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First Time/Lesbian

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Dad's Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Lesbian

My parents are divorced and I live with my dad.
He just start dating this one chic about a month or two ago. Her name is Claire. We get along great. She is younger than my dad, closer to my age really. Well I guerss she’s in the middle. My dad is 44 and she is 31. She has sleek black hair, brown eyes, long slender legs, an incredible ass, and 44D tits. Just-flat out gorgeous. Well she spent the night one time and took her time leaving the next day. My dad had to leave for work around 7, so it was just us in the house.

So we decided to get to know eachother a little bit better.
It wasn’t sexual at first. We started out just talking.
Telling eachother stories. Some of sexual experiences,
some just girl talk stories about hot guys etc.
So we are talking and somehow get around to the subject of masturbating. She asked if I do and I said yes, many times a day in fact. I told her how I’ve been caught by my dad masturbating and having sex etc. She said that she masturbated at least once every other day. She asked me if I used anything besides my fingers and hands. I told her about my numerous dildos and vibrators. She asked to see them so I showed her all 12 different masturbating toys I had. It turned out that we had a couple of the same.

So we started talking about vibrators etc and I could see her nipples getting hard thru her dress. So I did what I am famous(or infamous whichever way you wanna look at it) for and made a move. I asked her if this was arousing her,as her nipples were erect. She blushed and was timid at first. So to help matters along I undid my blouse to reveal my tits. I asked if she liked and if she wanted to see me masturbate my young and tendor pussy. She eagerly said yes. So I took my blouse off and unclipped my bra. I slipped my skirt and panties off, leaving me completely nude to her. I grabbed a vibrator and began licking and sucking it, then i turned it on and rubbed it over my tits and around my nipples, getting them hard. Her nipples were fully erect thru her dress. I layed on my back and spread my legs and took the vibrating cock to my pussy. Rubbed it all around my lips and hole while carressing my tits.

During this she had taken a vibrator and lifted her short dress up and slid her panties off revealing her deep black haired cunt, which you could see was wet. She began vibra-fucking herself as she watched me do the same. This went on for about 5-10 minutes, the I turned mine off and went over to her and began sucking on her toes. I licked my way up her leg, up her inner thigh and to her pussy. I took the vibrator out of her pussy and shoved it aside. Time for the real thing. I started licking all the cum that had developed on her pussy off, munching on her bush as I went along. I spread her legs more and shoved my face and nose right into her. I shoved my tongue into her and swirled it all around making her squirm. I ate her cunt until she came all over my face. I sucked her cum up and licked it all off her pussy. Then I got up and slid her dress of her body, making her completely nude and revealing her huge tits for me to suck on with delight. I took one tit in my hand and began carressing it and sucking on her nipple.

I licked and sucked and pinched and needed her tits all over. Then she started to eat me out, while eating my asshole as well. Took a dildoe an assfucked me with it and sucked my clit till I came. Then I went and got my strap on and started tit-fucking her. It was great then I flipped her over and entered her ass. I fucked her ass and fondeled her tits. Then entered her cunt from behind. She was loose so I went right in. I fucked her until she came twice and she moaned and screamed the whole time. Her cum poured all over the floor and I lapped it up and we exchanged it thru kissing back and forth. We then went and took a shower and made love I there and got dressed and she went home and I went and took a swim. Still not sure whether my dad ever found out.

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