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Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

There was a little girl who lived down the road from me, who lk to come play at my house. I had just reached puberty, and wanted to know what a girl’s pussy was like (the only time I had seen one before, was when I spied on my mom while she was undressing to take a shower a few years before.)
We were in my back yard when I asked her to show it to me. She said she wasn’t going to pull down her pants for any boy, to which I said she could go home if she didn’t want to. Before she could leave my backyard, I told her “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.” So we both compared what was between our legs,right out in my backyard.
From there on, hene she would come over, we would strip and play with each other’s private parts. We would play games like “show and tell,” “see and touch,” “doctor,” plus other games we would make up. She loved to rub it, and I came on her many times. She also liked to suck it, either just the head, or all the way in her mouth. If I shot in her mouth, she would swallow it while she continued to suck.
One time she came to visit me when I was sick with a cold. My dick popped out of the opening of my pajama pants,her taking it in her hand and caressing it.
My mom walked into my bedroom one day while we were “playing”, catchng both of us totally naked, with her hand on my thing. My mom just left the room, never agin saying a thing about it.
One day while geting a really good blowjob, she slowly started to come off of it. When I asked her why she had stopped, she complained “I’m always doing you! I want you to do me!”
Ihad never tasted pussy before, and did not know what to expect. “I’m not doing you again, until you do me!”
The cold air was upon my heavy little pre-teen dick, which I wanted sucked, so I decided to try it. I ened up enjoying licking her pussy more than having her suck me. When she said I could stop, I was disappointed. We decided to each do it from then on (when we discovered how to 69, it was even better, for we could both do it at the same time!)
As time went on, we began to get more into it. One day we rubbed our butts together, her then saying “put it in me.”
I knew that girls got pregnant by guys sticking their dicks in girl’s pussys, and I was afraid of her getting like that.
“When you get ready to do it, pull it out real fast and it won’t happen.”,she said (probaly something an older brother or sister had told her…she was about nine or ten at the time.) I was still afraid she woul get pregnant.
“I got an idea!”, she said. “Just let them touch!”
“She leaned across my bed,her pink little bald pussy infront of me. I held my dck infront of it,pointing it at it. I slowly guided the head if my dick to the front of her pussy,then pulling it back quickly and excited.
“Did you feel it?!”, I exclaimed, refering to the sudden tingling feeling I had just experienced.She said she had. I put my dick back up to her pussy, then pushed it more towards it. It slid in real easy, no blood or any kind of mess (I think she had done it with her brothers at home before.) I looked down and couldn’t see my dick anymore, it being completely inside her.
I started moving back and forth in a fucking motion, hoping I would shoot in her, but after doing it for a little while, thought it would take too long (I was afraid someone would walk in on us.) I took it out of her pussy and told her to get down on the floor and stick her butt up in the air.
My dick felt harder going into her butthole than her pussy, it being so much smaller, but I got it all the way in. She told me it felt tight but good. “Do it to me.”,she said.
After going through the same motions I had done in her pussy, I pulled it out and played with it for awhile. When I started getting hard again, I stuck it back in her butt, me shooting gobs of white stuff into her butt; some of it coming back out onto my dick.
“I want to lik it like a lollipop!”, she squealed, hen going into it.
Being so young, I didn’t know about sexual diseases or using condoms,anymore than knowing what they were. All I knew is that a girl coud get pregnant from a guy sticking his dick in a girl’s pussy, and that what we were doing felt good.
We continued to do this until I began to think she had stronger feelings for me than I had for her. After awhile, she started seeing a guy I knew a few blocks away, who did it with her and his little brother, as well as her and her sister.

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