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First interracial fling

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Where it happened: movie theater
Langauge: English
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

One Saturday, I was at the Mall shopping for a few clothes when I ran into Janie. Janie was in my class, she was black, and we had become friends. Like me she was by herself that day and said she was going to go to a movie..She said that she was all by herself and would I like to join her. I didn’t have anything planned for the afternoon, so I said yes I would love to join her.
I had met Janie the year before. She was quite attractive, a very nice shape, large DD breasts, sexy mocha skin, and a pretty face. Today she looked really nice and sexy, wearing a tight tee shirt type top and a short mini skirt. When we walked into the theater, we were about 20 minutes early, and we were the only people there. We both decided to sit in the very back row of the theater since that row was much wider and had plenty of leg room. We chatted until the movie started. She told me that her boyfriend had just moved away and that she missed him a great deal.
The movie started and the theater was mostly empty with or 20 people there. We were still all alone in the back row with no one near us.
The movie was an action thriller and had lots of exciting scenes..From time to time Janie would grab my hand when the action on the screen was intense. I hadn’t had a date in quite some time and being in the dark theather sitting next to this sexy black chick got sexual thoughts spinning in my head and I got an erection. The next time Janie grabbed my hand I held it. I whispered in her ear “Exciting movie isn’t it, would you feel better if I put my arm around your shoulders?” She replied, “Yes, that would be very nice”. I put my right arm around her shoulders as I held her left hand in mine. In a moment, I reached for my coke and when I moved my hand from hers, her hand dropped into my lap…right on top of my erection. She let out a faint gasp, but she kept her hand right there on my cock. I squeezed her shoulder, and she moved closer to me and she wrapped her fingers around my cock. I moved my mouth to hers and we kissed a very hot, wet french kiss…our tongues exploring. As we kissed, I moved my hand under her top and felt her breasts, squeezing them..I then raised her bra from her breasts and started massaging and then pinching her nipples. By now we were both getting hot. I moved my mouth to her breasts and started sucking while she tugged at my zipper. She unzipped me and unsnaped my pants and moved her hand underneath my jockeys and began to stroke me.
Boldly, she pulled her panties off and then moved my hand to her crotch. I started to rub and finger her slit and clit. She whispered to me, “Just a, Baby”. With that she moved from her seat down on the floor in front of me between my legs…She then took my cock into her mouth. She stopped for a and said, “Oh Baby, I’ve never been with a white boy before, you have a wonderful cock, you taste so good, just sit back and let me suck you off”. She was a great cocksucker..sucking hard, taking my entire shaft into her mouth to the back of her throat..she kept sucking for several minutes and then I felt the cum building, ready to explode. I moaned in a whisper, “Oh Janie, Baby, I’m going to explode any now”. With that her sucking became more intense, faster, and her mouth tighter around my shaft. I exploded, two, then three loads of cum…she kept sucking and swallowing trying to suck every last drop of cum from my cock. She stopped her sucking and then gently licked all around my shaft and swirlled her tongue around my cock head. She then got back into her seat and whispered, “Now fuck me, honey”. I moved the arm rests up and out of the way and she moved onto my lap facing me. She guided my cock into her wet cunt and started to work her cunt up and down my hard cock. I grabbed her ass, spread her ass cheeks with my left hand and began to work my right middle finger into her asshole…That action seemed to excite her even more. I moved my hand to her cunt and got my finger wet with her juices.. lubricated finger then slid easily deep into her ass.As I fucked her pussy with my cock, my middle finger was fucking her asshole. I then added my index finger to the ass finger fuck action, which blessed her more…in a few s she cried softly, “Honey, I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. She jerked several times, her pussy walls grasping my cock…then she relaxed. I wasn’t ready for the action to end, so I removed my cock from her pussy and slowing pushed it deep into her ass. She moaned, “Baby, that feels so good, I’ve never had it in the ass before”. She shifted her ass up higher so I could get a better angle, and I then buried my hard cock deep inside her ass..I grapped her ass cheeks and started to move her up and down my cock..with each penatration, she made a quiet whimper sound. Her asshole was alot tighter than her pussy and the friction on my cock was unbelievable. I pumped her long and hard for several minutes until I exploded in her. When I exploded, she started crying..crying tears of pleasure. After a few minutes, she moved off of me and excused herselve to the restroom. Several minutes later she came back with some wet paper towels and proceeded of clean my cock. We were both spent..About 45 minutes later, with minutes or so of the movie remaining, she unzipped me again, moved down on the floor and proceeded to suck my soft, limp cock..Within a minute or so of this action, my cock started to get hard again…she then moved her mouth from my cock and slid my ass lower in my seat. She sucked my balls, then licked the underside of my shaft, moved lower and started to lick all around my asshole…she spread my asshole wider with her fingers and worked her tongue inside, going deeper with every movement of her tongue. (I had never had this type of action before, and I was loving it.) After several minutes of this action she moved her attention back to my cock, sucking it long and hard..I could feel a finger working its way into my ass, deeper, then in and out, getting finger fucked in my ass while I was getting sucked off. I couldn’t take this action very long before I felt my cum building. This time I didn’t warn her when my cock exploed in her mouth. Like a good girl, she sucked and swallowed every last drop. Before the movie ended, I ate her again and also returned the asshole action.

We became lovers and our relationship lasted until we graduated from high school. We never really dated. We would get together every week or so, for what we called our fuck and suck session. This relationship continued even when we both had other relationships going.

I think about her often, even to this day. I hope she does the same.

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