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Age when it happend: 45
Where it happened: London Hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I had been working for this guy for about 2 years and he asked me to do some work for him that was not exactly legal but just bent the law a little. As I was a single guy he said he would find a suitable way to reward me. About a month later he came around to see me and brought with him a ticket to London. He had booked me into a nice hotel and told me that I would be contacted by a girl called Nicky and that she would take care of the rest. So the following weekend I packed a bag and took the train to London. Being in my mid forties I had been London several times so I knew that the hotel that I was booked into was nice and central. When I arrived at the hotel I found that a double room had been booked for me and a message was waiting from Nicky asking me to contact her upon my arrival. I called the number and a young women answered it was Nicky we arranged to meet in the hotel bar at about 4pm. I was waiting in the bar when in walked this young girl she looked about 18 and when she saw me she came over and greeted me with a kiss and telling me that she recognized me from a photograph that had been sent to her. We found a quiet corner and Nicky explained that for the next two days she was to be my escort and as part of her services she would be sharing my room with me. We had a few drinks then went to the reception and I advised them that Nicky would be staying with me during my stay this was ok as they had been advised that two people would be sharing the room. We went up to the room and Nicky unpacked Nicky was from Poland but spoke really good English. We talked and Nicky changed as we were going out for a meal then to see a show. I lay on the bed as Nicky showered and changed for the evening. To lay there and see this gorgeous young blond undress in front of me was beyond my wildest dreams she had long legs and was about a 34C. When Nicky was ready we went off for our meal then to see the show Nicky was very attentive and reassured me that everything was paid for. We got back to the hotel and stopped in the bar for a drink then took our drinks up to our room. When we got to our room we sat and talked Nicky kissed me and before long I was getting aroused. Nicky whispered that it was time for bed we slowly undressed each other and ended up naked on the bed Nicky worked on my erection with her mouth until I exploded into her mouth after a little more care from Nicky I was hard again and Nicky climbed on top of me she was really tight and knew how to please after a while I came again we eventually fell asleep but I was woken about 6 in the morning with Nicky licking my erection back into action. We showered and went for breakfast at 9.00 we then spent the day sight seeing around London and returned to the hotel about 5pm then spent the evening in our room dinner was brought to our room and between eating and fucking we had a really good time. In the early hours we lay there talking I asked Nicky did she treat all her customers like this she explained that there were a lot of East European girls who worked in London as escorts she liked to offer what is known as a GFE which is a girl friend experience I had never heard of this but I had enjoyed myself.
The next morning we fucked one more time showered had breakfast and checked out of the hotel we parted at King Cross station.

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