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friends house

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

ok so me and my friend where walking to his fort thing that sits on a creek and we were trying to hurry. it was snowing and it was really cold! when we got to the fort, we had to cross this biridge that is above water. well i slid on the bridge and fell in the water. my friend helped me out and rushed me inside the fort. there, i was still cold but i noticed that my friend was getting naked. i asked what he was doin and he said that he was goin to warm me up. i was a little disgusted at first, but then i saw what he was talking about. so i got undressed too and it was kind of awkward. i noticed that he was looking at me penis and shriveled balls. he had a really nice size penis. it was about 7 inches, he was about a year older than me. he had a really nice and toned body. he always shows off his six-pack at school and stuff. he also has this tan that is natural. all of a sudden he grabs me and holds me against his chest. he is about 7 inches taller than me too.we stay there at the position for several moments. i told him that my back side was freezing cold so he let go and got behind me. all of a sudden i felt this warm sensation in my butt crack. he had lined my crack with his penis and stuffed it in! it felt great. after he did that, he took hold of my penis and started giving me a handjob. just then we heard his dad pull up in his truck. we qiuckly got dressed as he opened the fort’s door. to figure out, he had seen me fall and hurried up and came to us. he took us back to their huge house and i took a warm shower. when i got out, i went into my friends room and he was laying there and stroking himself while playing PS2. i was naked except for the towel around my waist. he saw me come in so he locked the door behind me. he then proceeded to take my towel off of my waist to reveal my fully restored dick and balls.he took me over to his bead where he layed there naked. he then told me to suck his cock, so i did. a few minutes later, his dad knocked on the door. he went and answered it (still naked) and revealed his dad (who was naked too) he told his dad to come back in a few seconds. so his dad left and my friend came back to his bed. so i continued sucking, without stopping, i heard his dad walk in the room and stand behind me. all of a sudden, his dad started lickin my ass hole. i kinda liked it. after he did that a little while, he pulled, e off of his son’s cock (which was about 9 inches long now) then his dad told me to get on all 4’s. he then explained to his son that he had to pleasure me too. so his dad took his clothes off and (with his own huge cock) took his head and rubbed it all on my asshole. i got soooo horny! it felt great. he then suddenly shoved his huge cock up my tiny ass hole. it hurt at first, but then i strted likin it. after that, both father and son started pumpin out of me. all night long, i was either gvin head, or gettin pumped!

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