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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Sisters Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I found this site some time ago after a friend told me about it and I have enjoyed reading most all of the stories.
I have wanted to tell my story for a time and I will, but first let me say to those that discount some of the stories here as false, you don’t know. First times happen in a lot of ways at a lot of different places, and who are you to say your time is any more beleivable than the next person. My story may be a little strange but it is very true.
I was 15 when it happened, and looking back, I lived a dream a lot of guys just dream about. I mean by that, having two females in bed at the same time. I was like a lot of 15 year olds looking for my first time. I’d been trying to poke my hard rod into a warm wet pussy for what seemed like ages.
I’d played around with a few young girls but never got very far. The closest that I had come was with a neighbor girl my age,15, named Renee. A slim but cute blonde, Renee didn’t have very much tit, her best feature was her long legs. We started hanging around together after school and did homework together, usually at her house. I of course had more than homework on my mind and started getting as friendly with Renee as I could. She was a little reluctant to do much at first but I found out she really liked to kiss and was good at it. Renee was only the second girl I had frenched but it didn’t take long to know she was good and the more we kissed the more Renee wanted. She wouldn’t let my hands on her body until we had shared several kisses, then she let me feel her any place I wanted. At first I just got to know her small firm little titties through her cloths, and this seemed to turn her on a lot.
One of the plusses of going over to Renee’s house was her mother Rhonda, who was a real looker and usually went around the house in a little pair of short shorts and a halter top. Unlike her 15 year old daughter Rhonda had a real prime set of tits and I always tried to peek down her top at them and watch them jiggle when she moved. Renee became aware of my interest in her mothers body, though she never said anything, but she caught my eyes on her mom’s tits more than once. Once after I was caught I knew, we went down to the basement rec. room where we usually would lay on the soft carpet and crack the books. This one time Renee was strangly silent, which told me she had caught me looking at her mom, and was peeved. As usual I started to try and work my hand up under her thin sweater to get at her tits. She pushed my hand away at first, but then let me feel her tits through her bra. I tried to kiss her and it took a few tries before she would kiss me. Once she did, she really put herself into the kisses, and soon I had her excited. For the first time, that evening she let me get her Bra. loose, and I was able to hold and pet her bare tits, and having me touch her like that was making Renee more and more steamed. Soon she forgot about the books and she turned and came against me with her back pressed to my chest. I liked this for I was able to hold her tits with both hands and also was able to look down over her shoulder and see them. Whenever I had touched her in the basement before she had always been nervous about her mom coming down and seeing us, this time she just lay against me and seemed to be really enjoying having her tits held and petted.
Knowing I had the cute blonde more excited than ever before I decided to see how far she would go and let one hand rub down over her belly to her crotch. I quickly found her pussy lips through her Jeans and was a little surprised when she didn’t make me stop. Renee was making little sounds in her throat and letting me rub her pussy.
Deciding to go farthur I eased her zipper down and began to work my fingers inside until I coud feel her panties and I worked her panties aside until my finger found her bare wet pussy, and Renee made a moaning sound as I played with her sensitive pussy lips and parted them to work a finger into her wet slit and find her hard little clit. As I worked my finger in and out of her slit Renee started to move her hips with my finger, and I was really enjoying finger fuckin Renee. Some sound from upstairs spooked her and we had to stop, and that was as excited as I would have Renee for months.
Unable to get her or any girl to let me fuck them had me frustrated and I was spending a lot of time Jacking off in my room, dreaming of when my time would come. It was around that time that I began to notice a change in my older sister Tara. Tara and I had always been close. She is a year older than me and was 16 then. I had always known that Tara was one of the prettiest girls in our town. She was one of the most popular girls in our school and I knew there wasn’t a guy I knew who wouldn’t lay down with my sister if they had the chance. A fairly tall Honey Blonde with a great body, a pretty face and an easy smile, she turned male heads wherever she went. I had never had any sexual thoughts about Tara until she started acting a little different around me. When we were younger it wasn’t unususl for Tara to come into my room wearing only her Bra. and Panties, but as we got older she stoped doing that, then when I was about as horny as I could get She started exposing more and more of her lush body to me, and I couldn’t help it, my cock started to get hard around my pretty sister, and I even had thoughts about how it would feel to fuck her.
I never really thought there was ever a chance it could happen, then one night I was Jacking off in my room, which is right next to Tars’s on the second floor of our house, when she barges in and catches me stroking my hard cock. I tried to cover it up but I knew she had seen, and she gives me a big smile and says she can’t call me “Little Brother ” anymore. Then as she is leaving she gives me a big smile and says “We’ll have to talk more about what I just saw Big brother”.
It was about four or five days later I was in my room again. Tara was having a friend sleep over at our house, something she and her friend Nancy did often. When Nancy wasn’t at our house Tara was sleeping over at her house. I especially liked it when Nancy stayed over at our house, for I thought that Nancy was about as pretty a girl as I had ever seen. I knew that Nancy liked me too, Tara had told me and even though she was a year older, like Tara, I always liked the smiles I got from Nancy. It was almost like the two girls were twin sisters Tara and Nancy looked so much alike. Both were real beauties. On a night a few weeks before that night I had gone to the bathroom which Tara and I shared across the hall from our rooms, when as I got to the door, Nancy came out and almost bumped into me.Nancy had very little on, only a skimpy pair of baby doll pajamas, and my eyes were filled with more of Nancy than I had ever seen before. She gave me a big smile and I was sure she deliberatly brushed against me as she went to Tara’s room.
I was in bed stroking my stiff cock when I heard a light rap on my door. This time I covered up my hard-on before I said to come in. To my surprise it was Nancy wearing the same skimpy pajamas as I’d seen before. She told me that Tara wanted to see me in her room, and left. Still wearing only the short summer nylon pajama bottoms, as I always wore, I went to Tara’s room. As I entered I could see both girls under the covers, and Tara said to come over to the bed. Tara had the covers pulled up to her neck with just her arms and bare shoulders showing and I guessed she was naked under the covers.
When I got close to the side of the bed nearest Tara she reached out with her left hand and put it on the front of my shorts. I had just managed to get my cock down so I could go into Tara’s room and with her hand on it It quickly sprang back to life and instantly was rock hard.
“Oh Nance I told you he would be hard” Tara exclaimed to her friend, then she reached to pull my shorts down. Seeing a chance I stopped her hand and said “Hey if I’m going to show all, I should get to see what’s under those covers” Tara then said ” Show him Nance” and with that Nancy threw back the covers revealing they both were totally Naked and my eyes were feasting on more lovely female skin than i’d ever dreamed of. My hand had left Tara’s and she had pulled my shorts down revealing my huge hard-on to the two naked girls. When Tara invited me to get in with them I needed no coaxing and quickly moved over my naked sister to squeeze between their lovely hot skin. Almost at once both girls had their hand at my cock and Tara had jammed her mouth to mine and we were kissing like I’d never kissed my sister before, and I had one hand squeezing one of Tara’s big grapefruits and the other hand had one of Nancys. Their tits were the same size with the only difference Nancy had much larger nipples.When I kissed Nancy she acted like she wanted to take my tongue down her throat. It was like no guy could ever hope to have as both girls ran their hands over me and wanted me to touch them all over. Nancy was holding my balls and I had a finger deep in Tara’s juicy pussy when Tara began to act frantic, ” Oh Glen honey I need It so bad, please honey do me” How does a guy turn down a request like that, at that point it didn’t matter that she was my sister, my stiff cock was in charge and I rolled over between Tara”s open thighs and felt her hand find my hard rod and guide it to her waiting pussy. In one easy quick motion I thrust my hips forward and felt my blood gorged cock sink deliciously all the way into Tara’s hot pussy.”Oh Glen YES YES” Tara cried out as I began to move my hips and fuck my pretty sister. I couldn’t have held back if I wanted and Tara didn’t want to be fucked slow. She groaned out loudly “Glen YES, oh baby fuck me, fuck me hard.” With Nancy gently carressing my balls from behind I worked feverishly inside Tara and she began to cry out that she was cumming, and not long after I was spurting my first load of cum deep into a pussy. Exhausted I rolled off my sister to rest between the naked girls, but Nancy wasn’t to let me rest long, she wanted something too, and began to play with my sticky half hard cock until she had it full hard Then she moved up over me and guided my hard tool to her pussy and lowered herself down until I was deep up into her very hot very tight wet pussy, and Nancy began to fuck me, her hips moving just as mine had on Tara. Nancy was good and got her pleasure several times before I could hold back no longer and fountained another load up into Nancy;s moving pussy. It was a night I will never forget. It started something between Tara and I that goes on even today. We are both married but still get together as often as we can and Sex with Tara is still the best I ever had. I did manage to screw Nancy a few time after that and she was always good too. I know my story is long, but I didn’t want to leave out any detail it was a special occasion for me.
For those who may wonder, yes I did make it with my first girl friend Renee. It was over a year later, we were both 16 then and I was driving and took her out in the country to park. Renee was really hot that night and made no protest when I moved her into the backseat of my old car. She made only a feeble protest when I pulled her panties off her legs, but quickly spread her thighs and received my thick cock deep into her wet pussy. It was nice to fuck Renee, but she could never be as good as Tara or Nancy. Nearly a year after I first fucked Renee I actually made it with her Mom Rhonda. I went to Renee’s house and found she had gone somewhere with her dad, and Rhonda was dressed skimpily as always. She caught me looking and began to flirt. She dropped her halter top to show me all of those big titties of hers, then unzipped my pants and held my stiff tool before leading me by the cock to her bedroom where she had me sit on the bed while she knelt on the floor and sucked me off. Later she sucked me hard again then lay back naked on her bed and invited me into her big hairy pussy. She was surprisingly tight and a pretty good fuck. That’s my story, hope you liked it.

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