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Great Experience

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was at my best guy friends house, studying up on some school work, till we started talking. He brought something up that started to make me cry and he kept up his verbal abouse, so I got pissed at him and started throwing anything I could find around the living room there at him.

His parents were gone, both on business trips, and we continued our lil argumnet. Untill he did something that I would have never expected, he grabbed me and told me to shut the fuck up and he kissed me, long and deep. I was hesitent at 1st and even tried pushing him off of me at 1st, but as his tounge explored my mouth and my tounge tasting his, I felt my hands easing up my pushing to a grasping. We kissed there for about 3 mins and we looked into eachothers eyez and he told me he was sorry about his words that hurt me, and I told him how lonley I was. We almost pit another conversationg there, but w/out warning, he kissed me again while I kissed back. His hands started rubbing my bicepts (I was wearing a grey tanktop) and I just stand there. Next thing I know, he grabs my hand and guides me down on the living room floor of his, where our eyez never left eachothers. He leaned down and kissed me again, only his hands were makin there way up my shirt, and thats when I started rubbin my hands on his shoulders.

At this point, I could feel my heart beating heavily as he scrolled up my tank top and tucked it underneith my arms, exposing my well filled bra (I think I was a 38C at 14). He kissed my lips and nibbled down my chin and started sucking my neck, as I felt his trebling hands starting to caress my bra covered beasts as this felt very relaxing (Iv never messed around before either cuz at that time, I used to believe to save myself TOTALLY till marraige, but I kissed once before, but never messed around thou)

He stopped hicking me and looked into my eyez, and as he did this, he lowered his head down to my boobs and kissed the top of each, covered in white lace bra. Then slipping the cups up, I felt a warm tounge start licking my areola/nipples. I can really remember having a look of uncertainty as he was doing this, till I felt a feeling thats become a favorite to this day. I felt a suction on my left tit, I looked down and he was sucking on my breast, happily. He looked like an angel at my breast, as he continued to suck, I started running my fingers through his hair as he sucked on my left tit for quite sometime before moving over to my well enriched right one. He sucked in a steady pace that felt like I was a mama and he was my baby, I could have let him suck on my tits for as long as he wanted that day, but after about an hour of nursing on me, he kissed his way down my belly botton and starting circling it w/ his tounge. As he did this, I felt wet already from his boob action so I started unbuttoning my jeans and he seen me do so, so he followed as I took off my tanktop and bra.

He then took off his shirt and pants with briefs, and I could see a big thick arrow pointing at me. So I did what my instincts told me to do and I spread for him, inviting him in. And that 1st thrust sent us both to heaven as I wrapped my legs around his waiste tight as I could. He fucked me missionary style as I clawed his back, and our voices blended with moans and “ohhhs” and “ahhhhs”.

He laid on his side, still inside of me, while I was on my back still. Humping into me that day as it was my 1st time was marvalous. He then started messaging my breasts once again and took one of my 38c’s into his raging hot mouth and started sucking once again. All I remember was nothing but pleasure for the next 30 minutes, his sucking and fucking drove me to climax as I hauled onto him and he was sitting up as I straddled my legs to his side. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I tilted my neck to the sky with my eyez closed. He caressed my smooth back and soon found my boobs again with on hand and started rubbing my luscious thighs with his other hand. I kept fucking him till he cam on my stomach and rolled me over on my back again.

I ended up spending the night w/ him. We made supper naked together, and eat it on that floor. And for desert, he eat me out for about 12 minutes. I then sucked him off one more time before I was tired. He claimed to be still wide awake, so I told him he can continue on my body while I drift to sleep. All I remember was him fondling my breasts and putting his mouth over my areola. And when I woke up, his head was buried in my chest and drool on my nipples (It felt great thou 😉

That day I remember oh so well in detail, I just shared it with you readers. After that friday night/saturday afternoon, we remained on a frienship basis. Till he asked me to marry him, and I accepted. To this day, learning from that day, we have a favorite 4play (Him sucking on my boobs while I feed him my milk) and our favorite position (on my back while hes on his side)

If you readers liked the day I lost my virginity, Id like to hear your comments on it.

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