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First time was great!!!

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Her Grandmother's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Well, to start off, this will be long. If anyone knows me I’m Ryan and my girlfriend is Tara.
Me and Tara met last year in school. About the third day of school I noticed she kinda’ liked me.
So on the bus that afternoon I asked her out. Of course she ultimately said “yes.” We started
sitting together on the bus and walking around together at school. By the way, I was 13 then
and she was 12. Well, making a bad mistake I broke up with her in 1 more day. so, she starts
to see this other guy. After about a month I started liking her again but she was still seeing
this other guy. She wasn’t going to break up with him but we still had our moments on the bus:
kissing really heavily, playing with breasts, fingering, handjobs, you know. So, I knew she
still liked me. Well, that lasted about 2-3 months and then we kinda’ drifted apart. Summer came
and I went to Florida for the Summer to see my mother. When I came back, she was the finest girl
in the school. So, naturally I asked her out again. She said “yes,” ince again. This time it was
going to work. We started getting really intense on the bus: hard fingering with 2-3 fingers and
one finger in her ass. I think she was a little nervous about the finger in ass part but I also
think she liked it too. She was tight as hell. Every time I would finger her she would say
“stretch me, stretch me” so I did. She ripped and tore. We would talk about it but she was always
nervous about having sex. She was a virgin too. She would come to my house for
Christmas and Thanksgiving and stuff and we would go down to the end of the road
where there is a trailer nobody could see and we would make out there all the time. One time she
came over to my house and in my room I got my first blowjob and my first taste of pussy. It was
sweet. But we didn’t fuck. One day in her room while her mom was taking a shower we came real close.
I had my dick touching and rubbing all over her pussy. But we stopped because her mom was done in
the shower. Then the day finally came. We were at her Grandmother’s house and her Grandmother was
in the kitchen making dinner. We decided to do it. So, at first we tried it standing up, but that
didn’t work to well. So she sat down in a chair and I got up next to her and went on in. She sqinched
her eyes and held back from srceaming. I went in and out for about 1-2 minutes and I came. And that
was it. I loved it and am addicted to it now. We have done it 3 more times since then. But unfortunately
her parents found out somehow and won’t let us see eachother anymore. It’s been a month and a half
since the last time and I miss it so much. But, I’m faithful. If you read this and have any suggestions
on how we could see eachother please E-mail me at —— Also I would like to know if
it is possible for a girl not to bleed at all her first time. Because Tara says she was a virgin, but she
didn’t bleed. THANX.

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