissed in its warmth. Being very new to sex then i got the biggest boner straight away and it was poking him but he just laughed. I asked him if i could just have a close look at his body as it was a new thing to me being with a guy. He asked me just to soap him all over as he loved the feel so starting from the top and moving down i slowly rubbed his chest and arms, before giving him a light back massage. It was then that he suggested i finish the massage in the bedroom…hint, hint! well we got out and he lay face first on the bed naked as i began to oil his shoulders and back before moving down. I massaged his lower back and then moved to his legs, working my way up each leg. By now i was rock hard and as i massaged his upper leg i ran a finger under his balls, just touching them. He then turned over and was rock hard as well and he told me i was a great masseur. I then laid down and he did the same for me and i loved the feel of his hands.He then aked me to turn over and i did with my cock sticking out like a flagpole! He asked me if i wanted to keep going and i said of course! he then leant down and slowly licked my bellybutton before kissing down further, around the base of my cock, before taking my sack in his mouth.This was driving me crazy and i had precum seeping from my cock, as he slowly took my circumcised head in his mouth and swirled his tounge around. I was in heaven as he lowered his mouth over my cock and took all my 5″. I could feel my orgasm in about a minute and he kept sucking as i bucked my hips and shot into his mouth. He took it all and slowly sat up as i lay back in extacy. Straight away i laid him down and tried to reciprocate my pleasure. It was a very strange sensation holding his manhood in my mouth as i slowly sucked and caressed him back. He took muck longer and when he came I had to take my mouth off as he came over my throat and chest. I said sorry but he just lay back and said i was fantastic, naturally i was very happy. We just lay next to each other for about half an hour afterwards, caressing each others bodies but i never went any further than that and he was more than happy to have it like that. Many times after school i went over and played around with sean but he moved city later and I havent seen him since, but he does email me and say hello quite often. He was the only guy i ever slept with and i now have a beautiful girlfriend who has shown me everything about making love.

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