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Glad I was grounded

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

This will be VERY long and detailed, but it’s worth the time of reading it. I was 16 and I had a sister in the 6th grade that was turning 12 the night it happened. My sister had a bunch of her friends over to spend the night, and I was grounded so I was stuck at the house. My parents left for a hotel for the night, saying I was in charge and they wouldn’t be back ’till late noon the next day. I had to make everyone behave and even cook their breakfast in the morning! When my parents left, I went into the living room where they all were. They all had “Twister” out, and my sister said that if I didn’t play she would tell. Anyway, I was to play with this 12 year old girl named Amanda. She was wearing a shirt that showed most of her stomach and a vERY short skirt. She had the nicest ass I’d ever seen, and she had pretty big tits for a 12 year old. When we were playing Twister, she had to reach real far with her hand so that her arm was pressing right against my crouch. My dick started getting hard, and I felt stupid for wanting a 12 year old.
When we both fell at the same time, she laughed and said, “Shit!”
Starting to get an idea, I said that cussing was not allowed in the house and she would have to be punished.
“Bend over, I’m giving you 5 spankings,” I said.
She was hesitant, but I finally got her to bend over at a 90 degree angle with her hands on the wall. I spanked her good, and I enjoyed it too.
Then my sister put in a movie that we were all going to watch on the big sofa. Everybody sat down, and since Amanda was by the wall, she was left without a seat. I said that since I was so nice she could sit on my lap and she did. My hard dick was pushing against my pants so hard. She must have not felt comfortable, because she kept moving around, and the feeling of her ass rubbing my dick was great. Then I felt stupid again for liking a 12 year old so I went upstairs to take a shower. I kept thinking about how dumb I was for liking her, because I even had a girlfriend already. The door to the bathroom was broken; it wouldn’t lock. I already knew this, but I didn’t think the girls would go upstairs to go to the bathroom. I went in the shower and closed the shower door. Before I turned on the shower, I started thinking about Amanda’s ass again and I got really turned on. So because the hot water doesn’t last long, I sat down and started jacking off, planning to turn on the shower after I was done. I was getting pretty close to ejaculation when the door opened, but I didn’t hear it. It was Amanda. She must have thought she heard something funny in the shower because she opened the shower door and saw me masturbating.
“Ahhhhh! Sorry, I’m sorry!” she yelled.
Startled, she tried to turn around and run out the door but she fell.
“Owwww! My ankle!” she said.
I went over to her and started feeling her ankle and asking questions about it, because I wasn’t sure if she was ok or not. She calmed down, and was slow to answer my questions; I noticed that she kept staring at my still hard cock.
“Hello? That’s not my face you’re looking at.” I said jokingly.
“Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just that…” Amanda said without finishing.
“Your first time to see a guy’s dick?” I said, understanding how embarrassed she must have been.
She just nodded and kept glancing at my cock every once and a while. She seemed to be fascinated with it.
“Yeah, I had no idea they were that big,” she finally said. I asked her if she knew much about men’s sexual parts and she said yes, kind of.
“Do you know what an ejaculation is?” I asked.
She nodded.
“Would you like to see one?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t run off.
She looked at me with a puzzled look, and she kept looking at my face and the my dick.
“Yes,” she finally wispered, almost as if she was asking a question.
I taught her how to jack me off, and she agreed to give it a try. We both sat in the shower side by side, and she was slow to touch it at first. Once it got hard again she started to like it, and she did it faster. Within no time, I cam and it got all over her hand.
“Sick!” she said, holding her hand far away from her.
I told her to eat it, but she washed it off in the sink. Then she came over and sat by me, and I talked to her about how great that was and how sexy she is. Eventually, she started becoming alot less shy.
“I’ll do that again if you want me to,” she said, smiling, “I just don’t like the idea of eating it.
I told her it is harmless to eat it, and that she should try giving me a B.J.
“Haven’t I already done enough for you?” she said.
I told her my girlfriend has jacked me, but I’ve never gotten a blow job. She looked sad, and I told Amanda that my girlfriend didn’t matter anymore, and that she was the reason I was jacking off, not my girlfriend. Then she kissed me real deep, and we made out forever. I had both of my hands on her ass, moving her up and down so that my dick was rubbing against her bare stomach. When she felt it harden against her stomach, Amanda started to kiss even more passionately. Then I raised her up and poked the side of her knee with my cock, and slowly moved it up inside her skirt. It pushed hard against her panties. After we got bored with making out, I asked her if she was ready to taste my cum.
“No, not yet,” she said, laughing.
I said that I knew why she wasn’t ready, and that was because she was wearing clothes, which is never good. She was very hesitant about taking off her clothes, but when she did, it was the most beautiful site. Her beautiful pink pussy was SOOOO tight. We made out some more and she said she was ready. I thought she was going to be hesitant with sucking my dick too, but she wasn’t. She carressed it some first. Then she kissed the head, and licked my cock all over. After trying a while, she managed to fit the whole thing down her throat, which I thought was amazing. I thought she would choke to death, but she got the head in the back of her throat and sucked it like an ice cream cone. It was the best feeling ever; I thought I was in heaven. After a while, my dick got a lot harder and I felt the sperm cells rushing to the throbbing head of my cock. My ejaculation was so hard and so long I thought it might knock Amanda down. I was thinking she would gross out again. Instead, she gulped and slurped what she could down her throat. Two times cum gushed out of her mouth and ran down her chin, some of it soaking her breasts. She sucked me dry before stopping. She licked around her lips and ate the remaining cum that splashed out of her mouth. Exhausted, I laid down and she laid on me, resting her head on my chest. After about 5 minutes of silence, we started talking again. She probably gave the best head for a beginner, or even for an expert, in the history of mankind. She said that she never wanted to leave me and that I made her feel alot older. After washing eachother in a very pleasurable shower, we got dressed and went downstairs to get some beer, since she liked to feel older. All the others were asleep. We drank a long time before going up to my bedroom for the night. We both don’t remember having sex because we got drunk, but I woke up on top of her with my dick in her pussy and blood and cum stains on the matress. This freaked us out but nobody ever found out. I dumped my girlfriend for her after that night. I really think that we were made for eachother, because now I’m 24 and we’re still together, and I’ll probably propose to her soon.

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