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Half Sibling Romance Story

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

You know I never held a high opinion for people who commited incest until i expereninced what love I truly felt for my half sister Amy. Wait! Whats that you say? Who would be sick enough to commit incest with their own sister? If you let me explain I’m sure you’ll feel enlightend about the events that took place. You see, My biological mother had a boyfriend who was previously divorced and he later got my mother pregnant. What became of my father was never known. As far as I know he probably knocking up some poor women right now. My mother was forced to raise me and she did a good job of it (aside from commiting half sibling incest if thats what you haters are thinking) My mother had good connections with my half sisters mother and they became friends. Me and my sis,Amy, became fast friends too. Thats not where our love began though, one day when my sisters mother was out buying groceries a drunk driver hit her car and killed her instantly. Needless to say this devastated Amy and my mother, from the kindness of her heart, offered to adopt her. We where both eleven when this happened and she later moved in with us. By now your probably still thinking “This guy’s just another sick fuck who gets pleasure from fucking his own sister.” Listen to my story and I’ll try to show you why we became lovers. Now dear reader begins the true story: First let me tell you about myself, my name is Luke and I live in the great state of Texas. I know what your thinking “Oh this explains it, he’s just one of those redneck hicks who fuck their relatives.” Let me respond by saying that your thinking of people living west Texas. Now, as far a my appearance goes I’m not the most “attractive” guy by societies standards. I have brown hair and brown eyes and but i suffer from a case of acne. Being 15 at the time I was cursed to have zits on my back and shoulders as well a little on my face. I did do excellent in academics though (not math though, I hate math) espicially social studies, history in particular. I do well at geography, history, U.S. history, and government. I’m also good at biology (heredity in particullar). Again your probably thinking “if your so good at heredity you should know that incest “fucks up” the baby so that sucks for you haha!” Yes, me and Amy are bith aware of this and we both intend (at least I don’t intend) on having any children. Also, I have a great passion for literature of all kinds. But enough about me let me tell you about Amy. Oh and by the way, if your one of those perverts who reads incest stories just too imagine a brother “fuck” his sister, wait I’ll get there. Amy is a beautiful young woman who I am proud to call my sister (as well as my future wife). She is about 5’6 and had long black hair and brown eyes. She also had a great smile thats cheers me up when I’m down. As for her more…”physical” appearance she had B cup breasts as well as nice curves and a cute little round butt. Amy is a lot more popular in school than I am any has had several boyfriends (before myself). She is a socialite who has lots of friends as opposed to me wherein I have a tighly based small network of friends. And so dear reader the moment of truth has come this is where I (finally) begin my love story. It was spring break but my and Amy were stuck at home. Amy wanted to go to a party with one of her friends from school As for me, I never went to parties, to me the people their where just a bunch of drugged up teenagers who fucked every chance they got. As was on my computer at the time playing “Age of Mythology: Titans Expansion” (best game on Earth!!!) and having a fun time in doing so when Amy came in my room. “Yo bro,” she said. “I’m going out to Jenny’s party tell Debbie where I went, okay? Jenny was a friend of hers and Debbie was my mothers name (she never called her “mom”). “Fine Amy,” I said. “You teenagers and your make out parties.” As a joke I never adressed myself as a teenager, beleiving I more civilized. Amy frowned at me and said, “Your just jealous cause you never made out with a girl!” This was true, my social life was nonexistent, plus I was to shy and “nerdy” to have a decent chance of getting a girlfriend. I just frowned at her told her to shut up. Later on she left and and I finished my game (I was playing as the Norse if any of you were wondering)and I was looking on wikipedia too get some info on Dark Age religion (yeah, I know I’m a history nut) When a pop up appeared on my computer. It read : REAL INCEST STORIES-FORBIDDEN SECRETS REVEALED. Naturally I thought “What sick fuck would consensually have incest”. I thought it would be interesting to look at them anyway and found a series of stories about brothers taking their own sisters as their girlfriends. This naturally disgutsted me at first but when a read more and more of them I felt captivated by them. In these stories the incest couple never broke up and were always faithful too each other. Comparing this over to realtionahips nowadays it seemed there was only sex, but no love. That was my greatest desire in life and ultimately led me to form a romantic relationship with Amy. Eventually I got tired of reading these stories but a favorited the website for later reading and went to bed. I woke up to my surprise to see my sisters boyfriend Kyle in the living room heading for the door, he seemed mad though. I said nothing and made my way to my sisters room. Her door was opened and she was sitting on her bed, she seemed frustrated. I leaned on the wall and said, “Ya get lucky sis?” (I did not support premarital sex because I was/am a Messianic Jew, by conversion, as well as my mother but I knew that a girl like her probably had engaged in sex) She told me to shut up and threw her pillow at me. I became concerned because she obviously was in a bad mood so I tried to comfort her. “Amy,” I said. “whats the matter.” She growled and said. “Why don’t you just shut up and leave me alone!” I became aggitated by this. “What the hell did I do to upset you?” I asked. “Your a boy thats what.” she replied. Then she became saddened and asked. “Luke?” “Yeah?” I replied. “Do you think I’m attractive?” At first I didn’t know how to answer, I mean on one hand I be saying I found a blood relative attractive but on the other I be making her feel better. “I think your very attractive.” I replied. I then asked. “Amy, whats wrong?” she began to get a little teary. “It’s Kyle,” she said. “Last night we both left together and came here, we fooled around a little bit but he was pressuring me to go all the way.” “Did you?” I asked, amazed my sister would tell me she “fooled around” with someone. “No, I mean sure, I do…” she paused. “fool around a bit with boyfriends who I trust but I don’t sleep with everyone of them.” I stroked her long black hair as she continued her story. “I mean I’m not a slut or something.” “I know your not.” I said. In reality however I did not have a high view of people who had sex before marriage. Then she said something that shocked me. “I mean it seems every gut just wants to get into my pants and when I reffuse they leave me! It’s like they think I’m some kinda of whore!” “Thats American society these days.” I commented. She looked up at me with her brown eyes. “Not like you,” she said. “your the only boy who ever saw me as a person and not an object…If only you weren’t my brother then maybe…” She stopped. I was startled by this. “Amy what are you saying?” I said. “Nothing,” she said startled as I. “it was just a thought, thats all.” I immediatly thought of those incest stories and how I thought of me and Amy being a couple. I will admit I did have a thought or so often about me and Amy having sex but I immediatly shook of such fanatsies because they were sinful and immoral and how G-d hates incest. Her words repeated themselves in my mind “If only you weren’t me brother…” They echoed. I got up and left her room, winded by those words. “Luke!” she called out “I didn’t mean!I know Incest it wrong!” she said. I got back to my room and sat on my bed. “What if we were a couple?” I thought. “Maybe we would be together forever like those other incest couples in those stories.” I shook of those thoughts and said out loud. “NO!” It wasn’t right, it wasn’t moral, I’d be damned for it. Yet even though it was probably sinful, I continued to read those incest stories. The next day at breakfast I saw my mom leaving for work at her lawfirm and Amy finishing breakfast. She put the plate (she was eating toast if you wanted to know) in the dishwasher and was walking to her room. I saw wearing blue jeans that revealed her heels and a black blouse that revealed a small amount of her cleavage. She winked and waved her fingers at me and said. “Morning bro!” She walked passed me and I looked a that rounded but in those tight jeans of her’s and I began thinking…”naughty thoughts.” I broke off from my fantasy and scorned myself for thinking such a sinful and immoral thing. But try as i might I found myself…having a secret crush on my own sister! I prayed for forgiveness for such thoughts and hoped they would soon pass, but instead they only grew. One day I was watching TV in the living room trying to hear what they were saying on the program over the voice of my mom on her cell phone. amy sat down and playfully cuddled up next to me. “Whatcha’ whatchin?” she asked. “The history channel.” I replied (best channel on Earth.) “What about?” she asked. “Its a segment called “Engineering an Empire,” I replied. “This time their talking about how the Greeks managed their cities.” “Cool.” she said. I could tell she wasn’t really interested then she asked. “Weren’t all their gods related and they fucked one another?” I was a little taken by this question but replied some what uneasy. “Yeah, something like that.” “Yucky!” she exclaimed. This brought back the uncomfortable fact that I harbored a crush for her (I refused to say “in love” because I assumed love is a more intense feeling.) As the show progressed my attention turned from the TV screen towards her torso. she was wearing a “Keep Austin Weird” T-shirt which seemed to adjusted perfectly to her figure. I couldn’t stop starring at her breasts they were just so enticing. “Yo, I’m up here.” she said. “I immediatly snapped back at the television screen, red faced. She giggled. “Thats okay little bro, your big sis is a cutie.” She giggled again. Later that night I couldn’t help knowing that I indeed wanted a romantic (though not particullarly sexual) realtionship with Amy. I kept thinking, “She’s YOUR sister, man, how could you?” and “What are you? One of thoses freaks who lives in the backwoods spawning inbreed children?” I sat down holding my hand to my head and thought, “Oh god, whats come over me.” The next morning. I noticed that Amy was gone. Their was a note however that said she was at Jenny’s. With my mom at the lawfirm and Amy at Jenny’d I basically was on the computer when I heard music come from Amy’s room. This wasn;t unusual being that her computer played tack after tack of her songs on her I-pod. I walked into her room to turn the music off when I saw her diary. I thought this was ato good of an oppurtunity to pass up so I grabbed the book and opened it up. I saw pervious entriesabout her undying love for Kyle and more ironically her breakup with Kyle and then I saw something that caught my eye. It was a page, no entry just a picture and two names. It was a large heart with the names “AMY & LUKE 4EVER” I was breathless. Did Amy have a crush on me, her own half brother? I began to rationalize. Maybe it was another Luke. Maybe it was someone at school. I turned to the next page where there was an entry and what I read surprised me even more. It read:
“Dear Diary,
It’s been a few weeks and I still don’t have the courage to come out to Luke. I feel like he might actually be the one. He’s always someone I can rely on and he always knows how to cheer me up. I know incest is wrong but I can’t help feeling some romantic feeling for him. I just wish he felt the same way. I know it can never be though, he’s very religous and would never agree to having a incestous relationship with his own sister. But I suppose it’s just a fantasy that will fade with time, oh well (there was a sad face drawn).”

I was stupified. Amy, my own sister was attracted to me! I didn’t know what to do. I thought maybe I should tell her how I felt about her an see how she reacted. But if it was a joke than I could never show my face around her again. I heard a closing of the front door. “Oh crap!” I said quietly. I put the diary back where I found it and ran to my room before she could see me. I just sat quietly in my room and contemplated what I should do next. A week or so after that mom left to a buisness convention in San Antonio and would be back in a week. I begged her not to go. Not because I would miss her but because in every story I’ve read when the parent(s)leave the brother and sister end up fucking. I didn’t tell her this of course and she left anyway. She left plenty of money for food as well a her cell number if need be. I sat quitely on the couch trying to avoid Amy but she persisted in associating with me. “Hey Luke,” she said cheerfully. “whats up?” “Nothing.” I mumbled. “Hey, I ordered a pizza for supper is that okay.” she asked. “Fine by me,” I replied. “so long as it isn’t pepperoni, that isn’t kosher.” She laughed and sat down and hugged me and said, “I love you Luke.” “I love you too Amy.” I responded trying to make it sound as brotherly as possible. When the pizza arrived we watched a movie, “Without a Paddle.” It wasn’t very clever but it had some good laughs to it. During the movie I glanced over to Amy and gazed upon her beauty. Her long jet black hair, her warm smile,and her nicely curved body. Rememer in my defense I only started to notice her physical appearance. She looked very nice tonight. She wore a silken green blouse and a jean skirt that let me have an eyeful of her beautiful legs. She rested her head on my shoulder throughout the movie which got me hard and I hoped to almighty G-d she wouldn’t notice that bulge in my jeans. In the middle of the movie I put my arm around her and she didn’t seem to care much. I also smelled her perfume which aroused me somewhat as well. When the movie was over she suggested that we go out for ice cream.I was in the mood and I obliged. We walked out heading for the ice cream parlor and during our walk she held my hand. This I enjoyed. I loved the feel of her soft,smooth hand on mine which sent a sensation of pleasure throughout my body. When we arrived we ordered. I ordered vinilla and she ordered cookies and cream. As we sat down at a table with out ice cream cones she began to talk. “So Luke, whats going on with ya?” she asked. “Nothing interesting.” I said not telling her about how I discovered her incestous secret. “Really,” she said. “No girlfriends or anything?” “Nope,” I said. “Still completely alone. Any new boyfriends sis?” “Nah,” she said. “Not yet.” We walked home hand in hand as before and when we arrived at the house and we lay down the couch talking. “Why did you ask if I had a girlfriend?” I asked. “No reason,” she said. “just courious.” I knew of course she was lying. “What are looking for in a guy?” I blurrted out. She remained unchanged and replied. “Someone I can trust mostly, someone who’ll treat me right, Someone who wants me for more than sex.” She then said. “Not that I don’t like having sex.” she said with an evil looking smile. “How about you bro, still a vrigin?” I blushed and said, “Yep.” I already knew my sister wasn’t a virgin. She had had sex with two previous boyfriends. I knew this because I could hear her moaning from my bedroom which in a sense was kind of arousing yet somewhat enraging knowing some guy was having his way with your sister. I added with, “Well someone in this family has to have morals.” She laughed. “C’mon lil brother live a little once in your life I’ll bet you’ll enjoy sex if you try it!” I blushed even harder (yet this talk of sex had given me a hardon) and turned away slighly from her. “Aww, did I embaress you?” she said. “You know I’m not pressuring you into anything you don’t want to do.” I said(somewhat) jokingly. “Am I your type?” To my amazement she paused for a few minutes and yes! needless to say I was shocked an then she asked seriously, “Hey Luke, would you… date me if I wasn’t you sister?” I was shocked and I said awkwardly “Well… maybe, you know, I mean if we weren’t related…” she looked at me for an answer. “Anyway that could never happen were related.” She then said, “You didn’t answer my question.” And looked at me straight in the eyes with her brown eyes. Then I said something that would change my life forever. “I saw what you wrote in your diary.” I said. Her face immediatly turned red and she tried to make excuses. “Please Luke, I’m SO sorry I know incest is wrong but I’ve just been so lonely after Kyle left me. You understand right?” I then said. “I do Amy, because I… have feelings for you too.” I said ashamed. She was dumbfounded. “Luke…I… Really?” she stammered. So we looked at each other in a diffrent persona. We looked at each other not only as siblings, but as potential mates. She leaned closer to me. “Luke,” she said my name with a solemness to it. “are you sure you want to go through with this?” “I don’t know,” I said. “I mean what were talking about is sin!” She frowned just for once can’t you think of someting other than your god and his laws! You said it yourself you desired a companion maybe he’s rewarding you for you dedication!” “But through incest?” I asked. “Luke please enjoy whats in front of you for once and be grateful for it.” “But your my sister!” I protested. She smiled. “Half sister.” she corrcected. With than she leaned on top of me, her breasts smushed on my chest. I was as hard a rock. “Hmmm…” she purred. “I can tell you want this to happen.” I looked down and I saw my bulge underneath her panty clad snatch. “Oh god sis I’m sooo sorry!” “Why,” she asked. “You want this as much as I do.” I felt alot of things that night. Lust for sure as well as a great amount of desire. “She leaned closer to my face. “Luke just relax,” she said in a soft voice. “just do what feels right.” Then she leaned in and kissed me. I’ve never been kissed before up till that point. Kissing felt REALLY good that touch of skin on skin, lips on lips, there was an electirc feel to it. But knowing it was my sister lips I was kissing made it all the more arousing. Knowing I was breaking a taboo and the social barrier was a MAJOR turn on. My cock was stiffening more and more as I felt my sister lips touch my for what seemed like an hour or so. Then she broke the kiss and smiled. “How what that?” she asked. “…Amazing…” a said. Glad you enjoyed it. I later on found myself in her room and sure enough we where lying on her bed making out. I thought “Well, at least we aren’t making out in public, that would be rude.” As we were kissing I slowly moved my hand towards her breast and cuped it. She moaned when I did this. Soon I was lying on top of my own sister massaging her breasts. Then she broke the kiss and said. “I want to go all the way tonight.” I was shocked. “You mean…Have sex?” I asked curiously. “Yeah.” she said. I admit I was a little hesitant but then I thought “I’m going to Hell for this anyway.” I then asked. “Amy do you love me?” she replied. “Of course your my brother,” she said with a grin. “but I’m hoping to be more than just brother and sister.” Her answer sastifed me I mean I loved her as a sister I mean hey it was better than two people who didn’t love each other and having sex right? She sat up an took off her blouse revealing her lacy white bra. she took off her skirt and quite casually said. “Now you strip.” I was nervous mainly because I wasn’t the worlds most buff guy and my acne on my back and shoulders. She didn’t seem to mind which was a relief to me but the she ordered. “Now the pants.” I slowly undid my blue jeans and she grined and raised an eyebrow at my briefs. She must had noticed my rock solid hardon. She laughed and playfully asked. “I my little brother horny for me?” I blushed. She just smiled and leaned over and kissed me and resumed our foreplay. Between the imense dry-humping and heavy petting she took of her bra and even managed to slide off her panties. I stared at her body taken captive by its beauty. “Your beautiful” was all I could say. She giggled “Thank you.” she purred. She pointed to my underwear and I was very afraid. I’ve never been naked for someone else and I didn’t her to judge the size of my penis. I slowly took off my briefs and she grined. “Mmmmm….” she said. “I can’t WAIT to have my brother inside me.” I realized that I was about to commit REAL incest and the thought took me away. The thought of it was do dirty and forbidden which made it all the sweeter. I then turned to Amy. “May I… explore you for a while?” She giggled and granted me permission to explore her body. I scanned head to toe feeling my way around her ad she moaned in pleasure. I ran my hands up and down her belly and breasts kissing each piece of exposed flesh. I ran my hands down her thigh and she shivered. I noticed that her pussy was beoming extremely damp so I decided to… clean it up. *wink* I lowered my face down to her cute little snatch and began to drink her up. She began to moan louder and even shoved my head into her pussy. I spread her lips an examined her very carefully. Licking everypart of her beautiful flower. She gave me advice on where I should lick her. Being a beginner I wasn’t very skilled on eating out. She moaned saying, ” A little higher Luke, you’ve almost got it.” I licked a little higher for what must have been her clitoris or her G-sopt or something cause she let out loud scream as her juices flowed out of her and into my mouth. I licked my lip spmewhat proud of giving a girl an orgasm. But not just any girl but my own fucking sister! “How did I do?” I asked. “Wonderful!” she exclaimed. She tossed her hair back. “Amy I-” I tried to speak. “Shhhh,” she said. “Call me big sister okay?” I smiled. “Okay.” She leaned up and ran a hand threw my hair and held me to her chest. “Brother,” she said softly. “My brother.” I the told her that I really wante her. She smiled and said “Then what are you waiting for, my pussy is wet and waiting.” Nervously I tried to postion myself and attempt to enter her. eventually I led my shaft in to her slit, the feeling was weird yet immensly pleasurable. I then began pumping away but I couldn’t help but think “Oh god, what am I doing?” I realized that I was having sex with my own fucking sister.but what was worst(or best in my case)was that I was loving it! She was moaning and told me to pump faster. Trying as I could. I eventually picked up the pace. She let out “Fuck me brother, fuck your big sis!” This, as arousing as it was made me feel embarressed. She wrapped her legs around my waist which some getting used to weight wise anyway. She smiled as she looked up at me, satisfied at the job I was doing. Without thinking I said. “Oh god I can’t beleive I’m fucking my sister and loving it!” She gazed up at me and replied. “Your not the only one whose loving it, little brother.” and she wrapped her arms around my neck and forced kissed me. Then I felt the innevatible sesation in my rod. I was about to cum. I knew if I came inside her I could risk getting her pregnant but without thinking of that I shot my load inside her belly. Tired I pulled out and rolled over, exausted. She snuggled up next to me and kissed my cheek. “I hope I didn’t get you pregnant.” I said. She smiled. “Don’t worry I’m on the pill.” I sighed relieved. She laughed. “Of course it would be pretty cool to have a baby she said.” I turned to her and said “Don’t even joke about that.” She laughed. and then we fell asleep in eachothers arms. Today Amy and I are quite happy we hope marry some day (of course we will need to eventually come out to mom) but now we happily enjoy each others company. Amy is my everything I don’t know what I do without her.

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