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First Mexican Girl

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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: Hotel room; Mexico
Langauge: Eng
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

This happened years ago and I’ll never forget it. I got a job in South Texas working in the gas fields. We were 90 miles from the Mexico border and all the guys talked about was going into Mexico and the women there in what was called “boy’s town”. When my first payday came, I was certainly hurting for a woman in the worse way. I didn’t have a girlfriend and where we were things didn’t look good finding one. I had a weekend off and the border was well with in reach. And, away I went.

I got there and had been given instructions where to go. I got to “boy’s town” and and went to my first night club. The guys were right! The women were absolutely beautiful there. I no more than sat down at a table and I was approched by this beautiful woman wearing a very tight short orange dress very low cut up top and very high cut down below. All I saw was boobs and legs. Just seeing her gave me a hard on. She came up and sat down next to me.

We talked and had a few drinks and then she got close to me and started kissing on me. Then, I felt her hand going up my leg. I was already hard as a rock just looking at her. She ended up touching my hard on and playing with it. I reached under the table and started running my hand over her thigh. I’d never felt anything so good and soft and smooth in my life! Between this and what her hand was doing to my cock was about to make me cum. She then said “Let’s go make love”. I was ready! I said OK.

We went to a hotel there in boy’s town that was there just for this purpose. Men and there “dates” to go and have sex. The rooms were for one hour or all night. After what I had felt at the club, I told her let’s stay the night. She told me how much and I paid her. We got the room and went in. We undressed and took a shower together. When we got dried off, I sat on the bed and put on a condom. She laid me down and laid on top of me. We kissed and soon afterwards she reached down and put my cock against her pussy and in it went. She went to rocking her body on top of me and I went to feeling her ass and legs and sucking and kissing her boobs. I didn’t last very long before I went off. When she rooled off of me and I pulled off the condom, it was more than full of cum. I was surprised it didn’t burst. I got up and threw it in the waste basket in the bathroom. I washed off and came back to bed. We laid and talked and kissed and I was busy feeling her up. I got hard again and put on another condom. This time, I got on top of her and went into her pussy again. Again, her body and pussy was so good that I quickly got off. Take it from me. Mexican girls bodies are some of the best there is not to speek of there pussies! I again quickly got off in her pussy. This ended up going on all night. We’d sleep awhile and I’d wake up with this wonderful feeling body next to me, get a hard on and I’d soon be in her pussy again. Come morning, she ordered up some coffee, we drank if and again, had sex. By then, I was completely “pussy wipped” and out of cum and in need of “recharging” again. We checked out and I headed back to South Texas. Two weeks later after payday, I was back again. Again, different girl but it was just as good. I again literally ran out of cum. Take it from me, Mexican girls are hard to beat.

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