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First Massage Parlor Visit

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Age when it happend: 32
Where it happened: massage parlor
Langauge: Eng
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

This is about my very first visit to a massage parlor. It was off the highway and I’d pass it morning and night going to and from work. Out front was this sign advertising “massage”. Then, one evening while on my way home, temptation got the best of me and I pulled off the highway and headed to the house. I went in and was met by this very pretty Oriental woman who was probably in her early to mid 30s. She told me the prices in her broken English and I took a 30 minute service. We then went to a back room and she said to undress and lay down on the table.

I did but being my first time, I left on my briefs. She returned but was now wearing a bikini and did she look good. Seeing this made me go hard. She worked on my back and while she did she kept letting her thighs rub against my over hanging elbow and did she ever feel good. I’m sure she did that on purpose just to get me aroused. Anyway, it worked! When time to turn over there was no way that those tight fitting briefs could hide what I had going on inside them. She quickly finished my front side and then bent over real close to me and ask if I wanted anything else. I said yes but only had $7 for a tip. She said that was OK. I got out the money and gave it to her. She then reached down and pulled down my briefs freeing my throbbing cock. She poured baby oil on it and started slowly running her hand over it. I went to feeling up her ass and legs while she did this. I didn’t take long before having a very powerful orgasm blowing cum all over my belly. She told me “you make so much cum!” as I was winding down from the orgasm.

I had to lay there a while to recover and she wiped off the cum from me and cleaned off my wet cock (baby oil and cum). After this first visit, I then knew what to expect and would lay down right off naked and she eventually gave me my “massage’ in the nude too. I was always tempted to get into that beautiful pussy of hers but never did. I’m sure it was also available for the right price and I know it would had been worth every penny of the price. She sure had a wonderful feeling soft body.

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