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Girl to Girl

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: camping out
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My good friend Jen and I had gone on sort of a mock camping
trip in the woods behind her house. We had taken half a bottle
of wine from her parents cabinet, and we were having a
typical “tell all” session – you know the kind that only
happen when you’re a bit buzzed and it’s 2 in the morning.
Well, inevitably we got to talking about sex, mostly about
how she was so much more experienced with guysthan me. I had
never even French kissed before.
I asked her what it felt like to kiss like that, and she
started to try and describe it, then she said I wouldn’t
understand until I had done it myself. I told her I wouldn’t
be having a chance to do that any time soon, and then she
suggested I ‘practice’ with her.
We brought our lips together, and we couldn’t stop laughing
at first, but the kiss started to feel really nice after
a couple of minutes. Her lips were very soft, and tasted
like strawberry lipgloss and red wine. Her tongue was gentle
at first, but we both were a bit surprised when the kiss
started to get incredibly deep and passionate.
We broke apart then, breathing heavily and there was an
awkward silence for a bit.
We poured another glass of wine, and I finally asked if it
felt that good to kiss a guy. She blushed and said no, that
a guys skin is a lot rougher.
I asked her how far she’d gone, and she told me mostly just
petting above the waist. Then we started talking about how
we wondered what it would feel like to have a penis inside
of you. I noticed her hand was rubbing a little on her pussy
through her shorty pajamas, and my hand went down between
my legs too.
By now we were both getting horny, and admitted it. I asked
Jen if she had ever masturbated, because I never had. She
told me once, but she was too scared someone would catch her
to enjoy it.
Both of our hands were starting to move a little faster now,
and I asked her shyly if I could kiss her again.
It was really awkward at first, but when we let ourselves
relax and enjoy it, it felt good to have our tongues together
while we touched ourselves. Our bra-less breasts were
rubbing against eachother through the thin cotton fabric,
and we were both moaning, and we knew we wanted more.
Next thing I knew we were rubbing eachothers’ backs and sides
until our nightshirts pulled up, leaving our breasts bared
for full skin to skin, nipple to nipple contact. It was a
very intense and pleasurable feeling to be touching another
person’s body in such and intimate way.I reached up and
touched my own, and she hers, and then our hands met in the
middle, and we started caressing eachothers bare titties.
I let my mouth wander down her neck until I
was raining kisses on her small round breasts and perky
nipples. I let my tongue circle her nipples until they got
really hard, and she was breathing hard and arching her back
toward me.
She lay me down then, and gave my breasts the same thorough
attention I had given to hers.
She backed away for a second, and I thought she was having
second thoughts until I opened my eyes and saw that she had
removed her pajama bottoms, and was motioning for me to do
the same.
She lay back down facing me, and placed my had on her pussy.
It was soft and warm and wet, with a thin strip of wiry
black curls, much different than the soft blond mass of hair
on my own pussy.
“I don’t know what to do exactly…” I said shyly. “Don’t
worry” she whispered, “just do what you would like yourself”
I moved over top of her, so I could see what I was doing, and
slowly let my index finger slide inside of her. She moaned
so I knew it must feel good. I pumped in and out, as I
imagined a penis would, then I let my thumb caress the hard
nub of her clitoris. I leaned up to kiss her, and she sighed
into my mouth as she climaxed.
She pushed me back onto my pillow, and we kissed for a few
more minutes until she got on top of me and we started
humping and pushing our pussies together, but the contact
wasn’t good enough to satisfy us. She spread herlegs and sat
up a bit so that we were straddled and completeley pussy to
pussy. The warm wet slipperiness engulfed us as we let our
vaginas share kiss after kiss, our clits rubbing together
building waves of enjoyment. I thought it couldn’t get any
better, until Jen moved her mouth down and used her tongue
to push inside me, then bathe my eager clitoris in hot
saliva and my own pussy juice.
“I can’t believe how good it tastes to eat your pussy!” she
said, and I couldn’t resist the urge to taste her too.
I pulled her around until we were in a perfect love circle;
mouth to pussy and pussy to mouth.Her
fingers were pushing inside me, first just one,and then
finally 3, thrusting inside me while her tongue worked on
my clitoris… We kissed and kissed like that for almost
an hour, experimenting with differentways to please
eachother with our hands and mouths.

We must have brought eachother to orgasm 4 or 5 times that
night, not to mention the pleasure of just touching and
kissing, and holding eachother through the night..
We’ve still continued to date guys, but don’t like all the
risks of sleeping around, so whenever we’re in need of a bit
of satisfaction, we arrange another “girl’s night out.”
We’ve since bought a couple of vibrators which make things
much more interesting, besides keeping us satisfied when
we’re alone!

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