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girl fucked by 55 year old man

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: an isolated island
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Growing up in Russia, I was very poor. I am the fourth in a family with seven children, most of them girls. My father is a car mechanic, and my mother stayed home to take care of us. My first three sisters were all married off very young, all arranged. When my tall thin frame began to grow b-cup breasts and my parents decided to find me a husband. My oldest sister lives in America and had a family friend who was searching so she sent him to meet me. He was 55 years old, fat and very hairy. When he saw me, he licked his lips and told my parents he would pay them a good sum for me. Within a week we were married and off on our honeymoon. He took me to an island off the coast of Canada, which he owned. It was isolated from all other people. On the plane there, I could see his pudgy hands were crawling to touch me. He couldn’t stop looking at my breasts the whole time. Once we were there, and the boat that dropped us off had left, he lunged for me. With strength I couldn’t tell he had, he picked me up and carried me to the master bedroom. I begged him to stop, to let me get to know him before we did anything, but he ignored me. He climbed on top of me and began kissing me deeply, his tongue making me gag. The weight of his body forced me to breath in gasps. He started to squeeze my breasts, dry hump me and groan. “Uuuuooooaaagh, I can’t wait to fuck your pussy raw.” He pulled off my shirt and bra and began squeezing my boobs so hard I yelled out. “Oh God please! Let me go!” He laughed and began suckling on my boobs, biting the nipples when I started asking him to stop as punishment. He pulled off my jeans and stuck three fingers up my vagina. A virgin, I screamed in pain. “You are so tight ahhhh.” My pussy was also very dry. He reached over to the night stand and retrieved a tube of lubricant that burned my pussy really badly. Tears were strolling down my face. “Help me take off my clothes!” he yelled at me. Bawling, I did. His penis was huge, almost 8 inches, and so hard. It was clear he had fucked before. He pinned my hands down with his and, without warning, plunged into me. I screamed out loudly and he ignored me and began pumping painfully in and out of me. “Ughhhh….oh jesus….oh yeahhhhh.,,,,that’s right…right…right…THERE….god you are so tight….oh im going to fuck you until you die….ohhh..so…TIGHT…AAAAHHHH” His breath heaved on my neck and smelled like crap. He began to kiss me and choke me with his tongue again and when I pushed his mouth away he pounded me so hard I had to let him do it. After what seemed like forever, his face scrunched up. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh youuuuuu feeeeeeeeeel SOOOOO DAMN GOOOOOOOOOD! IM GOING TO COME!” he began pounding me so hard I couldn’t stop screaming. Finally I felt him gush inside of me and he passed out on top of me. When he woke up, his hard on came almost instantly. He told me to climb on top of him and fuck me with my boobs in his face. As I humped him, it started to feel really good. “you like that you old man? I looooove it. oooh! Oh!oh!oh!” I am a squealer and it turns him on. I began fucking him hard and begged him to suck my tits. I was a fast learner. I began to move my pelvis in a circular way because it felt so good. I humped him slowly and then quicker and quicker until he came so hard that I orgasmed three times. I like it best when he lays on top of me, because I feel like his is my master and I have no control. If any younger girls have married much older men, please tell me your stories too! I want to know if anyone has been through the same thing as me.

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