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gloryhole teens

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: in public toilets
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I was downtown one night and decided I really wanted to get my rocks off. Since this probably wasn’t going to happen by me losing my virginity tonight, I decided to go to the public toilets and beat off in one of the stalls. All went fine for a while, but then I saw someone looking through a hole in the wall. This gave me a buzz and I decided to carry on, prentending that I had not seen him. I jerked off for a few minutes longer, and then I saw the guys cock poke through the hole. God it was long, and fat too! It must have been about 10 inches. I decided immediatly to go down on it, kneeling against the graffitied toilet walls. At
At first, I could only get the head in cos it was so fat, but bit by bit I managed to get most of it in. It tasted so good. finally, he shot his hot creamy jism all over my face and down my throat, as he gave out a low orgasmic moan. There was loads of it. By this time, I had also shot my load all over the toilet walls too. After a second or two, I heard the door open and footsteps walking out.I was still on the floor savouring the taste of all that creamy cum. After about five minutes, I cleaned up and went back home.
The next saturday night, as I walked past the toillets, I got hard just thinking about the previous saturdays events. So I decide to go in and wank again, and see If he would fuck my ass this time. Sure enough, he was in there. When he looked through the hole in the wall, I gave him the signal to come in. He open his cubical door as I opened mine. As let him into the stall, I could not belive my eyes, it was a boy from my class that was probably the most popular guy in school, John Travis. He had blond brown hair, was quite a big build, and really hairy (he was 2 years older than me so I was still as smooth as a baby on my chest) I had always fancied him, and hoped each time I went to any parties that I could get him really drunk and get him to do me up the ass. Now was my chance. He immediatly pulled out his meat and pushed my onto the toilet, locking the door behind him and saying nothing. God he was sexy! He quickly thrust his cock into my my hole and groaned as he felt it’s warmth. I however, was not so happy at first; it hurt a lot. As he got into his fucking rhythm, it began to hurt less and less and I began to enjoy the felling of his big hard cock pounding at my rectum. I then started to beat off to the rhythm of his thrusts. After about 10 minutes, I felt his hot creamy load shoot up my hole as he closed his eyes and tensed all his muscles. That was the best feeling I have ever had. shortly after, I shot my load all over his rippling abs. He then swiftly withdrew his meat from my ass. I felt empty. We decided to meet up at the same place the week later, but swear not to tell anyone. Sure enough, John was there with a huge bulge in his trousers. This time he sucked me off before fucking my ass as hard as he could. Half way through, we heard someone come in the toilets, and go into the adjacent stall. We thought nothing of it and John proceede to thrust. We then noticed a cock poke through the hole in the wall. I decide to suck it while john fucked me. It was probably some old perverts cock, but I didn’t care; it tasted good. We finished up that night and again decided to meet again. This went on for about 1 year until I moved away. Each week we would meet and suck and fuck each other, and sometimes suck people through the wall.
I lost touch with John for a while and thenfound out that he was at a college near me. I decided to go and find him. I did and we fucked and sucked for the whole night. We still meet up every so often, but not nearly as much as we used to. When people say “there’s nothin like the good old days” I can’t agree more!!!!

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