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First time fingered, by Trish

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Age when it happend: Fingered 9 sex 16
Where it happened: Hotel, my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

The long drive with Mom and Dad.
I was on a trip with my  family,  when some how my  brother who was home schooled started asking questions about sex. My parents are exhippies. I guess they are still hippies, just old hippies. So coming from a Woodstock make love not war perspective my older brother and I got an earful . I sounded gross to me but he was excited. He was 13 and armed with his  illustrated health book . We were in the back seat of a geo metro so what ever he was looking at so was I. If that wasn’t enough studying anatomy and reproduction, Mom bought him a sexy behind the counter magazine which opened  our eyes even more. Now I’m turning 10 soon and this was way over my head now that I look back, but my folks didn’t care. Theses girls have huge knockers he would show me and of course he was right beside me . He couldn’t help but show me  My Mom was talking pussies cocks and clits, where dad, the biology major, was talking  Vagina, testicals and labia minora. My Dad had to show off, by telling me for the hundredth time how he delivered me at my Aunts house by him self after marching in a protest. My parents were open and talked about all their sexual things they did in the 70’s. Mom was a free spirit and had lots of encounters which were mostly Dads friends. She also had to take care of the common STD  she received as this went hand in hand with her freedom. Dad mostly had pot and sometimes mom when he wanted  her. Well some where around Idaho the day  came to an end. I was so happy to be out of the little car. We stopped at a old roadside hotel and we were about the only guests. The hotel room was small and had a TV with three stations . There’s a pool I yelled! Go both of you said Dad kicking off his sandals.  Mom was in the toilet and my brother was in the room. Dad!  I can’t change here with him here.  Listen girl you sleep naked and kick your sheets off all the time. You leave your door open because you’re afraid of the dark.  We’ve all seen you naked a lot. You just don’t know it because your asleep my brother said.  Honest Dad ? I said almost in tears for embarrassment.  He goes in your room every  night and makes sure you have at least a sheet on you. Some time I have to pull a sheet out from under you first. You never wake up. Since you been six said Dad . Ok I said and started opening buttons. Dad  was beside me sitting on the bed and pulled my shorts and briefs down to the floor in one action. My brother said see no big deal and started digging in the suitcase for our swimwear. So I was cool and pulled off top and Mom came out of the bathroom in a towel. The shower leaves alot to be desired almost no water pressure. My brother found our swim wear and handed me my two piece . Darling you have the most beautiful figure said Mom . With such a nice round ass. Look in that nice full length mirror.  She spun me in the mirror . It sure was the only thing sticking way out. My nipples were like infant or boy nipples. She has a nice puffy pelvic pad said Dad. Dad likes a soft landing pad.  Said Mom. Laura Jenson had one . Misty Smith as well.  Makes pelvic bumping real soft.  Mom reached down and pushed my pad it’s a soft one.  It’s not growing any fuzzies yet said my brother . But I bet you have some at big fuzzes at 13 said Mom who quickly grabbed his belt to his shorts. He tried to get away from Mom but she hugged him tight. The guy I lost my virginity to was only 14 . He told me he was 17. He was shaving so I thought he was older. Was that you Dad I asked? Yea it was he said with a smile. I de-virginised your Mom who was a super foxy 18 year old . She wasn’t my first but oooh la la ! Mom was tickling my brother now and he was going to the ground and Dad and I joined in. He was so ticklish. Dad was such a guy said Mom . He talked me right out of skirt and blue blouse. Then he  popped my cherry .  Let’s see your cock said Mom to my squirming brother. I don’t care said my brother just stop tickling me and he unbuckled his belt and Mom unzipped him. His jean shorts were tight but he pulled them down and off as he was on the floor. His limp cock was hanging to the side. His balls were sagging down as well. Clarence said Dad . Clarence for sure said Mom. The fore head the ears. His thumb went back and ours doesn’t . I never guessed it was Clarence.  Whats pop my cherry mean? I asked and no one responded. What is up who is Clarence? Said my brother. I pointed and said your penis has a bend in it. Clarence had the same thing said Dad, It took me  15 years  to figure out who your dad was . Im only 14 he said. Plus nine months in here said Mom pointing to her middle. Clarence had a big bend in his penis repeated Mom,when he got harder it was more pronounced . Thats like me said my brother. Dad looked at me. Did you ask what’s popping my cherry mean? He was wonderful in the doggy position said Mom oh my gosh . Whats that I asked ? TMI said Dad.  Pish tush said Mom . It a wonderful way to have sex . You get on all fours and he gets behind you. You have a lot of hair I said to my brother. He has the hair meaning Dad . Mom added like a forest. While I put on my swimsuit I asked is Clarence my brothers biological father? I’m sure of it now said Mom. I knew something was up, said my brother, as he put his arm around Dad. Your a love child dad told him as he hugged him. Clarence was a good friend of ours we will look him up when we get back to the coast.  How about me Dad? Trish we planned you . We went swimming forever in the shallow pool and came back to the room late. I thought I was sleeping with Mom . As I saw my parents in one bed. No you two are sleeping together. But it’s a twin bed I complained. I’m sleeping with dad and that’s final said Mom. My brother came out of the shower and I came in.  I dropped my ring off the sink in to the trash can . As I dug I found A condom wrapper was in the trash can. Then a wad of toilet paper. I knew a used condom was in there so I looked and sure enough . I rolled it back up . Then i got my ring. I quickly showered off the chlorine smell and came out to see my folks sound asleep. My brother was now reading the girl magazine as he had memorized the pictures. He read some of the steamy stories out loud to me. I learned too much about sex in one day. I turned off the Radio and sat on the bed. I thought about putting on panties, since I never slept in the buff with my brother but I was too lazy and tossed the towel on the floor and climbed in with my brother. This is a smaller bed than mine at home I thought. My brother turned off the light and snuggled an arm around me, after patting my butt cheek. It was a few minutes and I woke my self with a snore. I did that a lot wake my self with a snore when i first started falling asleep. When I was fully asleep there was no waking me. Then he called Mom, Mom until she woke up . What honey, I was asleep. Trish is asleep did you hear her snore. No I was  sleeping my self. Can I finger Trish? She won’t know.  In her pussy?asked Mom.  Where else he said. It was quiet and I awaited her response as my insides felt funny.  I’m ok with it . If she is awake ask her first,  its only polite. If she is asleep just be very very  gentle. I can’t believe she is saying this I open my eyes and it’s too dark to see much. Just one finger honey. If you hurt her I will take you behind the hotel and slap your face off. Do you hear me?.  Yes Momma . You should try to wake her if you can . Why ? Cause it’s a right of passage getting fingered for a girl. If you are nice  she will really like it. He shook me and I played asleep. She is not awake Mom. Well be very careful . It may be dry so wet your finger in your mouth .    I was on my face and I felt his hand reaching back between my legs. She is real wet all ready Mom.  Must of been the stories you were reading to her.  I was getting wetter as he was checking me out back there. I was wondering when he was going to go beyond messing around  with me. Then he started pushing the wrong spot and ouch. Hay that hurts what are you doing ? I said as I pretended to wake up. I got out of bed and stood up. I’m just soaking wet. Mom was quiet now but I knew she was listening.  I felt better knowing she was there. You were checking me out weren’t you? Yea he said .  I got back in bed and snuggled with my brother. Still want to check me out . Yea he said . I took his finger in my hand and just traced my private parts with it. There is lots to feel out here. I was so wet, his fingers played and made me even wetter. Can I put a finger in you Trish? Why ? Cause I want to. Is that what you were trying to do? A huh . You were pushing my pee hole. Oops he said. The place you want  is  for boys and babies.  I put a finger in myself a little and it felt yucky. When I led my brothers finger there it was pretty weird. Ready I said and his finger sank in me. I let his finger wiggle in me . Then I said That’s enough. I grabbed both his hands and he lay his head by mine . I snuggled and fell asleep.  I woke naked on the bed and my brother watching TV beside me . My parents were still under the covers but awake.  Good morning we all said . Guess what Mom and Dad ? I let my brother touch my vagina . He even put his finger inside me. What did you think said Dad? No big deal I said. That was that and we let each other grow up.

Fast forward past puberty and there I was with my boyfriend at sixteen. He was as nervous as me. I had been on the pill for a couple months. My parents were down stairs and my brother was in the next room. Every one knew what my birthday gift was. I was crazy about my boy friend and we promised to be friends even if sex was bad. It was terrible . I had never been with a boy and he was on me a few seconds and dribble dribble. I was expecting more he said . Me too was that all their is. He was so small and he couldn’t please me even though he tried . Over and over. He was pumping hard and stopped . This is way overrated he said cant we just be friends. Im not in to it, its me not you. Your right lets just be friends . So we talked about what movie we were going to see that nite. He pecked a little kiss on my mouth and pulled out of me. Showered and he left after only an hour in my room.  I called my brother and shut the door. I pulled his pants down. Let’s not little sis. Shut up I said . I just had the worst sex ever. I’m so disappointed . Put it in doggy and go slow I don’t think he took my cherry, even though I guess he took my virginity. You have never even seen me rigid have you? Just on that trip when I was like nine. He locked the door and took my top off. Your so foxy sis. I dropped my drawers and had my brother stop as I still had wipe a little of first time dripping out of me. You grown hips and breast and you still have that nice tight round butt. When he looked at me his penis grew and it was a nice size. Half way it bent up . The soft head was small but the bent shaft was much bigger. Did you know he was only this big. And I showed him. I dont look at other guys said my brother who was now fingering me for the second time . Trish you still got your cherry lets protect the sheets . So i grabbed a towel and saw Mom as i streaked across the hall. What your brother now? She asked. Mom he didnt even get my cherry. Im so sexually fustrated. You on the pill arent you? Yes. Well just this once then get a boyfriend . We arent in Kentucky. I saw Mom i said. I listened he said. You know I got Elisa’s cherry last year. She cried alot didnt she? She sure did and she wouldnt let me go home afterword. All night long ? I asked . All night long he answered. He hung his penis out there and we did doggy . I pushed back on him and it got tight back there. Gosh it hurts and my brothers bent cock popped my cherry good. Oh my gosh his full size was great . His bend was amazing and found my corners. I’m feeling guilt Trish this is wrong no matter how good it is physically. I’m sorry I said between grunts . I would of done this when you were nine if you asked me. When you covered me up did you ever play with my pussy. I checked your virginity by looking here and there through the years but I respected you and never fingered or played with you. I gave you lots of kisses on the forhead . Your such a good brother I said as he continued to pound me doggy. I felt an orgasm build but he went first and I never orgasmed. When it flowed in me, I felt thankful I was on the pill. Don’t look back sis, I have to clean this blood and sperm mess up. He wiped and spread me back there and looked . Trish the jobs been done your open for business now . Then he kissed my puss. Don’t ever ask me agin. He was still hard and I laid down on the bed . Missionary come on missionary please I pulled him and he pounded me a minute. His bent cock pounded my cervix and it wasn’t that comfortable. I’m done now I have to deal with seeing your face in my dreams. He got up and went to his room . When I got out of the shower, Mom was hugging him down stairs. It was a bad Idea Trish. It took him months to get over it and his social life suffered. He knocked up two underage girls at some party and got in trouble. He visits his children when he can
I met God and changed my morals for the better.
I found a nice man and married . My brother married one of his babies mothers when she turned 18 and is now going to church with me.
Please learn from my mistakes. I almost destroyed my brother.

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