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First time on my knees

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: boy scout camp
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

It was between 7th and 8th grades and I was spending my third summer at Scout Camp. I was in the shower with just two other guys when one of them, the smaller, popped the other boy on the ass with a rolled up towel. The other boy then rolled his towel and tore into the smaller boy who begged him to stop and said the proverbial, “I’ll do anything!.” The larger boy said, “Okay, suck my dick.” The smaller boy at first refused but fearing more pain, he gave in. I was directed to watch the door while the smaller boy got on his knees and took the dick in his mouth and began moving his head back and forth, I assumed simulating a girl’s pussy. But in 15 seconds he stopped and we all dried off an left, after swearing to not tell of what had happened.

I was fascinated with the sight and the next day got up the nerve to ask the sucking boy to do it to me, which he refused, even when I offered to do it to him first.

Then some time later – maybe two weeks – I was in the lake during afternoon swim time and took a break by hanging onto the dock overhead as we all did to catch our breath. There was an older boy next to me who I didn’t remember seeing before. He said hi and I said hi and then he told me to look under the water, which I did. Staring me in the face was his hard dick protruding over the top of his swim trunks. Unlike my dick that stood straight out, his angled upward so it was almost parallel with his belly. And it was the largest one I’d seen, though the only other hard dick I’d seen was my cousin Adam’s, who showed it to me one time and asked if I wanted to suck it, which I declined to do. And it had reddish hair around it. He seemed a lot older. And, of course, all young boys can’t wait until they get hair on their body, especially pubic hair, so I was fascinated.

I came up for air and he just smiled. Then I asked if I could see it again. He said sure and I pushed my face under again. I moved a bit so my face was directly over his dick and I was struck by a terrible urge of fantasy about sucking it. I opened my mouth and imaged what it would be like when all of a sudden, he pulled up on the dock, raising himself higher and his cock went straight into my mouth. If it wasn’t for the fantasy I’m sure I would have recoiled immediately but instead, I closed my lips around the thing and bobbed my head like I’d seen the shower boy do. Then, fortunately, the fantasy abated and I realized that, my God, there were other people around us!

I pushed my head out of the water and looked about but it seemed nobody had seen what I’d done. The boy ‘s eyes were wide like a wild man and I just knew he was going to yell, “queer.” But instead he told me to keep doing it. I said no because it was too dangerous but he kept saying well then before supper, or after supper or tonight. I was feeling sort of disgusted with myself and said tonight just to get him to leave me alone.

I didn’t see the boy at dinner but, like I said, I hadn’t seen him before anyway. But that night, after the daily bonfire/story telling/skit acting session I was heading back to my cabin with another kid when the redhairded guy appeared. Fortunately, rather than make a scene he asked if he could speak to me privately and the boy with me excused himself and walked away. I knew what he wanted and being dark and no one around I relented. We walked into the bushes behind the first aid cabin and he told me to get on my knees, which I did. Then he pulled his shorts and underwear down. His dick was already hard and he stepped close to me and said, “do it.”

I leaned slightly forward and took it in my mouth and moved back and forth on it and realized that my own dick was hard as a rock and tingly. But in about 15 seconds the edge wore off and I stopped. He said it felt good and said do it a little more. So I did. Thinking about what I was doing was hotter than actually doing it, I suppose because I didn’t have cum and therefore my sex drive wasn’t what his was. Anyway in another 15 seconds I stopped again and started to get up. He said wait a sec and started jacking off.

I played with my dick but just with a couple of fingers and my thumb around it – he was jacking with his whole fist and doing it hard and fast, which was pretty cool to watch. Then he told me to suck it just a little more and thrust it toward my face. I opened my mouth and took it in and now he was doing the back and forth motion and in a few seconds I felt something gush in my mouth. At first I thought he had peed and I pulled off. Then I realzed he had cum and when I saw white stuff oozing out his piss hole I thought it looked like snot. At that moment the whole reality of letting another guy not only put his penis in my mouth but to eject fluid out of his body into it made me sick. I spit out the cum and nearly threw up.

I left and washed my teeth and laid in bed for hours thinking about what I had actually done. I didn’t know whether I was disgusted or turned on. Anyway the next day I felt better about it and searched around for the boy, possibly to do it again that night, but he wasn’t to be found. Then I found out he wasn’t a camper but was one of the guys who stayed overnight at the camp while they were working on the camp well.

He was gone that day and shortly thereafter I found another boy who’d let me suck him but he was too young to cum and it just wasn’t much fun. A month or so later I was over at my cousin Adam’s house. He was my age but bigger and while we were playing outside it started to rain and we got soaked. His mother said to give me some dry clothes to wear and we went in his room and locked the door to keep his little brother from pestering us. Earlier, I had noticed Adam now had some hair unde rhis arms and now I could see he had some in his crotch, too. My cock was hard and when he saw that his stood up as well, though it was half the size of the red-haired guy. “So you still want me to suck it?” I asked and I knelt down in front of him. The first 2-3 times I did it he wouldn’t cum in my mouth, but eventually he did. And many times thereafter.

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