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This is to 4363 who apparently is holding the moral high ground in our world.
He/she attacks this website as immoral and offensive, but perhaps only lacks anything
worth sharing. I’ll admit that I’m a virgin, but once I find the right girl, you can bet
you’ll be reading about it (in an anonymous version) here. I think this site is an
excellent place for people to share the feelings and experiences (though some do it
in a slightly profane manner) that greeted them as
they were initiated into a very important aspect of life. Many I think just want to
share this fantastic experience with others out there. In some other cases the stories
help people remember that not everyone has a perfect (or even desirable) set of circumstances
with their first-time but that it’s not the end of the world if that’s the case. For all
of you out there thinking about sharing your experiences, go ahead. There should be
no shame involved in your story, everyone has a different experience yours will be one more
among a wide variety. Hopefully I’ll be writing on this site again soon.
Remember safe sex is a wise choice, it can help prevent a lot of hardship (unplanned kids, STD’s).
Have FUN!!!

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