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Gay In The Bathroom

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: School
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Gay

Well, i was a 14 year old boy and I went to a school and I was secretly gay, well, my best friend knew, but she was just a really good listener. I had gone out with a few girls because i admit I was good looking, and I didnt want anyone to start saying I was gay. I’d be bullied otherwise. So, I had moved to a school, just about 10 minues awaya and I kept intouch with my friend and we went out at the weekends, anyway, in Latin one day, I was taking down notes and this guy next to me kept moving his hand near mine and he had a hard on, I felt rather flattered, and i tore a piece of papaer out o my book and wrote a note on it asking if he was okay, he said, that he was fine but was curious and he knew I was gay (how on earth did he know?!?!?) i asked him what he was curious about and he just said gay sex. I have never had gay sex, but i made up stories and told him that I was abut of a pimp at my old school. He said we should hook up sometime. I wa slike, yeah sure, whatever :P. anyway, in Games he came up to me ( I always got changed in the bathroom because I wasnt a muscly as the other guys, he came in the bathroom and I was just in my boxers, him too. He asked if he could have a kiss, I gave him a peck, but he frenched he and got a hard on, he locked the door and told me that he lied me since i movd to this school. He sat on the topliet and asked to suck him off, i consentd and lasted for like, 5 minutes untill he came, i caught some in my mouth and kissed him.he told me to sit down while he sucked me off, i was like, sure, yeah. It was amazing, i was curling my toes and grabbing his head and pushing him to suck me off even more, i was breathing heavily, untill he took his mouth off and i shot my cum all over the door opposite which he cleaned up with his tongue. He was like, you lied that ? I as like, yeah, it was good. He all of a sudden became all, like, well, savage and asked me for anal and before i ansered, he whipped out a condom and pulled my boxers right off and his too. he shoved it on, he was wanking me just before he did though we were bth hard and was dying for it. he bent over and told me to do it, i just shoved it in, he was reluctant after the head went it, he just told me that he really wanted it, so i started pumping reall hard and h was gasping and screaming for more, i sho my cum inside him and he got up quickly and shoved me in the wall and said he loved me and wanked me real hard, for a while and swung me around and shoved his cock up my ass without a second though for me, i was screaming asking for more, untill i climaxed everywhere but he wasnt going to stop. eventually he did, we walked out like nothing happened, after hiding out boners, but as soon as we walked out, everyone was saying that they heard us and we were going all red, they were calling us puffs, and i felt like crying, eveyone left and i was stood in the room, untill the doropened and this gy (Callum) walked out and said he liked it and grabbed mydick and told me he was watching and he was free anytime, i wa slike, omggg. i went home and cried, still, people have accepted that were gay now, i had consented to everyting, but it was nice to be open though, finally.

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