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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

When I was 16, I came home one day and heard a soft moaning. My parents weren’t at home, so it could only be my 12-year old sister… Curious, I investigated, and discovered my sister ‘riding’ the bannister of our staircase. I could look up, straight between her long legs, and saw her rubbing her pussy against the wood of the bannister, one leg on one side, the other leg on the other. Mirjam (my sister) didn’t spot me. She was too busy trying to achieve an orgasm… From my hidingplace, I watched my sister come. She moaned loudly, her entire body shivered, and she rubbed her crotch against the bannister with wild, uncontrolled motions. This site made me very horny, but I dicided to ‘stay in hiding’, and I didn’t confront her. She didn’t stop, however, and continued her mastrubation-session. I watched her come a total of 4 times in a row, and after that she ‘dismounted’ the bannister and disappeared into her bedroom upstairs. After this wonderful sight, I watched my sister closely over the next few weeks, and discoverd that she played with herself more than I did… MUCH more! She would mastrubate (not just by riding the bannister, but also by rubbing her pussy with her fingers and by using the showerhead) several times each day, and I was able to spy on her without being discovered!
One day, I heard some heavy breathing and moaning coming from MY bedroom! When I opened my door, I saw Mirjam lying on my bed with her panties pulled down and her T-shirt pulled up, rubbing her wet pussy and her hard nipples on her young breasts. She didn’t look her age, she looked like a 14 or 15 -year old! Her body was very developed for a girl of only 12, and I stared at her spread legs and her ‘firm’ tits. I spotted some of my porn-mags, which I kept hidden under my bed, lying on the floor. Mirjam must have liked them too…
Unfortunately, my sister spotted me, and she tried to control her upcoming orgasm, her face turning red. She failed, and with me staring at her, she climaxed! When her body finally stopped twitching, she looked at me with big, frightened eyes. “You… you… you wouldn’t tell mom and dad about this? Please?”, she begged me. And in a sudden flash of inspiration, she added: “If you tell, I will tell them about your Porn-mags!”. When I told her that I would keep all this to myself, she relaxed somewhat, and noticed the ‘bump’ in my jeans… “Oh!”, she said, “You’ve got a stiff!!!”. She kept staring at my crotch, and started to rub her pussy again, very slowly. Then, she told me that since I watched HER mastrubate, it would only be fair if SHE could watch ME do it! I stepped into the room, closed the door, and took her up on her offer. I opened my fly, and showed Mirjam my stiff dick. Then, I started to stroke it, very slowly. My sister watched, and rubbed her pussy in the same pace. After a couple of minutes, whe both had an orgasm. I sat down on my bed, next to my sister, to catch my breath. Mirjam looked at me with a playful look in her eyes, and asked me if she could stroke my dick too. I told her that she could, but only if I could play with her pussy. At first, she refused, but I insisted, and after a while she agreed. Mirjam started to play with my limp dick, and after just a few seconds, it was rock-hard again! I started to play with her still wet pussy, spreading her lips and rubbing her stiff clit. She started to breath heavily again, and pushed her crotch forwards. I started to breath heavily too, her gentle strokes making me VERY hot! I dicided to push a finger inside her pussy, and she moaned: “NNGGGHH!!! He, what… oh! What are you doing? Please… NNGGHH!!! Please DON’T!!!!!”. She panicked, but I was just too damn horny to stop now. I started to ‘pump’ my finger in and out and in and out and in and out her vagina, all the way rubbing it against her clit. Again, she begged me to stop, but also started to stroke my dick faster and faster! “OOHH!”, she puffed, “Frank… FRANK! NO! MMmmmmmm!! No… Stop! I don’t… NNNGGGHH! Oh yes! OH YES! FASTER! I’M CUMMING! FASTER!!!”. Whe both quickened our play, and we both had a powerful orgasm, she a bit sooner than I…
Mirjam told me that she had never done ‘THAT’ to her pussy; she’d never pushed a finger INSIDE it! At first, she had been scared about what would happen, but she’d liked it anyway!
The next couple of months, we played with each other almost every day, and we both liked it very much! My sister told me that she wanted me to ‘play’ with her because it would teach her about boys. To her, because a was a couple of years older AND because I was a boy, I must have been more sexually experienced than she was. True, I had played with a girl’s pussy before, but I was still a virgin, as was she.
After a while, we grew bolder, and started to experiment with oral sex. I licked her pussy, and she gave me a blowjob. She was almost 13 now, but most, if not all, people thought she was about 15. She looked great, with long legs and firm tits, and she also was a great sex-partner. She let me go much further than any of my girlfriends did at that time, and I loved her for it! We told ourselves that we were only ‘experimenting’, using each other’s body to learn more about the opposite sex. One day, my sister asked me if I could fuck her. Two of her friends in school (who both WHERE 15!) lost their virginity, and Mirjam wanted this too! Since she was (and is) my sister, I at first refused, but she her constant teasing and begging made me very hot! Finally, I caved in, and told her that I would do it. First, I played with her, rubbing and licking her tits and pussy, until she was close to an orgasm. Then, I laid her on her back, and asked her to pull up her knees and to spread her legs. She did everything I asked her, and I kissed her naked body. Then, rolled on top of her, pushing my dick very slowly against the wet lips of her vagina. She moaned, and began to play with her erect nipples. I rubbed her pussy with my dick, and noticed that she was so wet that I could just ‘slide’ in. I pushed my dick foreward, and saw my sister closing her eyes. She moaned with pain, and I asked her if she wanted me to stop. She told me to go on, so I did. I again pushed forewards, and I noticed a couple of drops of blood escaping her pussy. I had deflowered her! I started to pump a little faster now, and felt that her pussy was very narrow. However, Mirjam’s pain was slowly replaced with sheer pleasure, and she moved her hips towards me. I felt that I was about to come, and told Mirjam this. She just begged me to keep ‘pumping’, because she was very close to a climax too. This time, I was the first to have an orgasm. My cum filled her pussy, and mixed with her juices and her blood. When she felt my hot cum entering her body, she shivered with sheer lust, and exploded herself…
After our orgasms, she kissed me on my lips, and embraced me. She told me that it had been painful, but that it had been worth it! She was no longer a virgin, and neither was I. From this day on, we continued to make love to eachother. We fucked almost every day, and we started to fall in love. Yes I know, she’s my sister, and I’m her brother, but still… We couldn’t help ourselves. We knew it was wrong, but that fact didn’t stop us from loving each other… We went out together, danced together, went camping together, and continued to have great sex together. When Mirjam was 16, she finally made love to another guy (one of my friends). And I was 19 when I first fucked anyone else (one of her girlfriends; yes, Mirjam experimented not only with me, but with girls too. Mirjam had asked me if I could join her in her lesbian play, and her ‘friend’ agreed. So, that was my first ‘threesome’, and I loved it! Later, I went ‘steady’ with my sister’s friend Sylvia, but we continued to have sex with ‘the three of us’ every once in a while.
Now I am 32, and my sister is 29, but we STILL come together to have sex. And we both love it!

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