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Growing Up On A Farm In The Forties

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Age when it happend: young
Where it happened: farm
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This began a long time ago, but I will tell it to you anyway. During WW ll, my sister and I grew up on a farm; we lived in a little four room house that had no electricity nor running water. We burned wood for heat in the winter and Mom cooked on a wood stove.

In the winter, we would all bathe in the kitchen on Saturday afternoons using water Mom would heat on the stove and pour into a large tin tub. It was kind of a family project as water had to be carried into the house in buckets and heated so we tried to keep form wasting any of it.

Mom would bathe first then she would add some hot water to the water she had used and Sis and I would bathe. After we were through, Dad would come in from whatever he had been doing and take his bath. There was not much way to have privacy and we never thought about that anyway as we had always done things that way.

In the summer we would shower in the barn with a shower that consisted of two barrels on the roof of the barn which Dad would pump full of water and let the sun heat it each day. In the evenings we would have warm water to shower in. We had a homemade shower head on the end of a pipe that the water would run out of when a valve was opened. We usually showered about like we bathed in the winter except that we could shower each day.

We all slept in the same room and usually in the same bed, especially when it was cold so we could keep warm. Mom and Dad had their own bed but it was next to our beds.

After the war was over, we moved to another house a mile or so from our old one; this house was modern and had electricity, running water, a bathroom and good heat.

It had a nice basement that was finished about like the main floor except that things like the furnace were down there.

Sis was 11 and I was 12 years old when we moved there; we were given the basement as it contained two bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower and another room kind of like a living room. It also had an entrance from the outside so we could get to our rooms without having to go through the main house.

That summer a cousin of ours came and spent part of the summer with us. His parents lived in the city and he had never been around a farm. He was a couple of years older than me. He had brought a large tent that he wanted to sleep in while he was staying with us so his dad helped pitch it in our back yard under some trees.

He and his sister had cots that they were going to sleep on, so Sis and I decided that we would like to sleep out there also. They had a couple of extra cots so we set them up in the tent and all bedded down for the night.

During the night a storm came up and the girls were afraid so they moved back in the house, but Ray and I stayed in the tent.

A few days later Ray’s parents and sister went back home, leaving him there alone so I decided that I would continue to sleep in the tent with him.

A few nights after his parents had left, we were in the tent talking and I kind of dosed off as I was tired. I woke up a little later and saw Ray setting up on his cot playing with his cock. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he was jacking off. I had never heard of that before so I asked him why he was doing that, he told me that soon it would feel real good and that he would cum. I still had no idea as to what he was talking about as I knew nothing about sex.

He finally began to explain sex to me and then I realized that we saw animals on the farm doing things like that, but never thought about why they were doing what they were doing.

He told me that when a male put his cock in a female and squirted cum into her that the cum contained babies that sometimes would begin to grow inside of her and later come out of her as a baby. I had seen animals have babies so I knew how they came out of their mothers, but I had never thought about how they got there in the first place.

He told me that if I would start playing with my cock it would get big like his was and that if I worked at it a while, I would cum to. I sat up and tried it for a while but I didn’t get a hard on as he called it and I never felt anything. Pretty soon, he said that he was going to cum and the white cream like fluid began to squirt out of his cock.

He was done and I gave up on it and went to sleep. Over the next few days, I tried several times to get a hard on but it never seemed to happen so I kind of gave up on it.

One evening I was in the calf barn feeding the bucket calves. To get a new born calf to drink milk out of a bucket rather than to nurse its mother, we would put our hand in the bucket of milk and then stick our fingers in the calf’s mouth. The calf would suck on our fingers trying to get the milk and we would then slowly lead its mouth down into the bucket of milk. The calf would still be sucking on our fingers and would begin to suck milk into its mouth. Pretty soon it would get the idea and begin to suck up the milk without sucking on our fingers.

For several days, we would have to get the new born calves started that way each time we fed them. That evening, I got to wondering if a calf would suck on my cock if I led it to me that way, so I unbuttoned my overalls and got my cock out; it was still soft as I had never yet got a hard on but I led the calf to it and let it suck it into its mouth. The calf began to suck on me and soon I could feel something strange happening. I pulled it out of the calf’s mouth and sure enough, it had got much larger and kind of hard. I let the calf suck on it again and before long I began to experience a strange, wonderful feeling and then began to feel myself cumming for the first time. The feeling was incredible and seemed to draw all of my strength from me for a few moments then it was over with.

The calf got pretty excited when I began to cum and was really sucking hard so I let her continue for a while. I could feel myself going soft and beginning to feel as I were going to pee, so I took it away from her and started her to drinking the milk in the bucket.

I cleaned myself up some and finished with my chores which took an hour or so then went to the house and showered. Ray was in the house and wanted to know what I had been doing and I told him that I had been doing the chores that he should have been helping with.

The next evening while Dad was milking the cows, I again went to feed the calves and the same calf came running up to me to get fed. I unbuttoned my overalls and she eagerly sucked my cock into her mouth and continued to suck it until I cumed. This time it took somewhat longer and felt even better.

That went on for a few days with it getting better each day and soon I noticed that I would get hard just thinking about doing it.

Ray and I were still sleeping in the tent and Ray kept jacking himself off each night. He kept asking me why I had not tried it lately but I never told him about the calf.

Harvest time came and things got real busy as we had a lot of wheat to cut so play time was over for everyone on the farm. My job was to drive a tractor pulling a plow, turning the wheat stubble over after the wheat had been harvested. It was a job that called for long hours of work, mostly from sun up until sun down. The tractor didn’t go very fast so I had a lot of time to sit there and think about all kinds of things.

One afternoon I began to think about what Ray had told me about sex and also the calf. It had been a week or so since I had fed her. (Sis was doing that while I was in the field) I wondered if she would still want to suck me when I got through with my field work in a few weeks, then I noticed that I was getting hard so I unbuttoned my overalls and began to play with my cock. It seemed to get harder as I played with it and I began to work it back and forth like Ray had been doing to himself. After a while I began to get that good feeling and soon the cum began to squirt out. It felt very good, it was also the first time that I made myself cum or saw my own cum.

I was surprised as to how much there was as Ray had only squirted out a few drops and I had squirted it all over the place. I found a grease rag in the tool box of the tractor and wiped it up.

After that afternoon, I found myself jacking off about every afternoon while driving the tractor and sometimes doing it in the mornings also. I never did tell Ray though.

Harvest was over and the plowing was done, it was time to get ready to go back to school. We went to a one room country school with one teacher for all eight grades; this would be my last year there as I was going into the eighth grade. Sis was going to be in the seventh grade.

Ray’s parents came and picked him up so he could go home and start school, so the tent went and I moved back into the basement with Sis. She was happy about it as she said she had been real lonesome being down there all alone at night.

When we showered that night which we hadn’t done together all summer, I noticed that her nipples were turning a little darker and that they were swelling out a little; she was also starting to grow some light pubic hair which was as blond as the hair on her head.

Sis was always and still is very pretty, but it seemed as if she had got much prettier over the summer.

We sat and visited for a while after showering as we had not had a chance to be together much while Ray had been there. We were both tired from the days work so I went to bed and Sis went to her room. Before long, she came back into my room and climbed into my bed and cuddled up in my arms and went to sleep.

The weekend came and it was time for us to go to town and purchase our clothes for school; Mom took Sis and I went with Dad. For me, it was pretty much the same thing except the overalls went and jeans came as they were fast becoming the style for boys.

Sis got some new skirts, blouses, and under clothes including a couple of bras which were a first for her. She also got new saddle shoes and anklets to match her skirts and blouses.

A hair cut was in store for me and a visit to the Doctor and eye Doctor for both of us along with all of our school supplies for the year and we were ready for the first day of school.

Fall was a busy time on the farm as on top of our chores, there was home work from school to do each evening; also the days were shorter which left less time to get the things done outside. Saturdays were always real busy as we had so many chores to do taking care of all of the animals, cleaning the barns and chicken houses and such.

One Saturday afternoon Dad asked us to take a load of hay over to the old farm where we used to live for some cattle we kept over there.

We pulled a trailer load of bales with an old pickup over there and unloaded the bales into the barn where it would stay dry and we would be able to take a few bales out to feed the cattle as we needed to.

We finished our assignment and were getting ready to leave when a young bull mounted one of the heifers in the corral by the barn. He got up on her back and rode her a little bit, then slid off and began to smell and lick her pussy. Pretty soon he got up on her again, this time his cock was hard and sticking straight out. It was well over a foot long, two or more inches in diameter, real red in color and came to a rather sharp point at the tip.

He got it lined up with her pussy and began to push it into her. The tip of it began to go into her pussy a little way then a little farther. She hunkered down and humped her back so it would be easier for him to get it in her.
In a little while, he had it all the way in her. He hunched back and forth for a while working it in and out of her a few inches and then shoved it in a little harder and then they just stood there for a while. After what seemed a long time, he slid off of her and his cock hung straight down and was limp. She walked off and went to eating out of a manger and he just stood there.

All of this time Sis and I had been standing in the doorway of the barn just a few feet from them, watching them. I had seen cattle breed before, but had never been that close or paid much attention to it. Sis had never seen it happen before and had no idea as to what was going on.

I told her pretty much what Ray had told me as she knew nothing about sex and wanted to know what was going on. I told her that the bull had squirted cum into the heifer and that there were baby calves in his cum that would grow in the heifer and eventually a calf would come out of her where the bull had stuck his cock in her.

She had a lot of questions like the heifer’s pussy was way too small for a calf to get out of. I had seen cows give birth before and had watched Dad when he had to help them so I knew that it worked that way, and told her that the pussy was made so it could stretch that much.

She wanted to know if one could see the baby calf in the cum that was squirted into the heifer and wanted to know if it worked the same way with people. I told her all I knew about it; I didn’t tell her about the calf that was now pretty big, but I did tell her that boys could make themselves cum by playing with their cocks and working them back and forth.

She wanted to know if I could do that, and I told her that I could so she wanted me to do it so she could see if she could see any babies in my cum.

We had never learned to be modest around each other and never thought anything about seeing each other naked, so there wasn’t any reason not to show her what she wanted to see.

I unbuttoned my overalls and began to manipulate my cock that was now getting hard. Sis had never seen it hard before and was amazed that it was getting so big. She asked could she do what I had been doing to it and I told her that if she wanted to, she could. She grabbed it with her cold hand and began to jerk it back and forth real hard and after a while, cum was squirting out of me.

She caught most of it in one hand while continuing to jerk it back and forth with her other hand, when no more would come out, she began to examine what she had. It was kind of sticky and had a different smell than anything either of us had seen, but neither of us could see any babies in it so we decided that they must be too little to see.

She tasted it and said that it was bitter, so I also tasted it and it tasted bitter to me to.

We then went back home and finished our chores and enjoyed our usual Saturday afternoon meal as Mom always fixed something special for us on Saturdays.

Later, we played some games like checkers for a while and listened to the radio before showering and going to bed. (In those days, there was no such thing as TV.) Ever since Ray had left, we had slept together, but our parents didn’t know that.

A couple weeks later Sis and I took another load of hay over to the old farm and we began to talk about what we had seen on the last trip over there. She wanted to know if I had ever made myself cum since then and I told her that I would do it on occasion as it felt so good.

We got the hay unloaded and sat down on a couple of bales to rest a few minutes. Sis wanted to know if I wanted her to make me cum again. It was a warm afternoon for a fall day; the sun was shining into the barn through the open door and the wind was broken so it was nice.

Rather than just unbutton the fly of my overalls, I slipped the shoulder straps down and took them off. I also removed my shorts and Sis grabbed my cock. This time, I told her to be a little more gentle and not to jerk so hard. She began to play with it and work it back and forth, watching it get hard, then she stopped and asked me how we would be able to breed if we wanted to have a baby.

Neither of us had seen pictures, or heard how people had sex, but Ray had told me that the girl would lay on her back and spread her legs and the man would get between her legs and push his cock into her pussy while he was laying on top of her. I told Sis that I thought that was the way it worked but wasn’t sure.

Sis was wearing a skirt that was a circle skirt made out of denim which she usually wore to do chores in. Most all of the girls of that day wore them as girls seldom wore jeans or slacks in those days.

Sis stood up and pulled her panties off and her skirt up and laid down on a couple of bales and asked me to show her. I told her that I wouldn’t stick my cock in her because I didn’t want her to have a baby but that we could try and see if we could do it.

I laid down on top of her and began to gently rub her pussy with my cock. I pushed the head of it in her pussy lips a little but I had never touched her or looked at her there before so I didn’t know how she was made. I was afraid that if I were to cum, a baby might start growing inside of her so I got up and told her that if she wanted me to cum she needed to do what she had been doing. She did and I finally began to cum. Again, we played with the cum but could see no babies in it.

After that, about every night we would either lay and play with each other or I would rub my cock in her pussy until I would cum. One night, we had been doing this for a long time, I had been playing with her, rubbing inside of her with my fingers and then rubbing my cock up and down in her pussy when she began to shake and kind of gasp for air. Her pussy lips seemed to be quivering and her hips were moving up and down as she tried to rub her pussy against my cock.

I thought something bad was happening to her as neither of us knew that girls could have orgasms, but when I asked her about it, she told me how good it felt and we figured out what had happened. Now we had another reason for playing with each other.

I soon found out that if I were to put my finger right in the middle of her pussy and rub up and down from the middle to the top with my hand in her pubic hair for a while, she would get wet and get that wonderful feeling. It wasn’t long before I found that I could also rub her the same way with my cock and it would also happen only then, she would begin to shake and move around and I would cum to. The trick was to not let any of those babies get inside of her. Sometimes, it would feel so good that I couldn’t help but let it go in her, but that wasn’t very often.

One night some time later, Sis and I showered and got in bed together; neither of us had any clothes on. She began to play with my cock and I stopped her and told her that I wanted to look closely at her pussy. She laid down on her back with her knees up, and spread her legs and I got down to where I could see her real good. By taking my fingers and pulling her pussy lips open, I could see inside of her just a little. My cock was real hard from me doing all of this so I took it and began rubbing the end of it against the inside of her pussy lips but not into her actual vagina other than the opening. In a little while my cum was squirting out of me, but when I started to cum, I pulled away from her hoping none of it would get inside of her.

After I was through and we got it all wiped up and cleaned off of her, I laid down with my head toward her feet and played with her pussy for a while; it was fascinating. I could see some cum inside of her where her vagina opened up and I realized that I hadn’t pulled away from her quick enough so I stuck my finger in there to clean the cum out. She seemed to really like that, so I played with her that way for a while.

She was playing with my cock, pulling the skin back and forth; I had not been circumcised and she would often play with my foreskin, pulling it back and forth over the head. She would play with the skin that built up over the head by rolling it around with her fingers. If she kept it up long enough, it would eventually make me cum.

That night, while she was laying there playing with my cock, she began asking me about the first time I came. I told her that it had happened early last summer. I also told her about Ray telling me about jacking off, but that I couldn’t get it to work. She kept wanting to know more about how I did it, and I finally told her about letting the calf suck me and how it felt.

She immediately stuck my cock into her mouth and began to suck on it. I tried to get her to stop but she wouldn’t so I laid back and let her do her thing. She sucked and played with it for a while and then she slid on top of me with her pussy in my face, moving it up and down. I repositioned her a little and began to lick her; I could taste my cum when I stuck my tongue in her then I began to taste something else and I realized that it was her getting wet as she would do when I was fingering or rubbing her with my cock.

I began feeling myself getting ready to cum. I told her that I was about to cum and she needed to stop, but she just sucked harder so I pulled her down into my face and licked and sucked her real hard, I was pulling down on her hips to get deeper into her with my tongue and she was going wild, and then I began to cum. She kept sucking and I kept cumming until it felt like I was drained completely. She still kept sucking and I kept licking and sucking her until I went completely soft and then she stopped sucking and wanted to know if that was the way the calf had done it. I told her that she did it much better than the calf, and that it felt a whole lot better to.

My face was wet from her lubrication that had been flowing freely, she had also gone through several orgasms during that time. We got up and showered and straightened out the bed covers and went to sleep in each other’s arms.

That was the first time that we did oral sex. Actually, we didn’t know people did such things, it was something that just came natural that night and once in a while after that. It was never that good again, but at times it was enjoyable.

One morning, we woke up as usual but when we got out of bed, we found blood on the sheets and all over Sis. She knew a little about periods because of a couple of the older girls in our school that had already started theirs. She went to Mom and she helped her take care of her needs in dealing with her problem, but we still had the bed sheets to deal with. We were able to change the bedding before anyone noticed where the soiled bedding came from.

Christmas came and went and it was time to go back to school. When we all gathered there, some of the girls had learned some about sex and began to whisper things to each other, it was kind of the same with the boys. Boys and girls would never talk about it together as it was too embarrassing for them.

Sis and I both learned a few things, but neither of us revealed anything that we had learned or were doing. Kissing came up among the girls and they were making a big deal out of it as one of them had seen her parents kissing.

Actually, she had seen them making love, but didn’t know what she was seeing at the time. She told about them being naked and her Dad laying on her Mom and them making strange movements and sounds as they kissed each other.

The kissing part caught Sis’s interest as she pretty well knew about the rest of what they were doing. That night when Sis and I were doing our chores, she couldn’t wait any longer so we had to give kissing a try.

We were in the same barn where I had encountered the calf the summer before. At first, the kisses didn’t do much for either of us but after a little while of holding each other tight and pressing our lips together we began to enjoy the sensation. It wasn’t long before someone brought up French Kissing and that did make a big difference, both of us really liked that.

School was out and summer was upon us; there wasn’t a lot of time for much other than all of the farm work. I had learned that I could get Sis to lay her head on my lap when I was driving a truck or car and that I could get under her skirt and rub her pussy and she would get that wonderful feeling several times while we were driving a few miles doing chores or going somewhere. She loved that, and I always delighted in making her happy.

Other than that and a lot of kissing, nothing changed through the summer. She had developed a lot and I loved to play with and suck her breasts. She always liked for me to do that.

Fall came and it was time for school again. Mom and Dad decided that both of us should go to school in town being that I had to go there anyway so they enrolled both of us there. Sis was in grade eight and I was a freshman in High School.

Sis was outfitted with beautiful clothes and got her hair fixed at a beauty shop. She no doubt was the prettiest girl in Junior High and probably in the whole school. I was so proud of her.

Our parents gave us a Buick car that was only a couple of years old to drive so we would have something dependable for transportation. It was a large four door sedan.

Just after school started, news got around that a 12 year old girl from another country school had just given birth to a baby and she didn’t even know that she was pregnant, or what had caused her to be that way. The daddy was a boy she went to school with. That bit of news was going to make big changes in what we were taught concerning sex and a few other
things that Sis and I had never heard of.

A few days later, the boys and girls were separated and each group was sent to a gym where we were taught some of the basics of sex. We also learned that what we had been doing was taboo for a brother and sister. We were told that if any of us had been or were involved in any kind of sexual things we needed to talk to a counselor about it. They didn’t question us separately so we didn’t have to lie to anyone about it, but it did shake us up and instilled fear in us.

Sis and I talked it over and decided that we would have to be very careful and also make some changes in the things we were doing. When we got home from school, that night we were asked by our parents to sit down with them and talk about everything that had happened at school. We were warned again about the seriousness of having sex, but we were never accused of doing anything out of the way.

At church the next week, we got another serious lesson on the things we had been doing, but no one seemed to have picked up on us which was amazing as we had got pretty open about it at home, and in public, we were much closer than any other brother and sister we knew.

We decided that we had better quit sleeping together every night as we had been doing for over a year, and had better keep some of the physical contact to a minimum especially when we were away from the farm. We decided that we had places to go like the barn at the old farm where people were not going to notice us.

We started out with good intentions, but soon found that those things were a lot easier to talk about than to actually do. Sis did begin to sleep in her own bed, or at least get in it long enough to mess up the sheets each night. Often, we would do our thing and then she would go to her room, or if we used her room, I would go to mine for a while, then we would get in the same bed again as we both slept so much better that way.

We had been kissing each other a lot ever since the time it got started, and it was a habit that was hard to break as we were so close to each other so much of the time.

One evening after dinner, Sis and I were doing the dishes which we did quite often to help Mom; we finished the job and without thinking about it, kissed very passionately while holding each other tight. When we separated, we saw Mom was standing in the doorway watching us. She gave us a lecture on how kissing like that was not for brothers and sisters and how it could lead to the same thing that had happened to Ann, the girl that had given birth at 12 years of age.

She also told us that she had noticed several other things that we were doing that could lead to the same problem. She didn’t say so, but she implied that she knew that we were sleeping in the same bed and that we were too old for that. She had a few other things to say about how we treated each other and told us that we needed to find friends besides each other as we were much too close to each other.

That night, Dad also had a message for us and it was about the same as Mom’s except that he was a lot more explicit.

He told us a little about the only form of birth control there was at that time which we had never before heard anything about; it was the use of condoms, or rubbers as they were commonly called back then.

Condoms weren’t something that you could just go into a store and purchase, you had to ask the druggist or clerk for them and if you were not an adult, they wouldn’t sell them to you. There were a few machines around that dispensed them but most of them were in places where you had to be 18 years old to frequent, so that wouldn’t work for most High School kids.

He also straightened out what we had believed about babies being in cum and explained about female eggs and male sperm and how the sperm fertilized the egg to cause pregnancy.

He told us about brothers and sisters making love and what could happen and how it was not only wrong, but that it was against the law and one could get into serious trouble if the wrong people found out or the girl was to become pregnant and had to report who was responsible for her getting that way.

He never accused us of doing those things but told us that we were much too close and if someone saw us giving each other the kind of attention that we had been giving each other we could be accused of all kinds of things.

As always, Dad told us that he loved us and gave us each a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and sent us on our way.

After that, we got much more careful about doing things in public that could attract attention and began to be much more careful about making each other feel good. I was very careful about getting cum in her or even on her close to her pussy.

Christmas came and went and we were busy with all of our activities at home, school and at our church. Now that I could drive legally, we were able to get to town to go to a lot of activities that we had never been able to attend before.

The school year was finished and summer was busy as usual. Sis and I had kind of fallen into a rut insofar as our activities with each other went but we did get to go to a church camp and also a 4 H camp that summer which was a lot of fun and got us to mix with other kids our own age. A girl that I went to school with, Roberta, also went to the camps and seemed to like to be with me. She seemed to always manage to at least be in the same group that I was in most of the time. We were getting to be good friends.

Summer was over and we started back to school; Roberta was always pretty close to me if she could arrange it. One day, she asked me to come to her birthday party and she told me that it was only for a few kids in our grade.

I went and she acted like she forgot that anyone else was there. A couple of weeks later, I asked her to go with me to a program at our church; she accepted my invitation and went with me. Sis also was with me, but when we got there she joined with some of her class mates rather than stay with me. We all had a lot of fun and Roberta was thrilled that I had taken her. From that time on, she claimed to be my steady girlfriend. I did take her to several school functions and a couple of movies as a date, but Sis was usually with me as I didn’t like to leave her home when I was going out and having fun.

Finally Sis and I talked about it as there were several boys paying a lot of attention to her. She felt like I did about going out with someone else but both of us knew that it would be for the better if we did. We promised each other that we would not get involved with a lot of smooching or any kind of a sexual relationship with anyone else at least until we were through HS.

There was a boy named Dave that really liked Sis and wanted to date her. He was a real nice boy from a good family and he went to the same church that we did. Our parents were friends with his parents.

Sis told him that she would have to ask her parents if she could go out with him, but she asked me about it before she brought it up before them. I was OK with it and so were our parents, so she accepted a date with him that was to be a double date with Roberta and me.

We all had fun going to a movie and then out for something to eat and playing around with some of our HS friends. We did things like that a few times and then they went out alone a couple of times after which he wanted to kiss her goodnight. She allowed the kiss but didn’t want him to know that she was well experienced in kissing so she acted shy and tried to act as if she had never done that before. She got away with it, but on their next date, he wanted more of her face as he had found something very sweet. She told him that she had no intention of becoming involved in a heavy kissing or smooching situation at least until she was a little older and knew him a lot better. They continued to date without a lot of making out and both of them really liked each other.

I continued to date Roberta and we handled things about the same way. Sis and I always tried to be home before 11:00 in the evenings so we would have a little time together before we went to bed and we usually ended up sleeping together rather than in our own beds.

The year went by fast and it was summer time again but even with our busy schedule, Dad made sure that we had a couple of evenings a week that we could go and have some fun with our friends. Saturday night was always one of them. Sunday was always spent by going to church in the morning and having a nice family meal after church then using the afternoon as we wanted to. There were still chores to do, but we kept them to a minimum. Dad also saw that we got to go to the camps we had gone to the year before.

Often we would invite Roberta and Dave to come to our place for the afternoon and we would play around the farm riding horses or fishing or shooting guns or sometimes just playing parlor games; whatever we did was always fun and we all got along good.

School started again and I was in my third year; by this time things were getting pretty serious between Roberta and me. We had got into some pretty heavy petting and had started spending more time alone. One Friday night, we ended up going out to the old farm and parking the car in the barn where it wouldn’t be seen.

We got in the back seat which was about as big as a twin bed, and began a serious kissing session. It wasn’t long before I had my hand in her blouse. She allowed me to unbutton it and take it off but she had a slip and bra under it. She finally agreed to let me get my hand into her bra, but she wouldn’t let me take it off.

I finally began to rub her legs under her skirt which at first, she resisted but soon gave in to and began to enjoy it. I tried to get between her legs but that wasn’t going to happen easily so I decided to enjoy what she was allowing. I could tell that she really liked what I was doing to her so I decided to be content with it and see how much I could get her to like it. We kept it up for quite a while, then decided that we had better get her home before we got into trouble.

I took her home and got back to our house at about 11:00 as usual. My, I sure needed Sis to relieve my stress that night and I ended up telling her what had happened.

I thought Sis might be upset with me about it but she just wanted to know if I planned on making love to Roberta on our next date. I told her that I didn’t think that Roberta would go along with that right then.

Saturday night we ended up in the barn again and that night things went a lot further. She didn’t want me to see her naked or to see her breasts but she was willing to let me fondle both her breasts and her crotch before the evening was over.

I had my hand in her panties like I often did with Sis, rubbing her pussy with my middle finger when I thought that I could feel her beginning to orgasm. It only lasted a few seconds, but it seemed to relax her and in a little while, I was able to slip her panties off.

She kept herself pretty well covered with her skirt but she gave me a lot of freedom under it. I even laid on her and kind of hunched her a little. About that time she decided that things had gone far enough and wanted her panties back so we got her clothes straightened out and I took her home.

Sunday afternoon we all gathered at our home and spent the afternoon and evening together playing games and doing other things kids of that age do, Sis and Dave had been getting along real good and enjoyed each other a lot.

The week was busy so we didn’t have a chance to get together other than at school so we were all looking foreward to Friday night when we all had dates. I picked Roberta up and asked her what she would like do and suggested a movie or something. She surprised me by asking if we could go out to the barn and spend some time together alone. That sounded great to me so we headed out there and parked the car in the barn as we had been doing. It was pretty light outside but we got out of the car and were going to get in the back seat. Roberta got to the back door then reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. She said something like she knew that I would want them off and it was easier to do it that way than to do it laying in the seat. I slipped out of my jeans and got in the back seat with her. She immediately began kissing and hugging me very passionately. I finally got her blouse and bra off. She didn’t have a slip on so she was naked on top. She didn’t want to turn loose of her skirt though and tried to keep herself kind of covered with it. She didn’t seem to mind me playing with her under it and I finally got it pushed up enough that I could see her pubic hair and the top of her pussy.

Sis and I had played around with oral sex at times, but seldom really got into it, but as I looked at Roberta, I had a strong desire to kiss her down there so I did. She seemed to like it so I ran my tongue around her pussy lips a little. She had a sweet smell down there, I had often noticed the same thing with Sis shortly after she would shower; it was almost as if she had put perfume on herself, but she hadn’t done that.

I played with her for a long time kind of fingering and rubbing her pussy and her legs. I would also play with her breasts. I was very hard, but she never made a move to touch me which seemed odd. Finally, I kind of laid on top of her and began to use my cock rather than my fingers. I found the entrance to her vagina and began to rub my cock against it; I cold feel her moving a little and spreading her legs a little wider. After while it felt like she had a small orgasm.

She became very nervous after that happened and kind of pushed me like she wanted me to get off of her so I did; she asked for her panties which I had put on the package shelf when I got in the car. I gave them to her and she slipped them on and said that she wanted to go home.

I got the rest of her clothes and gave them to her and then I began to get dressed. She had her bra and panties on and was straightening her hair when she stopped and pulled me over on her and began to kiss me very passionately. She then took her panties back off and laid down in the seat and began pulling me down on top of her asking me to do what I had been doing to her.

I got her bra off again and began to suck her nipples then I slowly began rubbing her as I had been doing before. I felt myself being about ready to cum so I stopped and laid real still until the sensation went away and then started in on her again hoping to get her to have a strong orgasm as I was sure that she had never had one before. We had talked enough about sex earlier in our relationship that I knew that she was virgin and didn’t know much about sex other than what we had been taught in school and at church.

I kept working with her and I realized that she was pretty well lubricated or wet but still no real orgasm. I could feel the entrence to her vagina and had the head of my cock in it a little way working it kind of in and out of her. Suddenly, she pushed down on me and pulled me up toward her by grabbing my butt and pulling. Before I knew it, I was pretty far inside of her and could feel her tightness squeezing on me. As I had never been this far before, I didn’t know what to expect but the feeling was beyond anything that I had experienced up until now.

I stopped and got control of things so I wouldn’t cum right away and began to work back and forth getting a little deeper in her as time went along. It was pretty dark in the car and I couldn’t see her face so I couldn’t tell for sure how she was responding to what was happening to her. I asked her several times if it was hurting her as she seemed so tight but she kept telling me that it just felt good. She began to hunch a little in rhythm with me. After a few minutes, I couldn’t hold it any more and I began to cum in her. It was too late to pull it out so I just let it happen.

After I was through cumming, I just laid there on her for a while thinking about what had just happened as I hadn’t wanted it to go that far. I could feel my cock getting soft and I could feel the stickiness of my cum as some of it was running out of her.

Finally I realized that she was crying softly and I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she had wanted to remain a virgin until she was married but that she just couldn’t control herself anymore and had to have it. I told her that I was sorry for letting things go that far but she said that it was her fault for pulling me into her and that she was not upset with me over it.

Laying in that position on top of her with my soft cock still partly in her and my cum oozing out of her, I asked her if she would marry me. At first, she thought that I was kidding her but I told her that I was very serious about it; that I really wanted her to be my wife. She then told me that she had wanted to marry me ever since we had first met, and that she would be happy to be my wife.

We laid there and kissed and hugged for a while and then we got up and began to clean ourselves up. Even though I never felt it, and she said that it never hurt her, there was quite a bit of blood on her skirt and some on the seat of the car which told me that she had lost her virginity that night.

We decided to bathe in a cow watering tank in the corral and also to wash her skirt in it. We didn’t have any soap or towels but we made do with some rags that we kept stored in the barn. We put an old feed sack over the blood spot on the seat and laid down to rest while we were waiting for her skirt to dry.

When we woke up, it was just breaking daylight a little. We realized that we were going to be in a lot of trouble for staying out all night so we jumped up and got dressed as quick as we could and I took her home. As we were pulling into her parents yard, they were just coming out of their house and they were pretty upset that Roberta wasn’t home.

We told them what had happened and that we were planning on getting married as soon as we completed our High School education. At first they were pretty upset about the whole situation, but then her Dad said that if we had gone that far, we probably should get married because we would never be able to quit making love once we had started and besides, she might already be pregnant.

They told us to come in the house and her mother fixed breakfast for us. After we ate breakfast, we went to my parents home and told them what had happened, and that we were going to marry as soon as we graduated from High School.

From that time on, we were never apart. Dad got us some of those condoms he had talked about and told us to be sure and use them. He also told us that whenever we needed more to tell him and he would get them for us which he always did. If he was purchasing them from our local drug store, our druggist must have wondered how he was going through so many as we often used two or three a day. A box of twelve seldom made it a week except for the weeks that were her, “Lady’s Time“.

We spent the rest of that Saturday together doing some chores around the farm. We went back to her place and picked up some of her clothes so she would have some things to wear at our place. Sis helped her get her things put away and did all she could to make her comfortable.

We had all planned to go out Saturday night and Dave picked Sis up at their usual time. Roberta and I were going to leave a little later, but as soon as Sis left, our plans changed. A few minutes later Roberta was completely naked and laying on my bed. It was the first time for me to see her completely naked in good light where I could see her well. She was beautiful! I was almost naked to so I got out of the rest of my clothes and rolled into bed with her.

We kissed and played for a few minutes then I got on top of her and started to rub her pussy with my cock. Her legs were wide apart and her knees were pulled up. I raised up to where I could see her pussy, then I slid down and kissed her there. I ran my tongue up and down inside of her pussy lips a couple of times and then got up on top of her again.

She then asked me to put it in her which I did. She felt very tight and good; I could feel her vagina adjusting to my cock as she began to move her hips up and down. We soon found a rhythm and from that moment on, things got better and better. Before long, it felt like she was having another small orgasm and the expression on her face changed from one of expectation to a smile. She was done and wanted me to stop.

I got off and laid down beside her for a few minutes, then I began to finger her just inside of her pussy lips. She felt swollen and was pretty touchy there, so I again began to run my tongue around her pussy lips and up into her clit. She began to open up her legs and allow me more access to her. I had decided that whatever happened, all I was interested in doing was to make it very good for her as this was only her second time. Soon, she was really getting into the oral stimulation and wanted me to get back on top of her. I suggested that she get on top which she did. When my cock started going into her that way, she lit up and soon was getting serious about what she was doing. I got my hands to where I could play with her butt and began to rub her there; that really got her excited and then I felt her begin to orgasm. She had a strong orgasm, there was no guessing about that one and she loved it. So did I. I was able to bring her to orgasm three times during that session and after that, it was routine. I always had to stop for a little while and work with her after she had an orgasm; she could never keep going through it.

Sis had a little trouble with it as she really missed our times together, but she had her steady boyfriend to keep her company. Once in a while she and I would find a way to get together for a little while and enjoy each other but we were very carful about that.

Roberta and I usually slept in my room, but sometimes we would stay at her parents home and use her room. Her bed was pretty bad, it moved around and squeaked a lot, and was very uncomfortable. Even though there was no doubt that her parents could hear us making love, they never let on or said anything about it.

We finished our third year of HS and spent the summer together. We went back to school that fall and finished our Senior year and were married that next June.

Two years later, Sis and David were married. Sis still claims that she went to her wedding bed as a virgin and Dave never did deny it so she did better in that department than I did.

We all four enjoyed good marriages and a good measure of success in our lives. Roberta and I had 3 children and Sis and Dave had 2 children all of whom have enjoyed good lives and have good homes and children that are doing well.

Roberta and I celebrated 40 years of marriage and were looking forward to retirement. We had taken a few weeks off from our jobs to do a little traveling. We had a good time and had returned home a few days before we were to return to our jobs. On this particular morning, we slept in and enjoyed making love without having to worry about the time. Sex was good! and I thought about how thankful I was for having her as my wife all of those years. She had truly been the, Help Meet, that the Bible speaks about and she had been a picture of the righteous woman in Proverbs 31.

We got up, showered, dressed and enjoyed breakfast together before she left to go to her office to take care of a few things that needed her attention. About an hour after she left, I received a call informing me that she had passed out while sitting at her desk and was being taken to the hospital by ambulance.

I ran out of the house and rushed to the hospital where I was told she was in Critical Care and that I couldn’t go in there. A few minutes later a doctor came out and told me that I could go in but that she was not conscious and and was not doing good. When I stepped into the room, the doctor attending her told me that she was dead; she had suffered a massive heart attack and probably never knew what hit her. She was 58 years old and we had spent 42 of them together. They had been beautiful years with a beautiful woman that I loved with all of my heart.

Life is hard after the loss of a mate in any ciruumstance, and it was very hard in this one as Roberta had been everything to me from the time we first met, and life without her was almost unbearable. There was no such thing as a desire to eat or way to sleep. It was impossible to work or to play as everything I did reminded me of her.

Often, I would get the old Buick which we had as kids, out of storage and drive it to the old barn which I still own, and park it there and sit there all night hoping that somehow I might hear her voice or feel her touch. Sometimes in my dreams, I would.

About 18 months later, I went to bed one night, sleeping fitfully in our old bed, the bed we had slept in most of our married life. Sometime in the very early morning, I awoke to a kiss and felt the warm body of a woman next to me.

I was rather startled as several women that I knew, some from our church and another from my business along with a couple of aquantences had let it be known to me in one way or another that they were available if I was interested. One of these ladies, a lady from our church, invited me to her home for dinner several times; she had always been courteous enough to have another couple there at the same time. She had been widowed at a rather young age. At first, I wondered if it was one of them trying to play a game with me.

I soon realized that the warm body belonged to my sister, and that she had turned over and cuddled up in my arms just like she used to do when we were kids before Roberta came along. I said nothing, I just held her tight in my arms and for the first time in months, slept well.

I awoke well after sun up which was unusual for me, an early riser all of my life, to the smell of bacon frying and coffee perking. I got up and went into the kitchen and found Sis fixing the first meal that I had had any interest in eating since eating breakfast with Roberta for the last time.

As we sat there eating breakfast, I asked Sis why she had driven all that way without telling me that she was coming. She told me that she had dreamed or imagined that someone told her that she needed to come and do what she did, but didn’t tell her why.

She had discussed it with Dave, and had his permission to come and visit me for a few days so she planned to arrive in the evening, but it took her several hours longer than she had planned due to some car problem she had. When she arrived, she tried the door and found it unlocked and came in the house. She saw that I was sleeping, so she decided to get in bed with me to see how I would respond to her being there.

She was another man’s wife, so I would never touch her in a way that I shouldn’t, but she stayed with me for a week and brightened my world.

After she left, things seemed a lot better and I was able to function at a reasonable level. I again got involved with my business and with a few of my old friends and life seemed to be somewhat interesting again. Linda, the lady from our church continued to invite me to some of her activities and at times, I would ask her out to dinner or some other activity. We never got real serious about each other, just friends that enjoyed doing things together.

A little over a year later, about two years and six months after Roberta died, I received a call that Dave had been involved in a serious car accident while on his way to work. He had been hit head on by a truck that pulled out to pass a car stalled on the road.

I immediately headed toward Sis’s home as I knew what she was going through and both of her children live in Washington state, a long way from Missouri where she lived. From our home to hers is about 200 miles and takes at least 3.5 hours to drive. I had only driven a few miles when I received a call from her pastor informing me that Dave had passed away.

I arrived at her home about 1:00 in the afternoon, there were several cars parked there. When I entered her home, she met me at the door with tears running down her cheeks and several women trying to comfort and help her. She wanted to talk to me alone so we slipped into her bedroom where we could shut the door and visit. As we talked, she shared with me how much she hurt and how confused she was. Her words were almost the same as mine had been 2 ½ years ago. She fell into my arms and cried for a while, then went in the bathroom and washed her face and readied herself to again greet those who were wanting to call on her and offer support.

Evening came and finally the people that were there left and no one else came, so we locked the front door and turned off the porch light. We sat at her table for a while drinking tea and visiting. She told me that she was very tired so I suggested that she should go on to bed and see if she could get a little sleep.

Her answer was, “Come with me”. I got up and went with her into her bedroom where she undressed and got in bed. She asked me if I was going to join her as she didn’t want to be alone, so I undressed and got in bed with her.

I had planned on letting her cuddle up in my arms and holding her so she would be comforted and be able to get a little sleep but she turned toward me and began to kiss me passionately. Even though we kissed each other often and always on the lips, sometimes lingering a while, we had not done this kind of kissing since Roberta and I had got together some forty five years ago.

She seemed like she was starved and couldn’t get enough; she clung to me, holding me tighter and kissing harder and deeper as her tongue searched the depths of my mouth. I could feel her body begin to shake and I knew she was having an orgasm. It lasted much longer than I remembered them lasting with her. She was completely naked which was the way she always liked to go to bed and she felt so warm and soft as she pressed herself against me.

She turned on her back and I slid between her legs and began to rub her pussy with my cock like we had done when we were kids. I could feel her hips and butt begin to move up and down as she tried to rub against my cock and then she began to orgasm again. When that orgasm was finished, she relaxed for a moment and then said that now there was no reason for me not to really make love her.

I began to slowly push my cock into her, watching her expression and feeling her movements. I could hardly believe that after all of these years, this was happening. Shortly, I was completely inside of her and it felt like it was a perfect fit. She began to hunch me as I began to work it in and out; we soon found the perfect rhythm and began to really enjoy each other.

I had not had sex since Roberta and I had enjoyed it the morning she passed away and Sis felt so tight and good that it didn’t last very long but both of us were very satisfied and in a few minutes we were asleep. We hadn’t even cleaned up.

We awoke early in the morning, showered and started to get dressed, but ended up making love again. This time it lasted a lot longer and was terrific.

That called for another shower before we dressed and began to meet the day, her friends and her children as they arrived at the airport. For the next week, we continually had a house full of company so we had to be on our best behaviour.

Everything was coming to the end; friends and relatives except for her children had all gone home and the kids were both going to fly out the next afternoon. That morning we got all of their things loaded in the car and took a small bag of things we might need and drove to Kansas City from where they were planning on flying home.

We got them on their plane and headed toward Sis’s home. We got well outside of KC and found a motel where we checked in as Mr. and Mrs.. When we walked through that motel door and closed it, we closed the world out behind it, it was as if all of those years between the time that we married our mates and that moment disappeared.

We could hardly wait to get undressed and into bed where we enjoyed sex in a way we had both only dreamed about before. For the first time in our lives, there were no fears to deal with, no reason to fear getting caught, no fear of a baby being squirted into her that would begin to grow. No fear of hurting her in some unknown way. There was no feeling of guilt, it was a time when everything except making love was completely out of our minds.

She again began to kiss me like she had the night I arrived at her home, like she was starving for my kisess. It was as if she couldn’t get enough to eat quick enough to keep herself alive. She was on top of me and it was all consuming, she wanted more and more of what she was getting. I entered her body, or actually, she forced me into her by grabbing my cock and pulling me into her as she sat down on me and almost immediately she began to orgasm. She kept working, trying to get more and having almost continual orgasms until I could not hold it back any more and had to let my cum flow into her. That seemed to satisfy her, she laid down on top of me still kissing me and searching the depth of my mouth with her tongue. I sucked her tongue and rubbed her back for a while and I could feel her beginning to relax. She finally rolled off of me and snuggled up to me and went to sleep. I dosed off also.

We woke up an hour or so later and it was beginning to get dark. We decided shower and get something to eat. She got up and went into the bathroom to shower.

The bed was wet where we had been laying so I pulled the sheets off of the bed, hoping that they would dry some while we were gone. I threw the dry part of one of the sheets over the chair next to the bed and sat down to wait on Sis. Shortly, she came out of the bathroom, showered and towled down.

As she came through the door into the light of the bedroom, I marveled at her beauty. Her figure is almost perfect. Five feet and four inches tall, one hundred and twenty pounds. Her blond hair, shoulder length and as beautiful as it had been when she was a young girl just starting in town school.
Her skin, smooth and soft, her breasts well formed and firm, Her stomach, almost flat. Her pubic hair, blond and thick. Her legs still slender and well shaped, no vericose veins. As she turned around, her butt showed very little cellulite and was quite solid. She looked much better than most 40 year olds and she was 61 years old.

All I could think about was to make love to her again, I pulled her down on my lap and reached around her and began massaging those beautiful breasts. She pulled free and turned round facing me and began to rub her breast against my mouth; I eagerly took the nipple and some of the breast in my mouth and began to suck it. We ended up laying on the bed with her kneeling over me, hanging her breast down to where I could suck it like she had liked to do when she as a young girl on the farm. She would say that she was the cow feeding her calf. As I sucked it, she turned and got straddle of me and again sat down on my now hard cock.

This time we were more in the mood to slow down and enjoy each other. We played and teased each other and changed positions several times; we even tried the position the bull had used many years ago with the heifer that got us started down this road. We laughed as we reminded ourselves that the heifer had given birth to a calf about nine months later and jokingly wondered if we were going to produce a calf or a baby by doing it that way.

Later I, like the bull, gave it one more shove and allowed my cum to squirt into Sis’s pussy. She asked if there were any babies in it and after getting some of it on my fingers and looking at it closely, I told her that I couldn’t see any. She had to look for herself, but she couldn’t see any babies either; not even a calf. Again, we laughed about our ignorance back in those childhood days.

Examining cum is still interesting though as there is nothing else like it. One of the things we did when we were in High School was put some of it under a microscope our parents had given us as a Christmas present. It was good enough that we could see the sperm moving around in the cum. That was fascinating.

Sometimes we would joke with each other about which one of those sperm could have been a baby had it got inside of her, we even talked about whether it would be a boy or girl and what we would like to name it.

We then showered together and got dressed to go to dinner; I called room service and asked to have the bed remade while we were gone. We found a little restaurant and enjoyed a light meal and went back to the motel. We sat and visited for a while then we decided to call it a night and go to bed.

We undressed and got between the clean sheets and kissed good night. She turned over and cuddled up in my arms as usual, then she turned back and wanted another kiss. Before long, we were making love again, but this time it was slow and easy. She was on top, rocking back and forth gently. Her warmth and tightness felt very good and I was very relaxed.

I began to think about the first time she made me cum and all of the times we had made love in one way or another since then. I wondered how many times we had made love; I was sure that it would have been in the high hundreds or maybe even a thousand or more times.

I thought about Roberta and what a great lover she had been. In forty two years, we must have made love many thousands of times as we often did it two or three times in a day.

I thought about Dave and wondered what knd of lover he had been for Sis as she had never talked about their love making.

I reached up and took her breast in my hand and began to massage her nipple as her breast bounced back and forth with her movements. As I did this, I felt her tighten up and begin to orgasm. I looked at her face and saw a smile come on it. She looked so contented and happy, kind of like a kid with a new toy. We took our time and enjoyed our love making until I finally came. Then we again cuddled up with her in my arms and back against my chest and went to sleep.

The next morning we awoke early and showered before making love for the fourth time in the motel room. We finally got in the car and began the journey to her home. We had driven a while when she laid her head in my lap and took my hand and pushed it under her skirt.

She wanted to know if I had ever done that to Roberta when we were driving and I told her that I had but Roberta usually didn’t like for me to do that to her as no matter where we were, she wanted the real thing. With her, it was all or nothing once it went beyond a kiss. She loved to make love, but she never cared for a lot of fore play. If we were driving down the road and I began to play with her sexually, we almost always ended up finding a back road and making love. Sometimes in the car seat, sometimes on a blanket on the ground, sometimes with her laying on the car hood and even on a picnic table. And yes, there were several times when we got caught, but nothing serious, just embarrassing.

In a few minutes I found out that Sis still could orgasm as quickly and even stronger than she did when she was a girl. I asked her if Dave ever did that to her when they were driving and she surprised me by telling me that he never liked to touch her pussy with his hands nor would he suck her breasts or even fondle them to amount to anything. If he did finger her, he would get up immediately afterward and wash his hands.

Then she told me that they hadn’t had sex at all for several years before he was killed and that it had been at least ten years since they had made passionate love. She told me that he was always very proper and only wanted to make love with him on top and that it never took him very long to cum and when he did, he was done for a few days. She said that she had trained herself to orgasm very quickly or she might not have one or would have to get herself to orgasm after he went to sleep. She said that often she would go into the bathroom and get herself off after he got done, but if he found that she was doing that, it would make him angry.

That answered a lot of questions that had been building up in my mind as I kept wondering why she was wanting sex so much. She threw a blanket over her legs so people in passing cars and trucks couldn’t see what was going on and I kept my fingers in her pussy as much as I could the rest of the way home. She must have had several dozen orgasms along the way. We had to stop at a rest area so she could go to the bathroom and wash up as she was soaked from all of her lubrication.

We got back to her home that evening and spent a few weeks taking care of her business and making love. I tried to make up for some of what she had missed out on through all of those years. She seemed to never get tired of it, and was always ready for more.

When we got all of her business taken care of and under our control, we went to my place and did pretty much the same thing.

During this time, we also enjoyed a lot of love making as both of us had a lot of catching up to do. Each day it seemed to get better and we got more comfortable with each other.

When we got everything settled up and out from under our jobs, we purchased a nice motor home and have been able to travel most of our great country. We probably have been in your town or city at one time or another in these last eight years.

I know that there will be a lot of different reactions from the readers of this story of our lives, particularly the incest part of it as incest is looked down on as some kind of bazar bhaviour.

Sis and I have talked about all of this a lot in the almost ten years that we have been together. We have looked back on our lives from the time this started in our old barn and us not knowing what we were doing as far as sex or incest was concerned, until the time of our marriages when it stopped for forty five years and then for the last ten years. To be honest about it, we cannot see any place in our lives where we or our families have been hurt by our actions. Of course, it has been kept secret, and none of our family has any idea that any of this has been going on.

Neither she nor I or any of our mates were unfaithful to each other. None of us ever had sex with anyone other than our respective mates. After Roberta and I were married, Sis and I never indulged in sexual activities with each other.

Our children and grand children have all enjoyed good homes. None of them were molested in any way by any of us There have been no divorces in any of our children’s or grand children’s homes. All of our children received college educations and all have been very successful in their professions.

Our Lord and our church are very important in all of our lives and all of our family members are avid church goers who claim salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Sis and I love each other very much both as brother and sister and also as a couple and we always have. Even as a little boy, I thought that my sister was the best and greatest girl in the whole world, now that we are almost 70 years old, I know that she was and is.

Sis helped me in writing this story and helped with many of the details I had forgotten. She has read through this manuscript several times and we have corrected it as best as we can to keep it accurate. We actually toned down most of the descriptions of our sexual escapades as that wasn’t what we wanted to draw attention to. We have concluded that if we were to write the whole story, we would have a book when we finished. We may go ahead and do that.

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