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Current Age: 43
Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: Houston
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Visiting my 1st ABS. I was sitting in a room drinking beer while there was a TV on the wall showing random Porn sense….After a while several young men came in and sat at the other table and ordered a picture of beer. the lady behind the counter was a bit over weight and kind of a bitch. u could tell she didn’t wanna be there.
After watching the porn and listening to these guys make rude comments I stood up and looked around for a restroom. going down a hall way there were many doors. I just picked one. opened the door it had a toilet in there but it was in a larger open area. I had to go. so I used it. and then I noticed a TV and it said 1.00 for 2 minutes 5 for 10, 10 for 30. so I put in a dollar, and sat down on this single chair… this chair was very low to the ground, it was more like a stool…. when the TV came on. it lit up the room somewhat. I could see and there was a hole in the wall… I thought Oh Boy…. after a few minutes this woman opened the door stuck her head in and said. here’s your picture of beer. I told her I didn’t order one and she laughed. I took it. and set it on the somewhat table in this room. then my TV went off…. The room was totaly dark again except the light coming through the hole….I put a 10 in and started watching porn again. the TV didn’t start up where it left off. It was now showing a woman sucking cock through a gloryhole…….. I was watching, and drinking from the picture. there was NO glasses….. the Video would light up the room then make it dark again, with the picture showing at the time….. after a while the room got very dark. and I couldn’t find my picture of beer. and I noticed there was NO light coming from the hole. and then I noticed a small cock in the hole….. I looked around no one was looking so I took it…. 1st I was just playing with it. and it grew to what I thought full size. then I licked it like a sucker. and then I took it full in my mouth….. I started bobbing my head like I seen on the porn show. and it wasn’t bad… My cock was About to rip through my pants so I unfastened my pants pulled them down, and this wasn’t working so I stood up and pushed them all the way down to my ankles…. sitting back dow on this stool. the cock was gone. and there was nothing but light coming through the hole . DAMMIT I put my finger through the hole and then I herd someone say. you want it? I said YES and I couldn’t believe what came from my mouth. I said SIR…… the voice said NO…. I said PLEASE. the voice said buy me a picture and I’ll put it back, BITCH! I said ok…. it reached up and I grabbed the balls so it wouldn’t get away. I started sucking it again while pumping mine. when I noticed the room got very bright. it was that woman again, and she said PUT MONEY IN THE TV OR GET OUT! She had another picture of beer with her…. She sat it down on the table and said HOLD ON! She has to feed the TV. The voice from the other room said ok….. the door was wide open. my pants were around my shoes. and I was looking for my wallet. I was humiliated….. I noticed I didn’t have anything but a 20 she said I’ll bring u change…. I stood there with the door open. and waited… she returned and handed me my change I put a 10 in. and she stood there. WITH THE DOOR OPEN. and she said. WELL BITCH, GET TO SUCKING! I obeyed….. I took the cock in my mouth at this time My cock was dripping….. the door was open she was watching. and I was Bobbing….. I pumped my cock about 6 times and spurted everywhere….. I was slobbering like mad with a cock in my mouth it was dripping down on my shirt. and this woman said your a good cocksucker. right them it happened… this cock got VERY HARD. and then it exploded. all in my mouth I withdrew to catch my breath. only to be met with a 2nd blast all over my face and in my mouth… I spit it out just in time. to only see the haed of the cock sticking through. when it blasted a 3rd time. again all in the face….. and then one more time……. I was trying to clean my self up. when I herd your Welcome Bitch! The lady said, good Job! she left. I sucked off 3 more cocks that day/night. I bought 5 pictures of beer for others. the woman tried to sell me panties. she called me cocksucker the entire time I was there…. when I left the room She sold me a towel she said out loud, DAMN COCKSUCKER! you need to clean up. look at all that cum on your shirt……. I became a cocksucker that day. and loved it…. I go back about once a month. only to be greeted with being called cocksucker……

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