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First Orgasim

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was 13yrs old and like all boys that age all I could think of was sex.One day after school I want to my room to lay down. It was a hot spring day so before I did I took off my jeans And shirt. I laid down in my white cotton briefs and socks.Then just like every other day for what seemed like forever my dick got hard and I couldn’t help thinking about sex.The thought of every bikini clad girl I ever saw on TV ran through my horny little head.I looked down past my puerile youg chest and saw my boner streching my tight white breifs. I couldn’t stand it I picked up the mattress and pulled out a porn mag one of my friends gave me. I laid back down and put the mag on my chest and started to look breathing became heavy and my hand slid down to free my hard dick. The tight elastic band was now wrapped around my thighs just under my balls.I looked at the head and there was a small clear drip of fluid.I was excited, it seemed like every one had already had an orgasim but me.I reached down and slowly touched it as I pulled my finger away there was a sticky line of what I now know was pre-cum streching from my finger to the head. Then I heard the screen door close. I forgot to lock it but my parents weren’t gonna be home for hours. I jumped up pulled up my shorts and put on my pants I left my room and found it was one of my older sisters friends. Who stopped by she was 16 and so hot that I would always get hard looking at her.I told her no one would be home for hours.She asked for a drink so I opened the fridge and with my hand resting on top of the door I said take what you want in a macho kinda way.She looked me up and down.I was standing there in jeans,white socks and no shirt.She took out a can of soda and tried to restrain her giggle. Whats so funny I said, your to cute she sad smilling at me. Congrats on the peach fuzz, noticing the new forming down under my arm.It’ll be real soon enough, donn’t be embarassed she said as i blushed. I think its cute.You’ll reach puberty soon enough, she said. I already have, I said, tring to save face.You have, she said as she looked down and noticed my boner.You shouldn’t waste that than as she took off her shirt.Do you fuzz down there she said as she unzipped my pants body just stiffened as she pulled down my jeans, and said lets see. I stepped out of them as she striped. Then she pulled my briefs to my ankles. Wow the real stuff down here she said. Then she ran her fingers up my thigh and under my balls. She took my trembling hands and put them on her chest. I felt her bare naker titsas she kissed my neck. The kisses moved down my smooth chest to my belly. I was so excited I could barely breath. Then all of a sudden my young cock was being licked. I was gasping for air as she wrapped her lips around it and took it all in her mouth after a few strocks she slid her finger between my cheeks and pushed the wet finger she was using on herself up my virgin ass. The sensashons were incredible. I couldn’t belive it, muscles I’d never felt were spasming as I felt my first orgasm shudder thru my almost bald pubesent body .She slurped all of it. I told her it was my first cum so she stood up and frenched me with some still in her mouth. I tried to push away but she made me tast it.She than took me to my room and tied my wrists and ankles to the bed with shoe laces I laid there naked.She had me lick her pussy while she sucked my cock and fingered my ass.Now that I got you thru puberty I’m gonna take your virginity.She rose above me and put her pussy lips on my virgin cock and slid down, it went in and it felt great she was so tight it almost hurt. After I was completly inside her wet pussy she went up and down slowly, she could tell I was ready to cum now only the second time in my life so she pulled off. I tried to struggle but my wrists and ankles were tied tight. She started sucking again and right as I was about to cum she took two fingers wet them with her juice forced them up my tight ass. I shot another load, this time I got to see it and it went all over her face.She kept me tied there as I tried to catch my breath. She gently stroked my arms and chest. she circled my nipples and then licked then my body jolted with another sensation. She nibbled on my nipples. It was tourcher, it was like it hurt but it was fantastic. My dick hardly took a break and it was hard again.I was really fighting even though I loved every second with my writs and ankles bound I coldn’t move out of reach of her. Her hands caressed my smooth soft body.from the tips of my fingers down my arm to feel the peach fuzz she thought was so cute. Down my chest on my dick and slowly tickaling my balls all while bringing me to the verge of orgasim by sucking my nipples.Then she stopped sucking and felt me with both hands. Sliding down my thigh to behind my knee then to my shacled ankle,down the top of my foot to mt toes.Then her fingers tickeld my heel then slowly over my arch I couldn’t understand it I was on the verge of cumming but I was just hanging there.She was really getting off.It was like she wanted to be the first to explore every inch of my body. She put her pussy over my foot and started rubbing it. She pushed hard so that my toe was pushing in to her pussy. Then I guess she couldn’t take it anymore she got back on top of me and banged as hard as she could the fact that within moments I shot my load drove her nuts. She reached down and picked up some of my cum that was leaking out of her and stuck it in her mouth.Then she got more and put it in mine She made me tast our juices.Her orgasim nearly ripped my now ultra sensitive dick off. She let me lay there spread eagle and naked tied to the bed. She just stared at me for a while and then said I wanted to pop your cherry for a while now.I wanted it to be something that you may never top. She sure did I reached puberty and lost my viginity in the same day. It was amazing.

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