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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: neighbors house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

Well this just happened to be the best summer i had ever had. At the end of the summer my neighbor had moved out and everyone in the town was woundering who was going to move into there house. A few weeks later a family bought the house and moved in there and when i saw there daughter I figured hell i’m glad my old neighbor moved (even though they had a good looking daughter too). Well after they had finished moving in i went over and introduced my self and asked her if she wanted to go to a movie and get to know some people in town, she accepted and the next night we went to eat and a movie with some of my friends. After the movie we went back to her house and she told me that she had a great time and i told her the same thing and kissed her. The next day we went out to the lake to go swimming and she surprised me by taking off all of her clothes and saing swimming isn’t swimming unless your nude. I then ripped off my shorts and shirt and jumped in right behind her. I swam over to where she was and started to make out with her and rub her tight virgin pussy, which she wanted to save for her husband but told me i could rub and eat it but not fuck it. when we were done we went back to our homes and i went home to change and she told me to just change at her house. We got inside and her parents were just leaving. I went into the bathroom and changed and then went up to her room. when i got up there she was just getting her swimming bakini off and asked if i liked what i saw and i told her i’d like it up close alot better. I walked over and put my face down by her pussy and started to lick and rub it. she became very wet and moaned really loud. i told her that this was my firts time eating a pussy and she said that i was the first guy to ever touch her pussy, but not first girl. wow i thought GREAT. she reached into my pants and began to suck my cock and when i was about to blow my wad i stopped her and went back to eating her. Just then she yelled and came right in my face. her pussy juices were so great tasting that i sucked every little bit of it out of her pussy. She then said fuck it fuck me. I got up and tried to put my cock into her but my six inch cock would not go into her little pussy so i layed down and let my penis relax a bit and when it had gotten a little smaller i guided it into her and then as it grew she yelled and i felt her pussy squeeze around my cock and i pulled out. i then took and pussed as hard as i could and boom my cock slid into her and she yelled in pain and then as i started to pump in and out first slow then faster she started to moan in pleasure. about ten minutes into the fucking i came in her and then took about five minutes to get hard again and then fucked her again and about ten more minutes into it both of us came at about the same time and it felt so good. we both layed there for a few minutes and her dog came in and licked her pussy clean and wow did he do a good job. she yelled and yelled and yelled and it was so sexy that i put my cock in her mouth and when i was about ready to blow my wad for the third time i pulled out and squirted all over her face and tits. We both still know eachother and still do this together but i have a girl friend and she has a boy friend so we have a foursome once and a while and always go skinny dipping, which we all love.

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