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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Lisa is forced to grow up

My name is Lisa and I am twenty three years old now. This however is a
story about what happened to me when I was at the tender age of fifteen.
It was a Friday night and my parents had gone out bowling with their
friends. They did this every Friday, leaving my seventeen year old
brother and me home alone. On this particular night they had allowed
Jeff, my brother, to have two of his friends over to watch a basketball
game and play video games. Matt was the oldest at nineteen and James was
fifteen and in a lot of my classes at school. All three of the guys
played on the football team and were pretty well built. I also was very
athletic which kept my body firm and tight. I have since developed to a
full “c” cup, but back then my breasts were a very perky and firm barely
“b” cup. The game started and the guys had been drinking some beer that
Matt had brought over. Several times during the game Matt and James made
comments to my brother about how hot looking his sister was becoming.
The three of them soon started talking openly about my maturing breasts
and firm tight ass. Matt and James offered my brother twenty dollars if
he could get me to show them my tits. Jeff tried hard, but I refused
completely. As the game reached halftime the guys were getting a little
buzzed and left to the back room to play video games. While they were
back there Matt and James raised the dollar amount to seventy five if
Jeff would help them see my bare breasts. Jeff agreed and after about
thirty minutes and a few more beers he called for me to come and check
out his new games. When I walked through the door my brother grabbed my
arms and pulled them behind my back. With my chest now pushed completely
out Matt grabbed the front of my t-shirt and ripped it wide open
exposing my bare tender young breasts. For about twenty seconds all of
us just stood there. No one moved or said anything. Then Matt suddenly
started squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples. My brother
continued to hold me even though this wasn’t part of their deal. I was
in shock and began to beg Jeff to let me go. My pleas were ignored as
James suddenly grabbed my shorts and yanked them and my panties down to
my ankles. Now I stood there with my firm naked teenage body totally
naked in front of two drunk horny guys. They began to grab my ass very
hard and tried to put theirs fingers in my tight young pussy. Matt
pushed me to the floor on my back and told my brother to pull my arms
over my head. Then James spread my legs wide open. Matt quickly shoved
one finger into my pussy which even though I was terrified had become
very wet. After about a minute of finger banging my pussy he stood up
and said “hey James lets fuck her”. I screamed for Jeff to stop them. As
Matt unzipped his pants and pulled out his eight inch semi hard cock my
brother suddenly let my arms go and shouted for Matt to stop. I thought
finally my brother was going to put a stop to this. I was wrong. He told
Matt that I was still a virgin and that he couldn’t allow them to fuck
me. Matt got angry and said “you wait till my dick is out and hard then
expect me to just stop. I have to cum somehow!! Jeff grabbed my hair and
forced me to my knees. Then told me to suck Matt’s cock or he’d let them
both fuck me. I had never been with a guy sexually in any way, so I had
no idea what to do. I soon found out that I didn’t need to. Matt didn’t
wait for me to comply he grabbed the back of my head and forced his now
completely hard cock into my mouth. He paid no attention to my gagging
as he shoved his entire shaft in and out of my throat. Within about
three minutes Matt shoved his cock deep in my throat, held my head tight
and shot his entire load of cum into my virgin mouth. I thought I was
going to drown from his cum as I gagged and began to swallow as much as
I could. When he finally pulled his drained cock from my mouth some left
over cum ran down my chin. Before I could even wipe it off James was
waving his now erect naked cock in front of my face. I noticed that it
was about ten inches long and twice as thick as Matt’s. I tried to
protest, but he just grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth onto his huge
cock. Realizing I wasn’t going to be able to stop these guys I decided
to relax and end it as quickly as possible. James was also a virgin and
no idea what he was doing. He just kept shoving that big dick deep into
the back of my throat. It only took about twenty strokes before he was
shooting more hot cum into me. I swallowed hard, realizing the taste was
not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. James pulled out while he
was still gushing cum and soaked my entire face. Matt and James both now
seemed satisfied, so I thought my raping was over. I was wrong. My
brother was now naked and hard. He also possessed about a ten inch cock
that was two inches around. Jeff boldly said “now it’s my turn”.
He then pushed me to the floor on my stomach. Matt and James quickly
grabbed my arms and legs. Jeff told them that he wanted a virgin hole
too. I begged him not to do it. He said “don’t worry sis I’m not going
to pop your cherry, it’s your ass I want. Again my pleas were ignored as
he spit several times on my asshole then slowly worked the head of his
cock into my virgin ass. I thought I was going to pass out from the
pain. After a brief pause my brother buried the rest of his massive cock
into my asshole. I felt like he was going to split me in half. After a
few minutes though the pain turned into intense pleasure and I began to
fuck back. Jeff said “look guys she’s getting off on this”. Matt and
James let go of me and sat back and watched as I rammed my ass back into
my brothers balls. It didn’t take long before he was filling my ass with
his hot sperm. As I felt his hot cum begin to fill me up I also exploded
into my first and very intense orgasm. Watching our hot ass fucking show
had caused both Matt and James to become rock hard again. As my brother
pulled out, my asshole was quickly filled with cock again as Matt began
to ream my ass. He fucked me ass as hard as he could and was quickly
shooting more cum up my butthole. As he pulled out James took his turn
on my newly fucked ass. He to rammed his big cock deep into my butthole
again cum filled my ass and again I had an intense orgasm. As James
finished my brother told his friends to clean up and leave before out
parents got home. After his friends left Jeff begged me not to tell on
them. I was very upset, but I loved my brother and didn’t want to upset
our entire family. So I was raped at fifteen. As time passed I realized
that I really got off on the attention the three of them gave me. Oh
yeah I also lost my last virgin hole not to long after this experience,
but that’s another story.

The end

Written by #1 Wandalea

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