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Girls just want to have fun

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well, to be completely blunt about it…

I was at my house with a friend of mine who was staying the night. My parents were out of town on they’re second honeymoon thing, and I’m an only child so we were alone for the weekend. We were just sitting around talking and the subject of sex came up. We were talking about what guys we had been with and what we had done, and I couldn’t help but think how easily she could get any guy she wanted. She has very nice breasts and a nice waist, she was very pretty. She asked me if I ever thought about being with another girl, and I had to admit that I had thought about it a couple of times, but I wouldn’t want to be a lesbian maybe once or twice as an experiment or something. She agreed and we just kept talking, no big deal.

After a while we decided to go and swim in the pool in my backyard. As we changed into our bikinis in my room my friend, Vanessa, commented on the fact that I shaved my pussy. “Oh my gosh Alley, you shave it? I would never have the guts to do that, see?” Then she pulled of her underwear and showed me her pussy. It had a light patch of soft brown hair on it. I just kind of nodded and we continued to put on our bathing suits.

We got out to the pool and had been swimming for a while and a Chris, my neighbor from across the street was outside playing basketball and heard us splashing around. He walked over and came back to where we were. He sat by the pool in a lawn chair for a while talking to us and clearly getting an eyefull. Vanessa and I knew he was staring at us and secretly decided to give him a little show. I climed out of the pool making sure he noticed when I straightened my bikini top. (I have fairly large breasts) As Vanessa distracted Chris with a little bit of conversation I lossened the string at the top of my bikini. I got om the diving board and did a pretty nice dive as I came up my bikini toped slipped down some exposing the tops of my nipples. I acted as if it was an acident and tied it back. Vanessa decided to dive too, and she got out of the pool and as the walked right in front of Chris she straightened the bottom of her bikini and made sure he saw her bare ass. I saw him staring and said “Hey Chris, you like that?” He said he’d leave if we didn’t want hiim here and I said no no that’s ok. I swam over to where Vanessa had just come up from her dive and whispered, “Hey, you know what we said about lesbian experience? Well why don’t we experiment on each other with Chris watching?” She asked me to explain so we planned to tell Chris to come back over tonight really late and the three of us would go skinny dipping. So we told him and he agreed. As he went home Vanessa and I got out of the pool and went to my room. I said I needed a shower and she said she did too. Since there is only one shower in our house and it’s pretty large, we decided it’d be no big deal to do it at the same time. So we peeled off our bathing suits and stepped into the shower. The water was pretty warm and I couldn’t help but get hot about Vanessa soaping up. I decided to steer the conversation towards sex, and asked her about her feelings on what we wre going to do tonight. She turned towards me and said she thought it would be really fun. I made a comment on how tired I was from swimming and she suggested she wash my hair for me since it was pretty long. As she wased my hair she kept touching my ass. I told her that her washing my hair for me was great. She offered to wash me to and I quickly agreed. She washed my ass and I turned to face her and she wased my tits, on which my nipples were super hard. As she worked her way down to my pussy I moaned a little. She was rubbing the sponge over my pussy, but she was still holding onto my breast with her other hand. She dropped the sponge as she pushed a finger into my hole. I gasped and she kissed me. I was loving it! We made out in the shower for a long time and then we got out toweled of and went to my room. We were watching movies in just the towels we had used after the shower, which after about one movie were shead and we were nude. At about 2 o’clock that morning we went out to the pool to wait on Chris who showed up shortly after. We asked him if he wanted to see something he’d never seen before and he said of course. Vanessa and I kissed and fondeled each others breasts and we could tell ss he sat on the edge of the pool he was as hard as a rock through his shorts. We stopped and told him to strip and get into the pool with us. He did and his dick was a pretty good size about seven inches.

He got in and said, “Now What?” We asked him if he had ever had sex before. and he shyly said no. “Aww, Alley we might have to fix that forhim, how about it Chris would you like to have two girls for your first time?” Needless to say he was over excited. He said first he wanted to see me eat out Vanessa, which I did gratefully. She got up on the side of the pool and spread her legs. She tasted to sweet! Then she returnded the favor and I got out of the pool and pulled the mat off of the lay-down lawn char and told Chris to lay on it. He did and Vanessa gave him a blow job while I sat on his face. We changes posisions a few more times and finally it was go time. He lay donw on the mat again and Vanessa rode him until he came in her. Then it was my turn, I wanted in diferently. We got into the pool and he was standing up and I rode him while he stood in the pool. I just wrapped my legs around him and went at it. We experiminted until 4 in the morning and then Vanessa and I went back inside and kept it up for another two hours or so…..


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