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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Sisters bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My neighbour Donna and her friend Sarah were at Donna’s house during the holidays, they were both 16. They had decided to come and visit me and my sister Helen because they were bored. Donna’s parents had gone out to a party and my folks were away for the holidays leaving me and my older sister to house sit.
The four of us talked and listened to music for a while. I could tell that Sarah liked me because she kept holding eye contact with me and I was sure she was trying to gives me flashes up her dress while the others weren’t watching. Sarah was an ordinary looking girl, a bit chubby but with really sparkling eyes. I vividly remember that she wore a short blue dress about mid thigh with black tights on underneath, she didn’t have shoes and her tights had holes in the feet from walking down the road. At one point Donna said she was hungry and that we should walk to the shops for some takeaways. Sarah said she couldn’t because she didn’t have her shoes, and Helen said she would go with Donna because she felt like a walk. I looked at Sarah and said I would keep her company until the others got back. She smiled at me and said OK. The girls left for the shops leaving me alone with Sarah.
Sarah looked at me and stretched her legs out in front of her “Where you looking at me before?” she giggled.
“Yeah, were you trying to show me something?”
“You mean something like this?” and she lifted one foot up onto the chair giving me a clear view under her dress. I could see the outline of her knickers under her tights.
I was breathing heavily as I walked over and stood by her. I put my hand on her knee and she stood up and held my arms. “Do you like me?” she said. I nodded.
“How long do you think they’ll be?” she asked.
“About half an hour” I said.
“You can kiss me if you like” she said.
We pashed for a short time and then I walked her into my sisters bedroom. Sarah was breathing heavily as i ran my hands over her breasts then lifted up the hem of her dress and put my hands on her bum.
I slipped my hand between her thighs and felt her pussy, she opened her legs a bit to accomodate me and I rubbed her until I felt moisture soaking through her tights. “too many layers” she said and immediately pulled her tights off and threw them aside. I continued rubbing her slit through her panties and at one point pulled them aside and slipped a finger into her. She was very wet and humped herself against my fingers. Sarah lay down on my sisters bed then lifted up her bum and pulled her panties down to her ankles. They were still hooked around one foot as she pulled her dress up around her waist and said to me “Come on we haven’t got much time”. I lay on top of her and we kissed. I pulled my cock out of my jeans and she held it. I was a virgin but I don’t think Sarah was. I rubbed the tip of my cock around in her blonde bushy pubic hair. I remember that she was quite chubby with a roll of fat around her tummy and her pussy lips were very puffy. I was nervous and said ” I don’t want to make you pregnant” and she said “It’s Ok, mum got me on the pill for my periods”. Then she said the words I will never forget. She was breathing very heavily as she said “You can fuck me if you want to”.
I poked around with my dick but didn’t know exactly where to put it. She held my cock and slid the head up and down her slit a couple of times until it slid to the bottom of her pussy lips. then she said “push now”. I pushed quite hard for a bit and then the head popped in. It felt so tight I didn’t think it would go any further. We were both pretty frantic by this time and she was making little panting squealing noises and saying “keep pushing”. I kept pushing in and out and slowly until eventually I was about three quarters inside her. “Mmmmm that feels good” she moaned. And then she got some saliva on her fingers and started rubbing herself, she lifted up her head to look at my cock buried in her cunt and then started friggig herself even faster. My cock felt like it was being squeezed and I had to keep pushing so it wouldn’t pop out. I knew i was going to explode if I moved around much so I kept it still and let Sarah do her thing. After a couple of minutes she started having an orgasm and her legs were jerking about then squeezing around my hips. Her fingernails were digging into my back and her pussy muscles were squeezing my cock rhytmically. This sent me over the edge and I thrust into her two or three times before having a powerful orgasm. Just before I finished her pussy gave one last squeeze and I popped out along with a large volume of semen. I grabbed Sara’s knickers off her foot and used them to stop the fluids getting onto Helen’s bed. Sara told me to hurry before we got caught by the others. And we quickly straightened the bed and went back into the lounge.
We were just in time. Five minutes later Donna and Helen arrived home with pizza. I was still shaking from my first fuck and had to keep hiding my hardon for the rest of the night. When she was leaving she whispered in my ear “Thanks for the fuck, your stuff is still dribbling out of me and my panties are soaked”
Sarah and I didn’t see each other again for a couple of years, and by then I was going out with Donna and Sarah had a boyfriend. I have had sex many times since then and sometimes I think about Sarah’s tight chubby pussy if sex with my partner is getting a bit stale. My first fuck was one of the most memorable even though it was very quick.

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