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Freshman Surprise

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My first girlfriend was real aggressive and that was cool for me. I had never even kissed a girl, but I did want to have sex to see how much better it was than jacking off, which I did since I was 13. We hooked up at our first school dance when we were freshmen. She was new to the school and looked hot and I was good looking myself (if I say so) so she said she was attracted to me. I got my first kiss that night and we exchanged phone numbers. So I was surprised and happy when she called me the next morning. It was Saturday and I was still asleep. She said she had a good time last night and wanted to know if I could come over to her house that day. Well I got her address and rode my bike over. It was early September and still hot but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I got there. I rang her doorbell and she yelled out to come around to the back yard. I got out there and she was sunbathing in a sexy tiny bikini. She said “why don’t you join me?” so I took off my shoes and socks and then my shirt. “Nice bod” she said and I said “no, youre the one with the nice bod.” Anyway, we sat out in the sun for a bit and talked then she invited me inside to get something to drink. There was nobody home and she got a couple of cokes from the fridge then invited me to see her room. Now remember she was still in her bikini and I was only wearing shorts. We got to her room and she put her arms around my neck and said “let’s pick up where we left off last night. She gave me a deep kiss and I was getting so turned on holding her body against mine. Then she just floored me when she said “I’m so horny I just want to fuck!” I recovered enough to say “me too” and she took off her top. Wow, her tits were bare and I knew I was going to get laid. I took off my shorts and didn’t feel the least bit embaressed being naked with a girl. “Nice dick” she said and that made me feel good. She finished stripping and pulled me onto her bed. She laid me flat and got on top of me. It was happening so fast but I was loving it. I had never come anywhere near sex and now this naked fox was riding my bare dick with her tits bouncing up and down right in front of me. She kept yelling “OH FUCK!’ as she moaned. I then began to feel that familiar feeling and I knew I was getting ready to cum. When I did it was better than anything I had ever felt. Pussy beats your right hand any day of the week!

We fucked a lot for about a month but she started seeing other guys and we broke up. I didn’t have another girlfriend for about a year but now I really love her and sex with love really is a lot better than just fucking.

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