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First Incest

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Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Hello, I am also ‘into’ incest. I would like to tell you about my first experience. A little about my family and myself first. My name is Raj, I am a 27 year old male and live in Kerala, India. I have a sister who is 4 years younger than me, I also have a brother, 1 year younger than I. I am a normal Indian, sandal colour skin, 5″6′ height, 60 kg weight, slim (but not too lean). This is not a story! This is true life incident. Yes – it is absolutely true.

I started having incestuous relationships with my sister when I was doing my final year master Engineering in a college with my final school studying younger sister, Vasuki. When I was studying at college, I used to read pornographic books, hiding them inside my college books. I had to do this since my family and I lived in a very small home, 2 rooms with a kitchen. My parents slept in the only bedroom; Vasuki, my last younger brother and I slept in the hall.

I was a normal young guy highly sexed, I used to masturbate regularly, every 2 days at least. vasuki and I were very sporty. During our games I used to touch her hands & neck, catching hold of her hip while playing.

Once it was raining heavily in the night. I was woken by the thunder & lightening. I couldn’t get back to sleep for a while. The cool weather stimulated my body, arousing me sexually. I casually turned onto my left side, toward where my sister was sleeping deeply. I noticed her
school skirt together was partly up, above the hip, a portion of her thighs were bare, the pale skin fully exposed. Needless to say, my dick got hard. I started touching her silky, white thighs. She looked sooo wonderful. Nice to touch & feel as well. Vasuki was in a very deep sleep so I didn’t disturb her. I was loosening my shorts then took them off, leaving me naked below my waist. I was very eager to touch her pussy, her small boobs. She was wearing a shirt & skirt set which made me horny whenever I saw her.

Slowly I removed her panties. I pulled them below her knees. Vasuki showed no response to this at all, she was in a very deep sleep. I slide my finger on her small, velvet pussy, she felt sooo good. Oh woowow…ahhh! I got a tremendous hard-on, my dick had never been so hard. I really wanted to make a mark on my beautiful sister.

I was looking at her from top to bottom. I was attracted to her hips above her small plump pussy. I started removing her shirt buttons from the top .

It drove me crazy, hornier than I had ever been, I pressed gently her breasts without disturbing much! wowoow…how soft and hard boobs she was! The very sight of her made me want to suck her thick nipples vigorously like a baby suckling her for her milk!!! But I controlled myself and didn’t do it then, as it might wake up her.

I was drinking in her beauty! She was wonderful, my own younger sister. As if she was made for me. I started thinking of masturbating with her right then. I moved myself, keeping my hip, close to her hip. I moved my legs, kept my legs touching her legs, brushing her lovely thighs.

I didn’t press with my full weight on her. I was caressing her breasts with one hand. Then I moved my hands to my lengthy, hard-on. I held the uncircumcised head with my hands feeling the hardness. I started hitting her white, silky thighs with my dick. Smacking it’s head on her thighs. Slowly I started rubbing the frenum against her, it made me feel as if I was in heaven. I did this for while & stopped. Again I started doing the same, this time I was also touching her lovely velvet, pussy. wowoow…great! I enjoyed the feelings like anything.

Then I pulled back my foreskin and exposed the head of my dick. Which I now rub on her thighs… Ahhhahhh. I felt as though I was flying. That cool night air… all ahhhhhuhhhhh! After 10 to 20 minutes I felt like cumming. I slowly ejaculated on her thighs! By hitting vigorously her thigh with my hard dick!

Then she tried to turn over! I just released the pressure of my thighs on her thighs & allowed her to turn her body! Now she was sleeping with naked thighs and an opened shirt! I was tempted to start rubbing my hard dick on her thighs again, this time to ejaculate fully!

The spice of my life is my own sister’s beauty. It is her forever. I love her very much. This is the symbol of the love in our relationship. After ejaculating, I cleaned up her thighs with my hands. I pulled up her panties. While pulling up her panties, I gently kissed her pussy. Then I rearranged her skirt & did up the buttons of her shirt.

This was how we began our beautiful relation. Since then built up and now? Well, we are enjoying each other whenever we are able to meet. Vasuki is now in college doing her first year post graduation at Chennai. She is living in hostel. When she comes home for good I hope, I believe, we both will continue with our loving relationship.

I hope you have enjoyed the story of how my sister and I started our relationship.

With love,


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