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First time cheating

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Age when it happend: 29
Where it happened: friend's appartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I met this guy on the internet he was maried and so was I. At first we were just chat budies. We talked for a month or two, then one day he asked me if I would consider having sex with him. I told him to give me a few days to think about it, then I said OK. The first time we had planed it I backed out the day before and told him I needed more time.I was not only suprised when he said OK, but completely impressed with him. I knew I had to have this gentelman with me. So we agreed on another time and I asked my friend if it was OK to use her place and she said OK.

We met and went to my friends place. We wasted no time, we were in bed together within 10 Min. of when I first layed eyes on him.

We start getting undressed and to my suprise he has the biggest dick I have ever seen or dreamed. It’s atleast 9 inches long and chubby. When he slipped a condom on it I could see the rim was cutting into his dick. Somehow I felt sorry for him and told him to take it off. After he took it off I said come on. He placed his dick at the opening of my pussy and started pushing. It hurt because it was over twice as big around and twice as long as what my husband had. For the first time in my life I felt over full. It was great. He seemed to keep right on going when my husband would have allready pulled out and blown his load. My new friend was deeper inside of me than anybody had ever been. It hurt but also felt so good. Then I experienced for the first time in my life what an orgasim felt like while having sex, then it happened several more times. After about an hour with him he cum in me and did he ever flood me with it. That was the first time I had ever had a load in me, my husband of 7 years always used a condom. That sceared the hell out of me, because I was not on any kind of birth control. He told not to worry he “had been fixed” . When I was getting cleaned up I noticed he had made me bleed a little. We sit and talked and I started playing with his dick and it got hard again. I pushed him back on the bed and this time I got on top of him. Some how I was so impressed with how gentel this mountian of a man was. He was atleast 6’4″ and 300lbs all built and here I was 96 lbs and he held me so gentel. Now we have sex atleast twice a week. We both are still married to other people, but when my husband seldom has sex with me. It don’t impress me one bit, because I know what being fucked by a real man is like.

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