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Flashing Kari

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Age when it happend: 16....last week
Where it happened: Public
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Hello. I am a 16 year old bi-female named Kari. I know this is a site about your first sexual ecperiences, but I have a first time event id like to share with you that just happened last week.

I have always been an exhibitionist and wanted to walk out of my house naked and drive around naked and even walk into some store naked. Well, last wednesday after my parents left for work, I said what the hell..i’ll try it. I did put some shorts and a t shirt in the car just in case some one did call the cops.

I walked out about 10:00 am, heart was racing. I felt the sun on my naked 16 yr old body, my pussy tingled. A few people saw me and stopped to look and whistle. I got into my car and pulled out in the street. I was so excited, my pussy was gushing all over the seat. I drove around a while and it felt wonderful. My titties were visable through the window. Most people didnt notice, but a few did and smiled and waved.

After a while I was super horny and wanted to do something wild. I drove to a near by mall. It was early, not a lot of people there. I got out and boldly walked inside with my tits jiggling and my ass bouncing for everyone to see. My pussy was throbbing like crazy. I was so horny, I thought I might cum right there.

Several people saw me and were just stunned, I knew I couldnt stay long because someone would call the cops. I walked by several stores then turned around and headed back to the entrance. By then several people were cheering and whistling at me. I turned to face them at the door and lifted one leg, spreading my pussy for them to see. I then waved and blew them a kiss and ran back to my car. As I sped back home I listened to the scanner, no one had called the cops.

When I got home I was so horny, I got out of the car in my drive way and leaned back against my car so everyone would see me. I started finger fucking my pussy right there. In no time I was cumming like a wild woman. My fingers were buried all the way in my cunt and my ass was grinding against my fender as my naked 16 yr old body writhed in ectasy.

I regained my senses and walked into the house, still naked with my cum and juices flowing down my legs. A man and woman must have saw me, the were parked by my house and I could see his wife sucking him off as he watched me. Guess I did do a good job. 🙂 Thanks!!


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