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First Time in Highschool

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Behind Highschool Gym
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My first time with a big, hard, throbbing cock was a with
my first real boyfriend in high school.

Well, getting to what you guys call the action, David and
I finally decided to go somewhere private. We had just
kissed by this time, but it was summer, and both of us
were getting really into feeling each other bodies, and IÆm
just talking about hugging more closer, so donÆt get any
lewd ideas yet!

Well, what happened is that David and I really got into it
behind the school gym after a football game. The only thing is
that we noticed other high school couples making out in the
dark. While making out with David, we kissed so hard that
we ignored the other people and just hid in the darkness. I
could feel his hardness, which was just pressed like crazy
against my leg. He seemed to love my legs, rubbing his
hands all over them, more than I ever would whenever I
shaved! Gee! But hey, since IÆm a cheerleader, I love
wearing my short, pleated skirt and showing off my legs
which are tan and toned.

I had never done very much in terms of petting before
David. But I was so curious. It was like when I first
French kissed! I had to know what a tongue tasted like. I
had to know what DavidÆs other love muscle looked like,
and well, see it in action. So, being the more assertive
one, I finally unzipped his fly, unbuckled the belt on
his jeans, and wow, IÆm telling you, soon my hand was
sweating as it gripped this big fucking cock! No joke! It
was the first real penis I saw up close. It was a really
sturdy muscle, maybe what youÆd expect to see on a horse,
not a studly six foot guy at school. I just held his penis
and wondered in amazement at how huge and alive it seemed.
His cock would vibrate or jerk upwards in a
spasm every few seconds, just waiting for something,
maybe his hand! His hand wasnÆt going to be the star this

David was trembling. He seemed worried about what other
people would think! Always the worrier, David almost ruined
everything! But I told him to sit back. I wanted to study
his cock. It was beautiful. Just gazing at his cock gave
me a feeling of power mixed with love and so many other
feelings. It was all for me, at least I hope it was.
Because all around us were other couples in various stages
of undress. DonÆt get too wild with ideas, there was no
orgy, but you could feel you were being watched. I wasnÆt
going to put his dick back in his pants thatÆs for sure.
Now that I had one in my grasp!!

I just sort of did what I think would make him feel good.
I was so nervous that the sweat from my hand sort of
lubricated his shaft. I knew how my fingers could send him
flying, because weÆd given each other back massages
before, so I knew some light touches of my fingers all
over his cock would do the trick. The skin of DavidÆs
penis was so pure, so fragile that I could see this thick,
huge penis quiver with pleasure just by my simple touch.
My fingers finally took DavidÆs cock and just gave him a
firm squeeze. I squeezed the long shaft and forced the
skin to move upward, then down, then up, and boy was my
byfriend in heaven. Then I could feel my own forearm
muscles getting their own workout. Every one of my
girlfriends had jerked off guys before, so it was no

We all talked about jerking off guys, just giving guys
what they wanted. We knew every guy in school probably
jerked off about us, thinking about all kinds of girls in
school, and just going to town imagining us cheerleaders
sucking their cocks…but I just couldnÆt see a guy like
David alone in his bed masturbating as he imagined me
doing sexy things. But now with my hand actually caressing
every inch of his throbbing penis, I could see his eyes
roll backwards and see how much he enjoyed this pleasure.

He really needed me, and I almost felt sorry most of the
summer had passed with him dating me, going home and doing
to himself what I was now performing for him. It made me
wonder if I was missing out on having not explored my own
self pleasure, but thatÆs the way I was. But for David and
me, this was something special. Before this night, I used
to laugh about it, almost think of guys as losers if they
did this shit with themselves. Not anymore. I know you do
this, masturbate like crazy, and I know some of you have
probably started on yourselves already, stroking your hard
cocks as you read this, so I hope you come soon. Well,
donÆt despair, IÆll make you feel good before this story

When David told me on the phone one night about
masturbating, then listened to him go all the way with
himself with those sloshy sound coming from his hand and
dick until he said he “spewed”, I originally thoughtàOKAY,
this guyÆs history, goodbye! But, now, in a summer night,
against the fake canyon wall in an amusement park, well,
things seemed to make sense to me. I mean, I donÆt do
myself alone, but if guy like my boyfriend canÆt sleep
because of this huge prong of a muscle sticking out, I can
understand why guys have to stroke themselves for relief.
Just makes me feel a little queezy wondering how many guys
at my school have done this thinking about me! SHIT! Okay,
so maybe thatÆs wishful thinking, but everyone one of us
on the cheerleader squad knew we were the guysÆ main
honeys for their self-pleasure fantasies! Amazing! I love
how sexual attraction can just make us into animals!!

Well, I was giving David a good workout with my hand. You
know how the round tip of a guyÆs cock starts to bubble?
I mean, his cock was starting to burst, or at least I
thought it was, because the tip was all full of gooey stuff.

We kissed some more, and then he took my hand and made me
twist my wrist to give him some kind of special stroke
only he could master. Now I understand it!! Masterà.bation! Whatever.

Meanwhile, DavidÆs hands had crept to where I let no man
before, right under my pleated red skirt, all the way to
my pubes behind my undies! I was dripping like a waterfall!
His fingers wasted no time in getting started on me. I had
tried to do myself before, but being alone wasnÆt what got
me going. It was being with this guy I loved, and knowing
how much he wanted me just turned me on! My pelvis
instinctively started to grind against his hand. I knew I
wanted more than his fingers inside me, but this felt
soooooo good. He stroked my clit and when I looked down I
could see my little clit swollen and immersed in juices.
You could smell the sex between us, and it smelled good!

Stroking a guy was junior high school level, so I wanted
to get more personal with David. I had to suck his cock,
just had to be able to tell my friends IÆd tasted a real
live hard on! His balls were where I started. I just closed
my eyes and decided to start somewhere. I kissed and
licked his sacks, and tried to suck one of his big, tight
balls into my mouth. He was moaning, so I squeezed his
balls with my tongue and mouth, almost finding a rhythm.
It was fun, I tell you, this wasnÆt something to be afraid
of! I loved sucking his beautiful, pulsing cock!

Then my tongue just found one of the veins and followed
the slippery skin up the shaft. It was a long way to the
top. I tasted his pre-cum, everything that was dribbling
out of the tip. I knew he was all mine, just for me to
control, you know? Next thing I knew, I was doing the deep
throat. This was just too much! I kept trying to touch the
end of his cock with my tongue, maybe lick his balls, but
every time I renewed my sucking to get more of his love
muscle into my mouth, he just seemed to grow and grow.
Like the way I stroked him earlier, I had learned enough
to know that friction is the way to play with a dick. I
used my tongue and lips to get his foreskin and shaft
moving with a rhythm. Then I got a little tired and just
concentrated on the smoothest part of his dick, just
beneath the round crown tip. That made a difference,
because he suddenly grunted and shoved his cock against
my throat. He cried my name, saying “Risa, Risa,
Risaaaaaaaaaa”, then I felt hot liquid hit the roof of
my mouth! I couldnÆt get away before all his hot tasting
cum poured into me. I said what the hell and just
swallowed him, trying to think it was his love I was

When I finished giving David my first ever blow job, we
started kissing again, just relaxing together. His cock had
lost some stiffness, but it was wet and kind of flexible,
almost seeming to grow again, and I could see why. Just
across from us were two different couples. One girl was
going to town. She saw me looking, and I could tell she
seemed bitchy. She had on a rival cheerleader skirt, and I
recognized her jumper even though most of it was hiked up
by the guyÆs hands feeling her tits. She had longer legs
than me, and she was bigger than me, and maybe David liked
bigger tits, but so what I guess. Mine are small, but firm
by the way.

Maybe he looks at other dicks, and he sure had the
opportunity right now. This girlÆs mouth was all over her
guyÆs dick. It was something to see. Even though it was
dark, we could make out their bodies doing the dirty
deeds. Just like David, the girl seemed surprised like me
when her guyÆs cock exploded like a fountain. I mean, I
was happy to see her act too weak to drink him because she
just took his jism on her face. It was timeless, just now
I can see how her face pulled away from his dick with a
long thread of pearly cum still attached to his beautiful
knob. But I really noticed how relieved and happy her stud
was, and he was checking me out while she rubbed his stuff
into her skin. I sort of wondered if he also worked at the
park, and suddenly it seemed to make me hornier because I
wnted him, too. The other couple was further away, but I
cod see the guy just pumping up and down into the girl,
reaife fucking. I guess every night there were people
having a party down here, while most people around the park
acted decent waiting in long lines for rides or eating
trashy food. I felt nasty, sure, but I also felt liberated,
free to do whatever I wanted. Now, I wanted my own hunger

David seemed really worried about getting me pregnant.
Neither of us had brought condoms, but I told him if this
was both of our first times, disease was no worry. He
didnÆt have a clue about how my ovaries and period worked!
I mean, I canÆt get pregnant every day! David finally
stopped worrying, and soon his dick was inside me. It felt
fantastic. I could hear his heart beating, hear every moan
he grunted as he sucked my nipples and thrust into me. I
met his thrusts, a little awkward at first because we
should have taken dance classes together for thrusting
practice, but soon, I was getting into it. I felt the heat
between my legs, for the first time, I was dribbling
juices just like his dick did before I sucked it.

Well, my orgasm hit me before my boyfriend finally poured
his precious spewy pearls inside me. IÆm not sure if I had
two or three orgasms, but there was an endless trembling
kind of feeling all over my thighs and pussy, it just kept
building with more and more energy until – whammo! I was
free and ecstatic! God, it was my real first orgasm, too!
I had my first orgasm and first goddamn dick all in one
hot summer night.

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