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Age when it happend: 51
Where it happened: in my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I am a widower with 2 grown up kids, both at university.I need a partner, so seeked for middle aged lady to marry. She was 40 a spinster.I invited her to my house for casual talk and she agreed, and came. After exchanging our views about ourselves she went to the kitchen to make coffee. While she was working in the kitchen I sneaked behind her and cupped her large breast and started to kiss her neck. At first she was reluctant and pushed my hands away.Slowly I browsed her buttocks and can feel her calm.I turned her position and started to kiss her on the lips, but was trying to avoid. I held her face to my face and continously kissed her, slowly she responded and hugged me. I took the oppotunity to slide my hand into her T- shirt and fondled her breast. While kissing her I unbuckled her Bra strap, and started to kiss down her neck to the left breast. She totally collapsed like a jelly fish and groaning.

Slowly I guided her to my bedroom after switching off the stove.She sat on the bedsde feeling akward. I continued to suck her both nipples and started to undress her.She was topless and tried to cover her breast with arms crossed.

She pleaded to me to stop arousing her.She took a towel and coverd herself and shared her feelings that I am the first men to touch her and touching her breast. I consoled her, we are going to get married so what’s wrong in going one step ahead. By coaxing her with sweet words she felt confident and let me xolore her body.

She laid flat on the bed and let me eplore her body from head to stomach.I took the opportunity to suck the hard nipples and play with her to large breast. I can feel her enjoying the pressure I apply on her breast and her nipple cos it turned hard. She was closing her eyes and groaning away.At times murmming slowly.

After enjoying the pleasure with her breast, I slowly guided my hand rubbing around her napel and slowly digging into her jeans trying to play with her pubic hair. She immediately pushed off my hand and woke up and said enough till we get married. Finally I convinced her O.K no sex, you see I am still dressed. I just want to touch your private part. Finally she agreed on a condition she will hold my belt.

Sleeping in the position of 69 where my dick is facing her face and my face towards her vigiana.
Slowly i unbuttoned her jeans and burried my face to her pubic hair and started to arouse her by rubbing deep into her pubic area.

Unconsciously she responded to my demand, i slowly undressed her jeans and panties. I can feel the smell of her vagaina and started to play with her cloitris.I started slowly and increased my pressure. I could feel her hips moving and responding to my advances.

She split her legs wider and I could bury my face fully into her vagiana. I stared to lick and tease her cloitris. She got aroused and can here her groaning loud AhAhAhAH.. Suck it baby.

As Increase the pressure, she started to loosen my belt and strip of my trousers. She took my dick in one glup and started to suck my cock.As licked her vagiana and could feel the hymen intack.

Our party started and both of us ended up enjoying the CUM party. I exploded into her mouth and I licked her cum. After of 15 minits we rested lying naked
exploring each others body and organs.

I did share my compliment for staying virgin till today.and said you are still a virgin technically.
As we were lying naked and sharing our experiences she never dream’t the day would be so enjoyable and romantic. After coaxing her slowly, let’s try fucking. She refused. Now knowing he weakness I said O.K let’s continue sucking and licking.

We started second round in position 69 but now comfortablly. She lay on her back and my dickinto her mouth and my mouth in her vagiana.Wea started slowy and end up vigoursly.

This time we changed postion and I laid down she on top . She enjoyed liking my cock as if it was ice – cream and I was licking a hymen and cloitris.

She reached orgasam and we broke up the position and I was teasing her both breast.She could feel my cock grinding against a cunt and was more aroused.

I could feel her murmiring and as i wisphered to her ear shall we try fucking. She was groaning and biting my ears come on baby fuck me but slowly.

While arousing her by playing with her breast, I used my left hand, and guided my cock at the entrance of her vagiana and rubbed against her cloitris. This further aroused her more. I could feel her hips responding to every move.

Her vagiana was really wet, Icould feel my sips of sperm leaking out. Slowly I guided my dick and applied slow pressure. My dick moved inch by inch and puncutered her hymen. She gave a scream and told its hurting. I increased my pressure and inserted the full length into her body. She grapped me by the shoulder griped as tight she could and spreading a legs wide.

Sh started to kiss me wildly and words could be heard I love you darling. I laid flat on her body and could feel her hip responding. I could fill her hips moving up and down.

She wishpered to me to increase my pumping motion and as i increased my pumping I can feel her responding and as increased both of us exploded into orgasm with gripping very tight.

We rested and continued to have sex 3 times .Both of us Took our shower still exploring our body and called it a day. Its already 3 years we have not been married but we have sex every three month once.

She complimented me saying though we are not married we can be sex partners because I can’t forget you 1. you broke my cheery
2. you lick my pussy so good
3. I love to suck you dick


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