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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: On the floor
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Sex is the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced in my life! I didn’t think I was going to have sex until I got married, but my recent boyfriend changed all that.
I had known him for several years. We would go to the same gymnastics gym in Missouri. I remember watching him do some of his routines when I had a little down time from my workouts. He had the most incredible iron cross on the rings, and his flares on the pommell horse were incredibly high!
One day I caught him changing his clothes at a meet. I knew he would be muscular, most male gymnasts are, but he just had a body that puts those abercrombie guys to shame. Perfect pecs and arms, and a delightfully defined six pack stomach. Anyway, he put a t-shirt on, and started to stretch out. I got embarassingly wet just from looking at him doing the splits. When guys do the splits, you can usually see their bulge pretty well. Not only did he have a very impressive package, but he was hard as a rock this day. I had to put my warm-ups on to cover the we spot that had formed at the crotch of my leitard.
About a week later, we happened to have a chance meeting late at night at the gym. The older gymnasts are allowed to come into the gym whenever they want and practice, and I had just gotten their at ten pm, after work.
Shortly after I got there, so did he – looking quite glum. He was surprised to see me there that late, but he also seemed kind of relieved. We got to talking during our warm-up stretching, and he told me that this girl-friend had just broken up with him. Inside I was extatic, but I tried to show sympathy none the less.
We both started our easy routines and strength exercises. I could tell he really needed a work-out because he just did exercises forever, getting out some of that agression.
After a while, I went to tumble on the floor. He was sitting in the corner, obviosly thinking to himself. All of a sudden he growled really loud, and tore off his shirt. My nipples have never been so hard as they got right then. I tried to hide myself at first, but then I decided to follow his lead, and took off my pants, leaving only my leitard.
I asked him to come help me with my routine a little. He didn’t seem to be getting a whole lot done, so he said “Sure.” I could tell that the first thing he noticed when he came over were my rock hard nipples. I’m sure he could see them easily through my bra-less leitard.
I asked if he could help me do a back bend (a relatively simple manouver, but it meant that he would have to hold me). I watched his eyes as he helped me arch my back until my hands touched the ground. He was watching my breasts the entire way – all the way to the point where they flopped toward my head at the bottom of the move. He stayed there for a second, holding my back and looking at my nipples. I wanted to give him more, so I kicked up into a split handstand. That’s just a handstand with your legs in the splits. Doing that put my pussy right up in front of his face. I know that he could smell me, he could probably see how wet I was too. I watched his pants and almost immediately his dick got really hard. So hard, in fact, that the head pushed it’s way out of his pants, and I got a glimpse of his girth. Amazing!
I fell out of my handstand at that point, leaving myself in the splits, and landing just right so that my eyes could be fixated on his bulging crotch. Either he didn’t notice or he didn’t care that his dick was sticking out of his pants, but it was making me extremely horny. I wanted him right there, but instead he said, “Why don’t you show me your floor routine.”
For some reason I said ok, and got up and went to the edge of the mat. I decided to give him a really good show. Before I started the routine, I removed the straps of my leitard, and tucked them up under my arms, knowing full well that my leitard wouldn’t stay on that way during the routine.
Now, most gymnasts are really, really flat, and don’t leave much for guys to look at when they do their routines. I, however measure 38, 24, 27 with a D+ cup. I usually wear two sports bras when I run because the bouncing hurts too much. But I wanted him to see. I wanted him to fuck me.
So I started my routine. I did my first pass and stuck the landing, and my right tit flew out of the leitard. I looked over at him, he smiled – with his dick still hard and out of his pants. I did some dancing and balancing, leaning forward so my right breast was hanging, full and firm, and begging to be touched. He was still smiling. I did my second pass.
My left tit popped out in the initial round-off of the pass, and the leitard fell all the way down to just past my waist. My tits bounced hard twice on that landing, and his mouth dropped. He could now see both firm D+ cups and just the beginning of my butt cheeks. I swear he got even harder with that view. His hard dick was sticking out almost to his belly-button! I was so wet!
I danced again, and then did my final pass. I landed that last routine hard, and my leitard fell all the way to the ground and my tits bounced again, hard! I looked at him, and he had dropped his pants a little and was stroking himself in front of me! I couldn’t believe it. He was masturbating in front of me! I got so excited! I danced a little again, shaking my tits around a lot, and doing the splits a couple of times to show him my ripened cherry.
I sat there in the splits, and watched as he removed his pants completely. My jaw dropped when I saw him standing there the way he was, stroking his large thick cock. He did a round-off back flip and landed in the splits right in front of me. He was so close that when he landed, his penis slapped the ground, and the tip just barely flicked the front of my throbbing pussy. I nearly came right there. He leaned over towards me and said “well, what now?” and flicked my hard nipple with his tongue, then sat up and continued stroking himself slowly. I was so turned on! The two of us, sitting in the splits, his rock hard cock less than an inch away from my throbbing pussy!
I put my hands on the bulging muscles of his chest and pushed him backwards so he was lying down with his dick sticking straigh up in the air, and his legs spread wide. I leaned forward and took his dick between my huge tits, and began pumping him up and down. He let out a sigh, and I began to shift my hips agains the floor to rub my pussy lips. The carpet of the floor was an amazing feeling. I saw a little pre-cum on his dick, and I wanted to taste it.
I pushed my hips away a little, and I moaned as my pussy rubbed across the soft floor, still in the splits. I took his dick in my mouth and began to swallow the best I could. He moaned a little, and I watched as all his muscles got tense the farther I went down his shaft. His dick was throbbing in my mouth, and my pussy was throbbing on the floor. I just had to fuck him!
I stood up and walked towards him. I fell on top of him, catching myself with my hands in a push-up position, just before I landed on him. My tits landed on his face, and I began to shake them around as he licked them. He took his dick in his hand, and started teasing my pussy lips by flicking them with his little head. This went on for a moment and I orgasmed. For the first time in my life, just from sheer anticipation of the fuck, I let out a little squeal. He put his hands on my tits, and I took the weight off my arms. He was holding me up by my huge tits. It felt so good! I began to open my legs, further and further, and as I began to sink into the splits, I could just feel the head of his dick slowly entering my hot, wet pussy!
I fell onto his dick, putting both of us in full splits and him completely inside me. I cringed for a moment as the hurt came and went, and then I began to move. I contracted my inner thigh muscles so I would start bouncing up and down on his cock. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced. I came again, quickly, and I moaned loudly in extacy! I began to bounce harder, up and down, up and down, both of us in the splits, his hard cock rubbing over my clitoris over and over again. It was heaven.
I could feel my D+ cups bouncing and bouncing and he began to thrust his hips into mine, and I began to moan and moan, and I orgasmed again as he blew he warm, wet, load deep inside my pussy. I collapsed on top of him and just lay there with his hard cock still inside my pussy.
I thought it was over, but he had other ideas. After a moment he rolled out from under me, and lifted me up to my hands and knees. He bent over me from behind and began to massage my huge, hanging tits.
He stuck his dick in my pussy again, this time from behind, and began pumping, slowly at first, but then faster and faster.
Faster and faster he pumped his huge dick into my pussy and then he put his hands on my hips, and my tits were shaking – my hard nipples were just barely flicking the soft carpeting of the floor.
We were fucking and fucking and he kept going and going, and I was moaning and moaning for what seemed like hours, then he shot his cum into me again, warm and wet, and we both collapsed to the floor, him on top of me.
We fucked almost every day after that – in the bathroom, in the offices, and sometimes late at night on other apparatuses. We fuck and we fuck, hard and long – I’ll never forget my first time.

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