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Fuckfest with Karen

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Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: Sofa
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

“I have to go for a pee,” she said, getting up. “Don’t move an inch! I’m coming back.”

She got up from off the sofa and then ran toward the washroom.

We had been watching a movie. I stopped the show to wait for her.

Karen was my younger sister’s best friend. I was home on leave from the Army prior to a posting overseas to Kuwait, and my little sister and my folks had gone shopping at a mall about an hour away from where we lived. They would be gone all afternoon.

Young Karen had dropped by to bring me some cookies. She said that she had especially baked them for me! I invited her inside. She was definitely a lot younger than me, but I thought that she was really cute! I had watched her several times in our backyard, marveling at how perfect her figure was in a bikini as she would sunbathe with my little sister in our backyard.

Her arrival at the front door had come as a surprise! We had teased each other on occasion previously, but the eye contact had indicated there was more, though because of the differences in our ages I had never taken those thoughts further. She was simply just my little sister’s best friend!

We sat down on the sofa. It hardly took much time at all before we were sitting close together and my arm was round her shoulder. We snuggled, and then a while later her head was resting on my shoulder as my fingers combed within her hair; and then she asked if I would like to watch a movie? She had brought one with her.

The movie she had brought was called ‘The Lover’ and had a number of very sexy scenes. We snuggled further. The seduction of the young girl in the movie was intoxicating. He had brought her to climax while in the back seat of a limousine, his hand caressing the young girl’s crotch as they drove along a bumpy road.

Karen’s hand had found its way inside my shirt, and gently rubbed my naked chest. I rubbed her thigh, just slowly. The shorts that she was wearing were loosely fitting, allowing for my hand to venture further up her thigh. She did not stop me, and then she turned to me and waited for my lips to come to hers.

We kissed. Her tongue caressed inside my mouth. My hand now touched her silky panties, the outline of her bulging crotch inside.

It was then that she sat up and pulled away. She wanted to go pee. She told me not to move an inch, and that she’d be right back!

A minute or two she came back and snuggled up, exactly as she’d been before, her hand inside my shirt once more. I used the remote to turn the movie on. We were in the middle of a scene where the young girl beckoned for the man to put his cock in her and take her for the first time. She was about to lose her virginity and the older gentleman seemed to willingly comply!

I could not help myself! My cock was rigid. My hand went up inside her shorts, and then it was that I realized that Karen had taken off her panties! Her crotch was wet. She looked at me and smiled, and I realized then that there was no way that I could stop!

I laid her back. She watched and did not stop me as my hands reached up toward her waist and slid the shorts from off her thighs, the glistening wetness of her slot now open as it waited for the cock to slide inside! A moment later, cock in hand, I lay between her open thighs, then felt of her reacting as my knob began its entrance, and the cock began to slither in and take her as she wanted!

She’d fucked before. Of that there was no question! We fucked and then we fucked again until we were exhausted and gasping for our breath! She said she had a boyfriend, though he had a lot to learn. She said she’d never cum with him the way she’d cum with me! I suggested we could do it as often as she wanted. I had three weeks to spare before my posting overseas. We ate some cookies, drank some milk, then waited for my sister and my folks to get back home.

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